Bikes of the Bunch: Mosaic RT-1

by Matt de Neef

In this week’s edition of Bikes of the Bunch we feature the titanium-framed Mosaic RT-1. The bike’s owner, Lance Kennedy, worked with Chad Nordwall, founder of the Above Category bike shop in California, to customise the bike’s build and geometry and wrote the following for CyclingTips.

To be very honest, titanium was not my first choice in materials. I originally wanted a steel bike made by an Italian. But former head mechanic at Above Category and current Shimano Tech/Rep, Peter Lucas, suggested I look at this small custom bike builder from Boulder, Colorado called Mosaic. So I did.

I knew that if Chad carried this builder in his line up at Above Category it was going to be great. The RT-1 is a full custom Titanium frame, made by an award-winning master builder in the USA.

This is my first custom bicycle so it’s my first experience with a professional-caliber fitting. That said, I’ve worked extensively in snowboard slalom racing and coaching and we are constantly adjusting a racer’s position over his board. There are many parallels between the two processes. Chad is very comfortable with fitting procedures and I’m comfortable with him, so the whole process was very easy for me.

I described what kind of rider I am and what I was looking for in a new bike and they took it from there. The process was simple, easy and confidence-building. From the time we placed the order until it arrived at Above Category was around six weeks, give or take.

The bike is built up with Dura Ace mechanical, Enve 6.7 wheels, Enve Road 2.0 fork, Chris King components, Fizik saddle and Ritchey cockpit. I think it weighs in the vicinity of two gallons (roughly 7.5kg).

So how to does it ride? It’s very responsive under acceleration and high-tempo riding. I wouldn’t say it’s overly stiff but it is very comfortable and rideable with great responsiveness … and it’s quick. I want to ride it, and I want to take lots of pictures of it on my rides.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a custom titanium bicycle I highly recommend looking at one of these. They are superb in every way and timelessly elegant. I’m thinking about a HardTail from these guys as we speak. That says it all!

Read more about the Mosaic RT-1 at the Above Category website.

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