... getting enough of a lead to hold on for victory.

How the Race Was Won: 2014 Men’s World Championship Road Race

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I’m excited, proud, and honoured to announce our collaboration with Cyclocosm to feature his ‘How the race was won’ videos (and many others) with CyclingTips. Nothing has changed except that we’re now able to keep Cosmo Catalano out of an office job for a while longer.

If you’re not familiar with Cyclocosm’s “How the race was won”, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The video series takes a look at the weekend’s racing and explains the tactics at play as well as the tiny details (with Cosmo’s quick wit) that nobody else is able to pick out. It’s infinitely more than simple race highlights.

I hope you enjoy the first of many in our collaboration. There’s lots more to come in addition to “How the race was won”.

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