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When I first began CyclingTips as a daily blog, I simply wrote one tip per day with the aim of helping cyclists get better without going through the traditional school of hard knocks. Things here have evolved and taken a different path, but I still love giving and receiving advice on how to improve.

Back at the beginning of the year, my mate David McQuillen (who created The Sufferfest training videos) and I were talking about collaborating to do some “real live POV” Sufferfest videos. It seemed like the beginnings of a good idea, but it needed something more. David noticed that there’s nothing out there that exists that helps cyclists with improving form, efficiency and technique on the bike like there is for running, swimming and many other sports. This is where we came up with “The Elements of Style”.

In The Elements of Style we go through drills on how to relax the body, engage the correct muscles during the pedal stroke, techniques for neuromuscular conditioning, and how to put it all together to look like a cyclist, and feel like a cyclist.

Guest stars Cal Britten and Alby Iacuone join me in demonstrating you our (sometimes imperfect) form, but the graphics make sure you’re not mislead. Plus, the beautiful backdrop of New Zealand will make you feel like you’re right there instead of on the ergo. Eurosport commentator Carlton Kirby narrates to ensure there will be no shortage of explanation and entertainment with his trademark dramatic edge.

Don’t you worry – there is some suffering involved, but Elements of Style is more about making sure your technique is correct so you’re getting the most out of yourself when the real suffering begins.

David and I are excited to launch the Elements of Style in early September. Stay tuned.

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