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While we’re planning Season 4 of The Bike Lane ahead of the Spring Classics, we thought we’d share some of the clips that fell on the cutting room floor. It might seem like we know what we’re doing, but it often takes a few attempts to get there …

One instance that’s impossible to show you is the time we finished shooting and began transferring all the footage from the memory cards. We noticed that one of the main memory cards was corrupt and we had to reshoot the whole episode.

It was 11:30pm, the whole set had been taken down and everyone was exhausted (and cold — it was about 5C inside Northside Wheelers!). We had to set everything back up, make the same jokes to each other, and pretend that we all had the same enthusiasm that we did six hours ago!

In the end we got it done and nobody was any wiser (until now), but it’s one of those mishaps that we all look back on and laugh about.

As a bit of an explanation for some of the less obvious bloopers in the video:

50 seconds – Scotty in the hotseat on his first episode as the host and on his 50th take. It’s not as easy as Matt makes it look.

1 minute – Matt makes a Freudian slip

1:15 – In the closing words of the Healthy Living Tips Matt looks down at Dan Jones’ belly and makes him feel a little self conscious.

1:45 – Scott had a point that he was trying to get in there all show and I kept trying to throw him off. Success!

1:55 – Scotty’s dirty Movember ‘stach keeps creeping out Jono Cantwell

2:15 – Will Walker unintentionally lets out a bit of sexual innuendo that was misinterpreted by the crew.

2:30 – In the final episode of Season 3 Matt does a stellar job at finishing off the segment without any mistakes and runs through everyone we wanted to thank. Except for Keith the sound guy. Nobody ever remembers the sound guy …

Looking forward to Season 4. Until then, stay tuned!

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