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  • Shiffon

    Would so love to join in but for
    a) living in NSW
    b) expecting a baby 2 weeks after.
    You have no idea how lucky you Victorians are to have such brilliant cycling organisations there like Cycling Vic, the Bicycle Network etc!! We seem to get squat up north :-(

    • Simone Giuliani

      We are fortunate that more riding options keep cropping up. Good luck with the baby; early morning cycling was the closest thing I had to training for the sleep deprivation.

    • Chris

      Congrats and good luck with the bubba.
      The only time I’ve been up Donna Buang, in December, we passed a woman grinding her way along near the summit. “How you going?” we asked.
      “Okay,” she replied. “Actually, pretty good, really. I gave birth two weeks ago.”
      Massive respect to her. At the top we chatted and then she got a phone call from the hubby saying her boy had woken up and was getting hungry. She clipped in, said goodbye and started the descent. My mind boggles how she was doing this.

  • Jeff

    “We will have a lantern rogue to make sure no rider is left behind”.
    That sounds a bit drastic …

    • Simone Giuliani

      Thanks for pointing that out Jeff. I’ll make sure all rogues carrying lanterns are removed from the article and the ride.

  • Caity

    Ride looks great. I would love to do this but am a slow and nervous descender even on the Olinda to Montrose descent – not sure how I’d go making it down Donna!

    • Simone Giuliani

      We would love to have you along Caity but at the same time don’t want to push you to do something you are not comfortable with. It is 17 kilometres of descending on a paved road and we are certainly not planning to race down it. This ride is all about fun and exploration, not speed. We will also have a support vehicle travelling behind.

      • Caity

        Thanks Simone. Wow, 17km! It sounds great but I reckon I’ll do a few more descents elsewhere first and then hopefully join in a future ride with a bit more confidence :)

        • Simone Giuliani

          Look forward to seeing you on a ride down the track.


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