We often get asked here at CyclingTips why we don’t publish more tips, given that’s how the site began. One of the reasons is that there’s only so many times you can write about how to hold your position in the crosswinds! With our new collaboration you’ll be able to tell us what you want to know to improve your cycling and the team at Dig Deep Coaching will be able to help you out.

Led by director and former pro Stephen Gallagher, Dig Deep Coaching is a global coaching company with coaches that specialise in road racing, MTB, cyclocross and triathlon. The team includes former and current pros, sports physiologists, nutritionists, dietitians, bike-fit experts, massage therapists and more.

Stephen and his team will be able to answer just about any question you might have when it comes to improving your cycling, and we’ll ensure the question gets sent to the relevant person to answer.

So what sort of things can you ask? Well, what we don’t want is generic questions like “how do I improve my climbing?” or “how do I become a better sprinter?”. We want more focused questions that allow the coaches to be more specific in their response, providing the most useful information they can. Try something like “I can climb with the lead bunch in races but when the pace lifts momentarily I struggle to hang on. What kind of things can I incorporate into my training to solve that?”

Every month we’ll check in with the guys at Dig Deep Coaching and publish a post with their responses to the best questions of the month.

How can you submit your question? Simply send an email to editor@cyclingtips.com.au with the subject line “Dig Deep Coaching question” and we’ll forward it on to the appropriate person at Dig Deep.

So, start sending in your questions now and we’ll have our first instalment for you after the Tour de France!