Jack Bobridge Q&A before his hour record attempt

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Forty-eight hours before his hour record attempt on Saturday we spoke with Jack Bobridge at the BikeBug store grand opening in Melbourne. Bobridge made a brief appearance in-between the team pursuit qualifying rounds and the finals (with his new Budget Forklifts team) during the Track National Championships and had a word with us about how he’s feeling coming into his hour record attempt.

CyclingTips: How’s the recovery been going after the Tour Down Under?

Jack Bobridge: Pretty good. We’ve been working on it pretty hard since I got here on Monday. A lot of massage, ostio…I’m travelling pretty good. Today’s Team Pursuit qualifying went really well for me [Ed. at the Track National Championships currently being held in Melbourne], so I think I should be up for the challenge on Saturday night.

Was it a hard hit-out?

Bobridge: Qualifying is always a difficult one, it can be pretty hard if you’re not ready for it. We all rode pretty well and it was a good hit-out and good to see how the legs were feeling at this point in time before Saturday.

Would you say you’re 100% ready for it?

Bobridge: I wouldn’t say 100% ready, but I’m 90-95% and we still have a couple days. We’re really looking forward to getting into Saturday knowing everything is done. Some more massage and recovery and we should be good.

You were in the breakaways for half the stages at the Tour Down Under. Was that the intentional plan to get some training for the Hour Record attempt?

Bobridge: It sort of worked out that way I guess. In hindsight I wouldn’t have done that much attacking but with the jersey up for grabs and chasing the KOM, but I definitely don’t think it’s hurt me. If anything it’s helped me and now it’s all about the recovery and getting it right for Saturday.

Do you have a target distance you’re aiming for?

Bobridge: Not yet. We need to see the conditions of the track and the gear I’ll ride. My first target is just to beat the current record and then we’ll go for there.

What do you need to do to keep the record from Rohan Dennis?

Bobridge: I can’t control what he’s going to do and all I do is give 100% and hope that’s fast enough for him not to be able to get. If I happen to get it on Saturday and he beats it, congratulations and I take my hat off to him, because it’s going to be a hard record to get, even the current one.

How do you think the weather forecast is looking to create the conditions to be able to put in a good distance? [Note: New Australian records are being set at the Nationals this week, indicating the track is fast]

Bobridge: If it’s raining it won’t be good conditions because it’ll be humid. Weather like today, hot and sunny, will be the best conditions. The track is pretty fast right now. But the conditions will be the conditions, we have not control over that and will need to base gear selection on what it’s like on Saturday night.

The Cervelo T4 bike that Jack Bobridge will be using to attempt the World Hour record on January  31 at DISC velodrome in Melbourne.
The Cervelo T4 bike that Jack Bobridge will be using to attempt the World Hour record on January 31 at DISC velodrome in Melbourne.

What’s your pacing strategy for an effort like this?

Bobridge: Obviously there will be different schedules, what times are available, and it’s about control and pacing yourself. I know my wattage and what I can do – what I did at the nationals – and hopefully what I can do on Saturday. You can’t watch the wattage and it’ll all be based on feel and lap splits. Laps splits is what it’ll come down to.

[Editor’s note: in an interview RIDE Cycling Review did with Bobridge published earlier today he spoke of his wattage:

Bobridge: “At my weight at the moment, I’m going to have to average at least 375-380 watts to break the current record.

“I know the 52 minutes I did at the road time trial for the nationals, I had 385 [watts] average… so that was a good indication back then and I’ve done a lot since with Down Under and a bit more training.”]

Have you given thought about the record beyond your attempt with Dowsett, Wiggins and Martin giving it a go?

Bobridge: I think it’s the same as I said about Dennis. You can only control what you do yourself. That’s life and everyday bike racing and that’s what it comes down to. If I break it, then Rohan breaks it, then Dowsett breaks it, and Wiggins breaks it, then so be it – they’re all better. It’ll all come down to what track they do it on and what conditions they do it in. It’s fantastic that the record is alive again and everyone is willing to have a go.

How the health been with your rheumatoid arthritis?

It’s been fine. I think that’s shown with my results and it’s good to have everything under control and it’s not bothering me at the moment. I think I can keep it that way and I think I have good strategies in place.

How do you keep it under control? Is it diet, medication, or a combination?

Bobridge: There’s no medication anymore. Just diet…complete diet. Natural. I feel that works the best and it’s proven to myself so that’s the way we keep it going.

If you’re interested in reading more, head over to an excellent interview with Jack Bobridge on RIDE (part 1 and part 2).

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