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November 24, 2017
November 23, 2017
November 22, 2017
November 21, 2017
November 20, 2017
  • ed

    which wheels was this bike tested with? – as per the cover shot with scirocco wheels or with the the boras as per the other photo. Sciroccos are $300 a set and Boras are $3k

    • Matt Wikstrom

      I used the Boras for the majority of the testing, though I switched out to the Sciroccos to see how much of the bike’s performance was due to the wheels. The heavier wheels toned down the bike a little, the difference between a training day and a race day.

  • M10

    that review makes me wanna pick C60……….

  • Simon

    Is this the carbon framed bike to finally tempt me away from steel?
    Shared age with anniversary model, 1954, check.
    Correct geo, ie laid back seat angle, sufficient head tube length, check.
    Available in various finishes, check.
    Clean lines, check.
    Pragmatic but with lively attitude ( not to mention a certain silkiness ), check.
    Light weight, check.
    Price, excessive.
    Maybe I’ll leave it til the C70 comes out.

  • echidna_sg

    6.0 for serviceability and yet the text says it was a straight forward build? what was so “difficult” that made it so decidedly average/below average for serviceability?

    • Matt Wikstrom

      It won’t be an easy build for a novice mechanic. The serviceability category has proven to be less than ideal, and we’ve started talking about revising it.

      • Marco Beltram

        I would also be very interested in your serviceability thoughts.

        I have a C60 (52s), Campy Record 11, Zipp 202/303, Deda100 Servizio Corse Stem 120 and Bars, Selle Italia SLR Team, Look Keo Carbon. 6.85Kg total.

        I’ve ridden about 1200Km so far and can wholeheartedly agree with the comments of your review. Since going over to Carbon in 2006, I have ridden a Cervélo R3 and Wilier 101SLR, and I must say I am extremely happy to be on this bike and could not pick a favorite out of the 3.

        I have a full set of Park Tools and a custom made bike bench at home and typically do all of my own maintenance and re-builds. To me so far it seems a pretty straightforward bike to work on, and having been present in the bike shop during the build, I did not notice anything really out of the typical except for the new bottom bracket design. For a novice bike builder I think it would be challenging especially if installing an Electronic Shifting System. I also agree about the chain catcher for the crankset, though I think on many of the new carbon frames that is a particularly good investment.

        So far I have had no real service issues other than the white paint shows dirt and grime quickly and I am cleaning the bike frequently.

        I have not had to replace any cables and certainly not due for any major maintenance yet, but, I am very curious to know more details about your low-ish serviceability rating considering it scores so high in all of the other categories. Thanks in advance for your time and thoughts.

        • Matt Wikstrom

          Here’s the scale we use for Serviceability:
          5: Needs to be sent back to the factory for servicing6: Specific experience required
          7: General experience required
          8: Little experience required
          9: No experience required
          10: No servicing required
          So the score does not really reflect how easy the bike is to service, rather how much experience is required. According to this scale, every bike with indexed gears scores 6, because there is no way that they can be adjusted properly without specific experience.

          • DocAdrianG

            Have ordered one, but worried by the feedback from current owners of the bike regarding the serviceability of the bottom bracket. Many have developed creaking noises which don’t go away Might be the high humidity and frequency of wet rides here in Malaysia. Is there any mechanical benefits of this new system over traditional bb designs?

            • raphanatic

              i had one little episode of BB creak after it was tightened a bit but thereafter it’s been quiet, including on wet rides

  • Notso Swift

    Quote “There’s no point in directly comparing the C60 with a steel bike because it is lighter, stiffer, and more refined”

    Have you ridden a modern Steel bike? Because mine weighs 7.5 WITH cages and pedals and I am 195cm on a classic frame, it is stiffer than my LOOK and definitely more refined than any Carbon (I am only on Chorus so compared to your 54 sloping sans ancillaries it would be the same weight)
    Although my comparison is only with a C50 from the Colnago range

    • Matt Wikstrom

      Fair point Notso, but to look at that sentence on its own removes some important context. The sentence before referred to steel bikes from the ’90s and that was what I was using as my point of reference. I’m still waiting to review a modern steel bike (Ti too!).

  • rob

    what exactly does “Classic ride” mean?

  • Push Bike Writer

    A mate ordered a C60 over 12 weeks ago from a Melbourne LBS. Was told it would arrive anywhere between 4-12 weeks. Still not here. The LBS don’t know where it is and the distributor apparently doesn’t either. No doubt it will be the best bike he’s ever ridden when he eventually gets to throw the leg over it. But the world of lovingly crafted Italian frame-sets that turn up ‘one day’ by magic is a little odd in this day and age. Colnago make the best bikes going around in my (biased) view, but for the money involved the customer service could be better.

    • raphanatic

      I think Colnago go on holidays in August, which might explain the delay.

      • Push Bike Writer

        Fair enough then. If that is the case it explains the delay, but doesn’t explain the lack of news/info from the distributor / LBS.

        • raphanatic

          when mine was on order i got a few updates on progress- i knew when it was constructed and then when it was in tuscany being painted and then waiting to be shipped from italy. I think there has to be very good service for a bike costing >$10K!

  • I am biased, but they are some of the best photos of a bike I have seen!


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November 24, 2017
November 23, 2017
November 22, 2017
November 21, 2017
November 20, 2017