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Well we’re finally here. Our Sister Site “Ella” has launched today and myself and the rest of the team couldn’t be more excited at the prospects ahead. It’s been been a lot of work in the background over the past few months and today the real work begins.

Simply put, “Ella” is Spanish for “Her”. Her CyclingTips.

I often get asked, “why are a bunch of guys interested in women’s cycling anyway? What’s the motive? What’s the catch?”

I owe thanks to our Editor Matt de Neef for driving the idea into my head for nearly two years. He has been an adamant supporter of women in cycling since the day I met him and has made me believe that this is an important thing for our sport. If we want to do our small part to make cycling the biggest sport in the world, then we need to use our voice to give exposure to this wonderful area of the sport, showcase its beauty, and help everyone become more knowledgable cyclists and fans.

CyclingTips has never been a CyclingNews for men, and we don’t intend on making Ella a CyclingNews for women. We’re simply doing what CyclingTips has always done. Jessi Braverman, our Women’s Editor, will be leading with many more themes on top of women’s racing; training, nutrition, skills, interviews, stories, resources, etc. Of course we have a responsibility to the sporting side of cycling and we’ll do justice in covering the major races, but as I’ve always said, there’s a lot more to cycling than bike racing.

We’re not going to please everyone, and we don’t aim to. We want to attract an audience that’s representative of the thousands of women I see out on the road every day that have very little media to consume to feed their passion.

Of course we couldn’t do this without our partners Specialized, Pearl Izumi, and more to be announced shortly. I’m extremely thankful for their eagerness to support this effort which gives women’s cycling a platform it deserves.

Please head over to Ella CyclingTips to meet the team and check in daily to view our regular schedule of new content.