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Entries and voting are now closed in the CyclingTips What You Missed This Morning photo competition for 2013/14. We’re pleased to announce the winners and the terrific prizes they’ll take home.

Readers’ choice awards

The ‘general classification’ in the WYMTM competition was the readers’ choice awards. After receiving more than 7,000 entries we selected 165 of our favourite shots and then let you vote for the photos you liked the best.

Here are the winners:

1st place

Great morning and turnout for the @HamptonCycles Christmas Ride. Thanks to Damo and @LeighSchill (by Phoenix Racing)

Prize: Azzurri Forza Pro Ultegra 11 speed
RRP: $2,999

This prize has been provided by the good folks at CyclingExpress.com. You can find out more information about the prize here.

2nd place

#Festive500 #PatchDay #WYMTM (by Jason Smith)

Prize: Rail 52 carbon wheelset with November hubs
RRP: $1,285

For more information about this wheelset, head to the November Bikes website.

3rd place

#WYMTM winter cycling (minus 35): Christmas Cycling! #bike #winter #quebec #canada (by visionvoilee)

Prize: Santini pack, including bib shorts, knicks, baselayer and more
RRP: $1,079

For more information about Santini Australia, click here.

4th place

#WYMTM #cyclingphoto #grancanaria (by Maksym Sladkov)

Prize: BBB pack, including 2 x sunglasses, minipump, floor pump and more
RRP: $1,000


For more information about the BBB prize pack, click here.

5th place

Johnson’s Canyon, Kanab, UT. #WYMTM (by Clay Adair)

Prize: Samsung Galaxy Note III
RRP: $930


For more information about the Samsung Galaxy III, click here.

Judges’ choice awards

In addition to our readers choice awards we had two prize categories decided by our fantastic pro photographer friends. They’ve selected a winner in each of the following categories:

Exodus travel category

This category was judged by Kristof Ramon who picked out the following image:

GO for KOM #WYMTM (by Boris Hendrik)

Here’s what Kristof had to say about the photo:

When checking these tons of cycling pics a lot of them where very similar. I decided to flip through them at high speed and stop at those that jumped out.

I promised myself I wouldn’t try to rationalise my choice — it had to come from the gut. The picture had to suck me in. It needed to make me want to jump on my bike and ride.

I expected it to be a tough choice but it wasn’t really. Once I found this image, it didn’t let go. No other photo I checked after it could top it.

I would publish it in a cycling magazine without hesitation. The image tells me everything. I love it.

Prize: A cycling holiday in Sri Lanka
RRP: $2,646 (flights not included)


More information about this prize can be found here.

Jaguar Australia How Alive Are You? category

This category was judged by Jered Gruber who was asked to select the most inspiring image that had been hashtagged #howaliveareyou and that was taken by an Australian reader. Here’s the winner:


There were many amazing photos entered into this category but sadly we had to disqualify many of them for being taken with a GoPro or dSLR.

Prize: a Jaguar XF Saloon to drive for a weekend


If you won any of the prizes mentioned above, please get in touch with us via email at editor@cyclingtips.com.au.

Honourable mentions

Going through all 165 images that made it to the finals we were surprised to see how many amazing photos didn’t get anywhere near as many votes as they should have. To an extent a “readers’ choice awards” classification is always going to be a popularity contest, but we’d hoped there might have been more votes for some of these excellent images.

To that end, we’ve selected some of our favourite images that didn’t win a prize and we would like to compliment them on their fine work.

A big thank-you to everyone that took part in the competition and to everyone that voted. We hope you enjoyed flicking through these great images as much as we did!

Winners, please contact editor [at] cyclingtips.com.au to claim your prize.

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