Bikes of the Bunch: Kenevans Columbus SL

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In this latest instalment of Bikes of the Bunch, we take a look at a FYXO build of a Kenevans Colombus frame, with thanks to FYXO founder Andy White for the words and photos.

Kenevans has always had a special place in my heart. The Australian marque has a celebrated past, and Dean Woods to thank for the World Championship bands that adorn the frames.

Ken Evans himself was a champion of the road, having raced alongside the likes of Eddy Merckx and Patrick Sercu, and is a past Herald Sun Tour winner. For over 30 years the frames bearing his name have been held in high regard by those who rode them, and Ken inspired and taught other Australian framebuilding legends including Bryan Hayes.

The KE typography is lifted from Tommasini, and like the Italian manufacturer the frames are dotted with the same high level of detailing throughout. The brilliant colour was inspired by a vintage Chevrolet, reminding me of Tiffany’s PMS 1837.

The FYXO build kit is modern Campagnolo Athena 11s, with some minor alterations that herald the C Record era – one that’s close to my heart. The components sans logos allow the frame to be the ‘hero’ of this dish – as it should be.

Click through to the FYXO website for more photos.

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