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The Tour Down Under is only a few days away and we’re be heading over this weekend to catch the build-up and cover the race. For those of you who are in Adelaide next week, here are a list of events that we’re organising. Please join us!

Daily Rides

With the heatwave looking like it’s about to end, the forecast for next week is looking beautiful. That means there will be no limit to the amount of riding we can do and that’s what the TDU is all about.

Here’s what we have planned:

To celebrate the 2014 Santos Tour Down Under, CyclingTips will be hosting daily rides from Tuesday – Saturday. We’ll be taking in Adelaide’s iconic routes that no cyclist should miss (including the twisty Gorge Road, scenic Mt Lofty, the Strava-famous Corkscrew Road climb, and iconic Willunga Hill) as well as giving you the opportunity to cheer on the riders at KOMs, sprint points, and circuit positions.

rides copy

It’s not easy to navigate the maze of unfamiliar roads all while trying to judge when the race comes by. But we’ve got it all sorted out for you.

One of the most unique things about the TDU is that on many of the stages the pros will ride home from the stage finish and we punters get to join them.

Stages 1-4 — Jan 21-24

The daily meeting point for stages 1-4 is:

Bocelli Caffe Ristorante
81-89 Hutt Street, Adelaide

Bocelli Caffe Ristorante can be found just down the road from the Hilton and TDU expo area.

From Tuesday to Saturday we’ll be hosting daily rides that will take in some of Adelaide’s finest roads while catching the race come by at the best locations.

Some days will be long, some days will be shorter, but it won’t be a smashfest. There is no support, so bring everything you need for the day.

***Click here for more information about each of the daily rides.***

Stage 5 (Willunga) — Jan 25

Meeting point TBA

Movie Night

On Wednesday evening at 7pm we’ll be hosting a screening of the film Rising From Ashes (see trailer below). It’s the first time the film’s been shown in Australia. The expo area will be transformed into a theatre for all to enjoy after the TDU stage highlights.

Here’s a description of the film:

“Rising from Ashes is a documentary about the first Rwandan national cycling team in their bid to make history and represent their country at the 2012 Olympics. Competing in a white man’s sport, reserved for the privileged, a rag tag group of cyclists coached by the first American to ride in the Tour de France, are transformed into a powerful symbol of hope for a country recovering from one of the world’s most devastating genocides.”

Team Europcar Team Car Ride Competition

Ever watched a race from a team car? It’s the most thrilling place to see a race unfold and if I had my way, everyone would get a chance to see a race from this view. It’s where all the drama takes place and we’ve arranged one VIP guest to join team Europcar in the race convoy for a stage of the TDU. Stay tuned for details on how to win.

Win a ride with Team Europcar for a stage! (minus Thomas Voeckler unfortunately).
Win a ride with Team Europcar for a stage! (minus Thomas Voeckler unfortunately).

See you in Radelaide!

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