Brumotti Road Bike Freestyle

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Former Bike Trial World Champion and 10-times Guinness World Record holder, Italian Vittorio Brumotti, today releases his brand new video Brumotti Road Bike Freestyle in tribute to Martyn Ashton.

The video, produced in association with Skoda, sees Brumotti take a Montante rim-braked road bike on a spectacular journey from a quarry to the sea. Taking on gaps, a slackline, rails, and even riding along the caterpillar tracks of a quarrying machine, and more, Brumotti showcases his dramatic trials riding ability and his penchant for exposed riding atop of cliffs, parapets, and handrails – and all on a skinny-tyred road bike.

Brumotti was inspired by British trials rider Martyn Ashton’s 2012 Road Bike Party film and its recent 2013 sequel, Road Bike Party 2. Brumotti has been riding trials on road bikes since 2013 and, besides capturing the spectacle on film, he also showcases his skills to the public at road bike freestyle shows.

“Martyn was one of my inspirations and I was a huge fan of everything he did on Road Bike Party,” says Brumotti. “My new film is my dedication to Martyn’s work.”

”I’ve known Vittorio for many years,” says Martyn Ashton of Brumotti, “He brought his energy and style to the competition scene and his passion for riding is legendary in the trials world. He has always wanted to inspire people through his riding and this video is certainly going to do that.”

In his native Italy, Brumotti is a national celebrity, thanks to his regular appearances on Italy’s most popular TV programme, Striscia la Notizia, amongst many others. He is so well known that on a recent visit to the UK he was mobbed for autographs and photos by excited Italian fans who were holidaying in Britain.