Cameron Wurf’s USA Pro Challenge Diary: stage 6

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A nice little time trial here at the Tour of Colorado today; the race of truth as its affectionately known! A test which always provides the answers as to who’s hot and who’s not. Today was no exception with the top ten riders in the GC showing exactly why they occupy those positions with them taking the top ten positions on the stage. The race leader Tejay van Garderan was in a class of his own going so fast that had the race commissaires been strict with the rule book, a large number of riders would have been outside the 25% time-cut limit. A very impressive performance indeed.

Not much to report from my perspective today. The stage confirmed what I already knew: that I am feeling far from my flamboyant best here this week and I performed accordingly. I went through my usual routine and thankfully a felt lot better than the day before, but I simply didn’t have the power or ability to breathe and be competitive today so I didn’t bother digging myself into a hole.

Tomorrow we have another great opportunity for a sprint finish for Elia so will need all hands on deck. I wanted to be certain I had as many bullets in the barrel for tomorrow and not waste any in today’s TT.

Today’s course was perfectly suited to me. Basically dead straight and ever so slightly uphill, hardly any corners, and no steep climbs! Had I been in tip-top shape I would have been bouncing out of my skin for today’s stage profile however the sport is so often very humbling and today I simply had to accept my fate. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go hard, I would have loved to absolutely bury myself out there but my body simply won’t do it. I have simply been at altitude so long and had such a disrupted build-up with my crash that I am just tired. I can still do a job for the team and Elia, but as far as personal glory goes those ambitions will have to wait until I get back to see level, recover a little and regain some power. I’m optimistic that by the time the prologue in Tour of Alberta on the 3rd of October rolls around I’ll have my spark back. I am simply longing for that feeling of choking on oxygen again. Fortunately that is now only one day away!!

So with the T out of the way the final hurrah in Denver is now all that’s left before the curtains come down on the 2014 Tour of Utah. All the Cannondale clan here in Vail took it as easy as possible today to give one final good nudge tomorrow so we will sea what we can muster up. One things for sure like every other stage here in Colorado regardless of how things transpire on the road tomorrow, it will take a seriously big effort to ensure a sprint for Elia. Tomorrow is also the final day of Jensie’s career so you know he won’t be leaving anything in the tank. It’s a duel he has already warned me about so I am looking forward to getting some sleep and and getting stuck right into it tomorrow. No doubt it will be a very memorable day for the sport.

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