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We know that CyclingTips readers are nuts about their bikes. Last time we asked, you told us that you are constantly updating and adding to your collection, whether it’s a new bike, a set of wheels, upgraded bars, or roof racks for the car. It’s ok. We’re the same. We get it.

Like you, we hate having to jump through hoops to sell our old gear. It’s good quality, so it seems a shame to see it lost amongst a sea of cheap rubbish … and don’t even get us started on listing fees! With that in mind, and given our fantastic global community, we’re proud to launch the CyclingTips Marketplace. It’s a common area to buy, sell, and trade your quality bikes and accessories. And it’s free. Free to list, free to buy, and we don’t take a cut of your sale – we just connect buyers and sellers.


We’re excited about the launch the BETA version which is now live. There are still minor glitches we’re working on and new features will be constantly implemented. Of course we welcome any feedback you might have. Send feedback to

As an extra incentive to list your items we’ve partnered up with to bring you an exclusive offer. When you list your item we’ll email you a generous discount code … we know that cash will be burning a hole in your pocket!

To access the marketplace click here, or go to the top right of the homepage and click “MARKETPLACE” in the navigation menu.

Thanks for your continued support,

Wade Wallace :: CyclingTips