Win your dream $10,000 Trek Project One build

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The bike is an extension of one’s self. You can get a glimpse into a rider’s personality just by looking at their bike, the tiny modifications they make, and of course, the way they ride it. But heck, we spend enough time sitting on them, why not make yours exactly how you want, the way no one else has it.
Trek’s Project One offers you the ability to customise every detail from frame type to cable colour and everything in between. We’re excited to offer one of our reader’s the opportunity to win their dream build to the value of $10,000.

While most of us when we go through the process of purchasing a new bike might customise it through saddle, bar and stem choice, true customisation on a production bike is something that hasn’t really been a thing until Project One came along. Not only can you customise your paint job to get almost any design scheme you can imagine, but you can choose every component right down to the colour of your bottle cages. Sometimes seemingly infinite choice can have its drawbacks and it can be hard to know where to start, so included on the Project One website are a number of combinations to get you started, including limited edition paint jobs and team colour combos.

Depending on the complexity of your build and design, lead times range from 30-60 days (Trek says the average is 45 days).

We recently visited The Freedom Machine in Prahran to find out more about the process and to see it in action first hand.

We’ve certainly had a lot of fun in the office playing around with designs to see who could create the most impressive build (and also the most expensive build), and we’re now giving you the chance to do the same. One lucky design will be selected to be built, and later showcased in our Bikes of the Bunch feature.

To enter the competition to win your dream Project One build, click here.

So, get creative and start building! All you need to do to enter is choose any of the models of the Project One page to get started. Design your dream bike up to $10k, click ‘ready to roll’, save to your bike rack and you’re in the running to win!

We’ll be sharing the best examples each week in our weekly newsletter. As well as showcasing weekly shootouts between guest designers. Click here to sign up to our newsletter to see if your build was featured.