Bikes of the Bunch: Pinarello/Jaguar Dogma F8

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In this week’s edition of Bikes of the Bunch we bring you the new Pinarello/Jaguar Dogma F8 collaboration, a bike that we’ll get to see plenty of during July when Team Sky ride it during the Tour de France.

I was at a function in Sydney last night when I saw the brand new Pinarello/Jaguar Dogma F8 sitting there waiting for its photo to be taken.

For those unfamiliar, the Dogma F8 is a collaboration between Pinarello and Jaguar that sees the latter contributing more than just a sticker on the finished bike’s chainstay. Jaguar apparently provided Pinarello with “advanced aerodynamic knowledge and facilities” to help design the next edition of the Dogma.

In practical terms, Pinarello gave Jaguar a handful of constraints — including wheelbase and geometry measurements — and then it was left to Jaguar to develop the aerodynamic frame. Jaguar used more than 300 iterations of a process known as computational fluid dynamics to optimise the frame’s design before testing it in a wind tunnel.

According to Jaguar and Pinarello the F8 supposedly improves on the aerodynamics, stiffness and weight of the Dogma while maintaining the same handling. I didn’t get my hands on the bike long enough to weigh it, flex it, or even ride it, so I don’t have many details for you at this time. I did however have enough time to gawk at it and bring back these photos to share with you.

The Dogma F8 debuted at the Criterium du Dauphine last week. Will it be the bike that the Tour de France is won on next month?

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Disclosure statement: Jaguar advertises on CyclingTips but they did not pay for nor request that we put together this article.

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