Luke Durbridge is the 2013 Australian National ITT champion and was only bettered by Michael Hepburn in 2014. The pair made up for an unbeatable squad at the Giro yesterday along with other TT specialists Svein Tuft, Brett Lancaster, Cameron Meyer, as well as Pieter Weening, Ivan Santaromita, Michael Matthews, and Mitch Docker.

Durbridge’s weight is currently 78kg and as you can see from the SRM file below he averaged 400.9 watts for the entire 24:42 (21.7 kilometers) with an average heartrate of 173bpm and a cadence was 92rpm. The team’s average speed was 52.7 kilometres per hour.

Giro TTT Durbridge

Looking at the profile (grey colour on the graph above), the 21.7km course was relatively flat. At all time checks GreenEDGE was in the lead.

As you can see when Durbridge saw short peaks of 650 watts, presumably when he was on the front (also, at approximately 9 minutes there was a short but steep climb). In a TTT, don’t misinterpret these peaks as “surges”. A good TTT is smooth and everyone is rolling through at an even pace.

Giro-D'Itaia 2014 stage 1 TTT