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This week on Bikes of the Bunch we’d like to showcase one of the more unique carbon fiber machines I’ve seen the pack – the Ciocc Supremo.

The couple times I’ve showed up on the Saturday morning Hell Ride throughout the past year I’ve always noticed the one-and-only Ciocc in the bunch. It’s always caught my eye and a few weeks ago I rode up beside the owner introduced myself and the idea behind the Bikes of the Bunch column.

The owner’s name is Michael Sawiris and as it turns out, he’s the local Ciocc agent here in Australia. I’ll get that out of the way first in case you think this is a promo (it’s not meant to be). Later that weekend Michael gave the bike a wash and I photographed this beauty.

Three years ago Michael originally contacted Ciocc directly to get a custom bike for himself, one thing led to another, he flew to Italy to meet with them and see the factory, and the rest of history. He’s now the local agent on the side of his day job and there’s only about 40 Ciocc frames throught Australia that he’s sold.

It’s obvious that the frame is no cookie cutter job. Ciocc hand wraps their frames from tube to tube (Toray 600 1k weave) and while they’re at it they offer a custom geometry at no extra charge. This one is decked out with Super Record EPS and Ursus Carbon clincher wheels (something else you don’t see very often). All up, it’s about a $15k spec.

The frame weighs 685g (size 48cm) and the Colombus Grammy fork weights 285g. This paritcular Ciocc is just over 6kg the way it’s built up.

I found the head badge interesting and it was one of the first things I asked about. As the story goes (unconfirmed, unverified, and possibly exaggerated), back in the steel and alloy days Ciocc manufactured all the frames for brands such as Colnago, De Rosa and Concorde. Al these owners were close friends and played poker together. As you know Colnago use the club, De rosa use the heart and Concorde  was the spade. So Ciocc used all the suits because he made all the frames for all these guys. 

Find out more at or their Australian website.

Enjoy the bike as well as your weekend.

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