First-look review: SH+ Sunglasses

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SH+ is an Italian company that is devoted to ski and cycling helmets, goggles, gloves and eyewear. There are nearly a dozen models in the company’s eyewear catalogue and all feature bold styling and bright colours. For cyclists, there is the RG-4600 with a single wrap-around lens, the half-framed RG-4720, and the full-framed RG-4700. All three models use an interchangeable lens system.

The RG-4600 and RG-4720 are shown here. Both models are available in two versions: one, with a tinted lenses boxed with two extra lenses (clear and orange); or two, the so-called Reactive version with a photochromic lens boxed with an extra orange lens. The frames come in a variety of colours with contrasting highlights and there is a range of tints for the lenses. The tips of the frame arms are adjustable, as is the nosepiece.

For more information visit the SH+ website.

RRP: RG-4600 Air: $169; RG-4600 Reactive: $199; RG-4720: $149; RG-4720 Reactive: $179; RG-4700: $149; RG-4700 Reactive: $169.

Replacement/extra lenses: Clear or amber: $49; Dark Revo (all colours): $69; Photochromic: $99.

Our take

These sunglasses flaunt their strong Italian styling with plenty of finesse. The quality of the lenses is very good and approaches that of higher-priced brands. The frames are light and comfortable, and the arms are short enough that they won’t interfere when worn with a helmet. Overall, these glasses are well-priced, especially the photochromic version, and very easy to wear.

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