Roadtripping Cairns – Part I

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I know the sound of adventure. It’s the distinct sound of cleats clicking into pedals. Ready to roll.

We came together in Cairns as strangers or casual acquaintances to share in this adventure together. We quickly moved beyond the introductory chatter to discuss our hopes and our dreams and our fears. We shared our stories, connected easily because of our common passion. Together we pushed boundaries and redefined limits. As the kilometres ticked by, friendships deepened.

This is the beauty of cycling, of two-wheeled adventure tackled side-by-side. Although it happens repeatedly, I remain amazed at the way the bike makes fast friends out of strangers and deepens the bonds we have forged over time.

In Cairns the adventure extended beyond the bike – as any good adventure does. It was a magical three days in Queensland.

We’ll have a written pictorial for you later this week. For now – enjoy this video.

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