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  • lefthandside

    Love the last photo. How scary would it be riding up Hotham to see that pack of wolves coming up behind you?

    • Sean

      Actually, they’re prolly trying to escape the clutches of a single avanti racing or budget forklifts rider who’s about to hand all of them an ass kicking.

    • Michal

      Been there, done that :) They flew on the Meg.

  • Sean

    These guys are gonna smash green edge at Ballarat.

  • Nick Liau

    Why did they sever ties with Giant? I ask mainly because my bike used to be a Drapac team bike, and I feel that if Drapac don’t ride Giant any more, my own street cred may be significantly reduced!

    • Robert Merkel

      Speculating, but it might have been part of the deal with Jono Cantwell, who is now the Aussie distributor for Swift Carbon bikes.

      I think your streed cred is in fine shape Nick given the arse-kicking you’re handing out every time the road points upward ;)

  • PeterC

    Having seen Jordan Kerby pull up at the local coffee stop, if nothing else this year, Drapac will have the best looking shoes in the peloton.

  • Nitro

    Great article and good luck to the team – Great to see another Aussie team take a step up the ladder – can only be a good thing for cycling in Australia.

  • Geoff Lawyer

    Good write up and pictures as usual

  • Yoga4sport

    I think Aussie teams should stop thinking of themselves as underdogs or behind the game when compared to European teams.
    To be honest, the level at which Australian teams are training and taking care of their health far outstrips that of alot of (or most) European teams.
    Can you imagine Orica or Drapac eating apples for a week to lose weight before a tour like some Euro teams do or instead working to balanced diet and training regime?

    Australian teams are on a whole different level, its just the depth of international racing experience that can be lacking – but that is just time and miles on the clock.

  • RoadRider78

    Where are Ken and Kate located, would love to be looked over by them and get their professional opinion, with 12 months off the bike and some lingering injuries they could help me for sure

  • Abdu

    It is only fair and just that Lappers wins on Sunday, go you good thing!

  • Abdu

    After reading Inner Ring’s reviews of the richest team owners, it’s simply a massive effort for Michael Drapac to be (still) doing this when you consider he isn’t a Murdoch. Sure, he’s got a couple of sons who race, but it’s a credit to him for backing this with his own coin. The ‘off the bike’ attitude towards the welfare of the riders is admirable too.

  • Michal

    Does anybody know, if these Bont shoes come with 4 holes for Speedplay or does the “3 to 4 hole adaptor” need to be used?

    • My Bont Vaypors have the 4 holes for Speedplays

    • Notso Swift

      Bont can be had either way

  • OverIt

    Would their service course be interested (for a fair price), to do walk in bike fits and body eval to the general public? Fawkner is really convenient for me. Might be a nice way to raise a few $$ and be good PR.

    • Kara Thrace

      How about a “ride in” bike fit instead? But yeah, I’d be interested if it was a fair price.


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