Australia vs The World: the FebFifteen Strava challenge returns

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Next week, from Monday February 24 to Sunday March 2 CyclingTips and Strava are challenging you to put in a 15-hour week on the bike. And it’s not just a personal challenge: FebFifteen is also a battle between Australia and the rest of the world!

Fifteen hours of cycling in a week might sound like quite a bit, and it is for those of us that work full time. But it’s also very doable. It all boils down to one or two hours per day and then a couple of long rides on the weekend. Or if you’re the sort of person that likes doing crazy-long rides, why not just knock it all off in one hit?

With the FebFifteen Strava Challenge you’ve got the added motivation of your kilometres on the bike going to something more than just your weekly tally. Here at CyclingTips we’ll add up all the hours ridden by Australians and compare that with the hours logged by riders elsewhere in the world. What does the winner get? For Australians, eternal Strava bragging rights. For the rest of the world, the chance to take the piss out of Australia. It’s Australia versus the world!

It’s fair to say that last year’s FebFifteen Challenge was a bit of a whitewash: the Rest of the World riders proved to be far more dedicated than us Aussies, logging more hours each (on average) on their way to a resounding win. We’re hoping for a far better performance from the Australian cohort this year!

Even though it’s generally pretty warm here in Australia in February and March, it’s also far better for riding than it is in many parts of the northern hemisphere at this time of year!

While you’re out riding between February 24 – March 2 be sure to share photos of your rides on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #FebFifteen. Bonus marks will be given to those who ride in horrendous conditions and have the photos to prove it!

To enter the CyclingTips FebFifteen Strava Competition, click here.

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