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In January of 2015 CyclingTips will be launching a section of the site dedicated to women’s cycling content. We are looking for somebody to lead the way and be the face of our women’s cycling coverage.

The successful candidate will ultimately be a part of changing the way people feel about women’s cycling. The professional cycling calendar will give us the regularity, coverage, news hooks, and personal stories to tell, but there is also a lot more to cycling than the professional side of the sport.

This position requires a lot of strategic thinking, leveraging of relationships, creativity, and execution. There is a large degree of independence and freedom in this role and is an open canvas that will evolve over time.

But you won’t be doing it alone. Marketing support, a small team to bounce ideas off of, and an editorial budget will be provided. We’re only small so it’s all hands on deck, but we’re all in this together trying to accomplish something as a collective that we could not do by ourselves.

What’s required

  • Create a buzz about women’s cycling (both professional cycling as a sport as well as other topics of interest to women).
  • Set the tone and conversation to grab the attention of female cycling enthusiasts
  • Connect women with the sport of cycling and be able to translate the sport by creating/sourcing/publishing content that inspires more women to fall in love with cycling (as a sport and as an activity)
  • Must be an influencer in your own cycling community.
  • Must have contacts in the professional cycling scene.
  • Must have existing relationships with potential contributors.
  • Lead physical events such as rides and be able to call upon our community.


  • Previous experience in journalism and preferably experience as an editor of an online publication.
  • Ability to write informative, well-researched and compelling content.
  • Ability to manage contributors and to commission, edit and publish content of a high standard.
  • WordPress CMS familiarity.
  • Social media savvy.
  • A good eye for design and visual aesthetics.
  • Strong ideas about how to build the profile of women’s professional cycling and execute these ideas.
  • Ideas for cycling-related content other than professional racing.
  • Appreciation and knowledge of how mobile platforms and social media are changing the media landscape.

Please send a CV to, but more importantly, please send examples of extraordinary work you’ve done in the past, your blog and/or social media profile, and any other work you’re passionate about that you’ve delivered on that shows you’re the right person for this role.

The CyclingTips team is based in Melbourne, Australia, but we are not going to limit this role to any particular place in the World.

This posting closes on October 15, 2014. Please get your CV’s in before then.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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