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July 22, 2017
July 21, 2017
July 20, 2017
July 19, 2017
July 18, 2017
  • caliente

    Thanks for writing and sharing this. I couldn’t believe what I saw when I first watched the video. Speedy recovery to Loren, hang in there!

  • Lach

    :( Much more rational than I would be so close after the fact. Heal well, rest up. <3

  • David Burke

    thanks for writing about this – really interesting post. The dude btw should face charges regardless – it’s either intentional or stupidity, either way his action should result in consequences for him (not just you)

  • Brian P. Smith

    If it was really an accident the guy should come forward and apologise: I’m sure this would be accepted. But if he doesn’t apologise the inference is that it was deliberate and he should be pursued. Shouldn’t be hard to find him – it’s not like we don’t know what he looks like.

  • Rebecca Hamilton

    Your ability to focus on the positives in spite of adversity is probably one reason you’ve been such a successful cyclist.

  • An amazing story Loren, and so well told. I can’t wait to see you back up the front again soon.

  • jules

    all the best Loren. come back stronger.

    the photos make it look like he’s extended his jacket sleeve over his hand, to protect it from injury. hmm..

  • Macca

    I had a close look at the video, and saw a guy in a black jacket walking away towards the trees. He didn’t look back to see if you were OK. A few people in the crowd were turning around to look at him. I’d say he was the guy, and it was intentional.

  • No athlete deserves to go through an injury under such circumstances. Wish you a very speedy recovery & just like you’re, keep thinking positive.

  • A

    Loren, thanks for the balanced views and not jumping to the conclusion that it was deliberate. Hope you heal well.

    Also interesting to note how we are all assuming it was a guy who took you down!

  • Rebecca Gilkey

    You’re a rockstar, hope the surgery is successful and you’re back racing soon!

  • Gordon

    Wow, what a level headed view from Loren, looking at the facts, speculating but wanting to just get on with it. I don’t know If I would have the same approach. If in a similar situation and I reacted like Loren I could hold my head high.
    I’m now a big fan, recover well.

  • As horrific as the incident was, I have a hard time believing it was a deliberate act. It just doesn’t seem possible. It certainly looks deliberate in the video, but if you’ve ever stood along the barriers with a race going by at 55km/hr, you’d have to be made to stick your arm out for fear of losing it. Never mind having the accuracy to do something like that. I certainly hope that no cycling fan in the world is that stupid and cruel…

    • Chris

      But his arm WAS stuck out – intentional or not, it was stuck out. Sane people keep their body parts behind the barrier.

  • Keep up your spirits. Your post is inspirational.

  • toneredd

    The guy should have his ball’s cut off, anyone watching it in slow motion would see the arm movement was deliberate, it was not accidental.

    • A

      In slow-mo it was deliberate??? What about B&W filter? What about in reverse? Or upside down?

      Did slow-mo show the sex of the assailant?

      How about just watching it at real speed and realizing it happened in a fraction of a second and could be due to any number of non deliberate reasons.

      • toneredd

        Mmmm yes it could be non deliberate, but I doubt it. What ever way you watch it? You choose.
        But I would pay close attention to the person’s hand movement / action of his hand when it comes in contact with her handle bars, you will notice the movement of his hand is a very deliberate push, and forceful. Why? Guess only the person them self can tell us, but if betting is allowed on bike racing? Could be one very good reason? Previous comments has mentioned a male was seen walking away from the scene of the accident, past or near some trees with out looking back? Have another look at the clip, slow motion, watch the hand movement, and tell me you really do not think it was deliberate.

        • A

          Mate, I think everyone is over analyzing a low res video from a poor perspective. And enough with the slow-mo, spilling your coffee looks deliberate in slow-mo…

          I agree that it 100% looks deliberate. But let’s think about it, you could barely see someone approaching on the barriers with people standing next to you, plus the timing would be so so difficult to get right. Could it be deliberate? It’s a possibility. Or could it be that he/her was pushed in the back by accident? Also possible. It could have been any number of things.

          And the idea that it was planned is just laughable.

          A poor example, however would you believe in magic because you saw a good magic show? Just because it looks deliberate does not make it so.

          • Van Litespeed

            A .. you are a real jack a$$ yea? It was deliberate you pos fool. If it was truly accident, they would have come forward and apologized by now and not just run away right after the fact and hide. Deliberate as hell by also the physical actions, had his hand right about where the handlebars are and stuck it put palm forward and held the handle bar, yes it almost ripped his arm off and I wish it would have. Why? im not sure maybe he was paid, maybe just a nut job who wanted to see what happens who knows. Fact of the matter is you are a piece of $hit as big as him trying to defend the scumbag, yea

            • toneredd

              Well glad I am not the only one to have a clear view and realize that it was deliberate. I think one very good point Van Litespeed has mentioned, if it was an accident ? Why has the person concerned not came forward to apologized? Yeah you would be feeling like shit, but accidents happen, or do they?
              A you believe what ever you want, but I know what the guy’s hand does when it touches her handle bar, it is not an accidental tap, it is a very clear push ( I had to watch this clip, slow motion several times ) and could not believe what I saw.
              Hopefully the person will be caught, and then we can all finally know the truth.

              • Jessi Braverman

                I’m not going to jump in on the deliberate or not debate, but the individual did come forward yesterday when his son recognised him in the footage shown on Dutch TV – which happened well before these last few comments were made. He said not only was the action accidental but that he didn’t know he had caused the crash. I find the second half of that statement a bit difficult to believe, but…


                • JSPA

                  I find if quite possible, if he’s either mentally not quite all there, or drunk, or just naturally very dense–those things make it more likely that a person would a) be clueless before the race gets there b) remain clueless and a potential menace when the race is passing and c) be clueless ongoingly, after the fact. At what point incapacity / stupidity becomes criminal, in itself, is (I suppose) down to definitions in local laws.

                  • A

                    JSPA, I suspect an even more forgiving theory could be that he thought the cause and affect were exact opposite: i.e. that she hit his arm because she was crashing. But who knows.

                • Dave

                  Jessi, I find it quite easy to believe he didn’t know.

                  At the Tour Down Under a couple of years ago there was a crash in the sprint finish that looked like it started after the spot where I was, but only after going home and watching my DVR’s recording of the live coverage did I realise it had started about 3-4 metres before my spot. It’s are very hard to work out what happened when you’re there live.

                  Looks like one of those things. The race’s insurer will pay out any costs, the organisers will try a bit harder next time they construct the finishing straight for a bike race and the bloke in question won’t take his kid to a bike race again.

            • James King

              Wow, settle down internet tough guy.

              Jury is out for me if deliberate or not. Watching it in normal speed he’s banging the barrier (like everyone else) and the slow mo exaggerates the movement (that’s the idea with slow mo….) If the post below is accurate and he’s turned himself in, then hopefully the truth will come out. If it was deliberate, throw the book at him. If not, chalk it up to one of those things.

              Chapeau to Loren for her measured response in any case.

            • A

              Hello Van Litespeed,

              I think this is going to be like playing chess against a pigeon, but here goes:

              Thanks for your lovely message. However I need to correct you on a few points. Firstly, I was definitely not defending him, just promoting the idea that this could be a misunderstanding. Secondly, he had ‘raised his hand’ in the matter before well before your post, which makes your main argument rather baseless. Thirdly, I must seriously contest your claim that I am a ‘real jack A$$ yea?’. I am actually a kind human being, evidenced by me giving the gentleman in question some benefit of the doubt until further evidence arose.

              But I do apologies for being ‘a piece of $hit’.



            • JSPA

              And he knew a particular rider would be close to the barriers there, how, exactly? Yes, there should be liability for actions. But think it through. If you planned in advance to take out any rider–let alone a particular rider–would this be a rational way to do it? You can make up a scenario–maybe he has a wild crush on Giorgia, and was happy to push anyone close to her, once she passed; he has a hatred for Giorgia, and was intending to push someone into her. (It was a fair bet that Bronzini would be near the front, I suppose.) But as the write-up explains, it was thoroughly unexpected for Loren to be at that exact position, in that particular circumstance, at that time. Could some freak want to take out any female rider, or any cyclist (or, for that matter, if he’s hallucinating, the monster that happens to be floating there). But really, there’s no guarantee that ANY rider would have been within arm’s reach.

            • Van A$$

              Fact of the matter…


              you are a real jack a$$ yea? It wasn’t deliberate you pos fool. It was truly accident, he come forward and apologized and not just run away right after the fact and hide. Not deliberate as hell by also the physical actions, had his hand right about where the handlebars are and stuck it put palm forward and held the handle bar, yes it almost ripped his arm off. Why? because his arm was tugged on. Fact of the matter is you are a piece of $hit as big as him.

  • Jamie

    You can bet on cycling races in Europe cant you????????????????

    • A

      Or is it because if she had got onto the podium she was going to reveal that the moon landing was fake?

      Come on mate get a grip.

      • Bracksy


  • Chris Stewart

    Given the barriers used…. And in no way saying the spectator is innocent, It could have been far worse. Look to Stybar’s crash with those barriers (which should be outlawed) last summer.

  • Brian Shuman

    glad you’re so optimistic after such a horrible crash, definitely think it was intentional or at least he is a dick for not giving an apology. hope to see you racing at AMGEN TOC!

  • kamoteQ

    Recover as sooon please, best wishes.

  • pietro

    I’d say he tried to touch her – unimaginable that he intended to crash her out. an apology and offer to compensate would be good to see.

  • Tickhill Grand Prix

    Best wishes Loren and get back in there soon. :-) This is so blatant, I am surprised another person spectating didn’t approach the culprit or has come forward. Regardless, I think the Police should take retrospective action from the video evidence. A despicable, stupid, dangerous act like that must be made a strong example of so it cannot happen again. Good luck with the recovery. At least Women’s Cycling got some more coverage although not for the right reasons.

  • bert

    This was no accident,I looked at te movie a few times and this man wanted you to fall, this was intentionel,I hope they wil get him for this !

  • brucegray

    Thanks for sharing Loren. Stay focused on where you want to go. Don’t look back or to the sides.
    Although in saying that, who can comprehend why an apparent cycling fan could do such a thing. Whatever, it was a mindless cowardly act.

  • Herman van Oost

    Close photo accident in the Netherlands cycling woman

  • Dutchresident

    Thanks for sharing your story Loren. Upon seeing the footage from multiple angles and in slow-motion I am convinced the action was intentional. The identity of this person is known (he turned himself in after his son recognized him on television) and the police is conducting an investigation. The organization claims it was unintentional but I advise you to press charges nevertheless. A judge should decide if he deserves punishment or not. Hope you get well soon!

    • toneredd

      VERY good news.

  • Laerrus

    Find that guy and publicly beat him half to death on a live stream.

    • Bracksy

      We’re not ISIS so we don’t do that sort of thing over here in civilized countries.

  • RickT

    You can’t see the time of the initial contact on the video from that angle. The suggested ‘forceful movement of the hand’ may well be movement of his hand after it contacted with the handlebars. That is – the initial contact draws his hand out further. It looks bad but Loren is right to give him the benefit of the doubt. Speedy recovery.

  • Josh Jackson

    The guy’s hand is tapping up and down at a regular distance from the barriers UNTIL she comes close, then his hand sticks out more…
    INTENTIONAL. Maybe he was drunk or crazy, but that was intentional.


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July 22, 2017
July 21, 2017
July 20, 2017
July 19, 2017
July 18, 2017