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  • Tricky Dicky

    Thanks. I haven’t met anyone who has been disappointed with choosing a Scott and this is a nice way to demonstrate the law of diminshing marginal returns on spending crazy amounts on a bike. I must say though that $10k seems a lot for the team issue bike – there’s likely better value elsewhere these days?

    A question – did you swap the wheels between the bikes at any time to see if that might have been the differentiator? I’m surprised you could tell the difference between the Ultegra and Dura Ace braking and shifting. I certainly can’t. Same on their Di2 equivalents.

    • Sean Doyle

      Swapping wheels was my first thought when reading the review. I would have been inetrested in your sensations with the Team wheelset on the 20. I suspect I know the answer to that already though. :-)

    • I certainly did and there was a mild effect of the wheels. The carbon wheels added a little extra stiffness to the Addict 20, the alloy wheels smoothed out the ride of the Team Issue a little (in this case, some of this effect was probably due to the width of the tyres as the alloy wheelset had wider rims than the carbon wheelset). And the lighter wheels helped the climbing agility of the Addict 20.

    • Samaway

      The only guy I know with a Scott has had it warrantied three times in the past 2-3 years. Anecdotes are funny that way… :)

      • Andy B

        Ive never had an issue with my foil, one of the only bikes I’ve had that has been 100% fine

      • Chris

        Four year old Scott Addict still going strong here. Zero problems. Not picking a fight or anything, just adding a counterpoint to your counterpoint.

        • Samaway

          Yeah, glad to hear it :) I’m sure my buddy has just had some pretty terrible luck, and his case is surely anomalous.

  • VLA

    You know Cycling is the new golf when $4k is deemed ‘mid-range’. That’s a lot of money to some people.

    • Leroy

      The term ‘mid-level shoppers’ is a giveaway as well, as if it’s something you just pick up from aisle 5 with your new POC helmet and pomegranate juice

    • TLD

      That’s a lot of money to a whole lot of people. That’s more money than very many people in the world make in a year.

    • peter

      anyone with any brains knows they don’t need to spend more than 5k on a bike to get a performance machine , at above 4k it all comes down to the rider and their ability. But there’s nothing wrong buying a 10k plus bike , just don’t kid yourself its going to transform you into a much better rider.

      • Chris

        Now you tell me! I wonder if I can get the deposit I just put down back…

  • Michele

    Nice review. Had to pick a livery? I’d go IAM.

  • Andy Logan

    Nice timing, have seen a few of these on bike exchange and was wondering what the story was. They look great but 10k for a bike without Di2 and in-house components isn’t so great from a value perspective.

    I am looking around at new bikes after destroying my Giant last week, but at that price it’s less bike for more money compared to its rivals.

    • Arfy

      Have you asked your Giant dealer about crash replacement? I did this last year with a TCR and took the opportunity to change the frame to a Propel. Much cheaper than forking out for a full replacement, and in my case I ended up with a better bike.

      • Andy Logan

        Will call them today, waiting on the insurance company to confirm a few details.

  • Neil

    CT, this is the best, most informative review I’ve read in ages. Awesome. A big question I’ve had for a long time answered.

    • Thanks Neil, I’m hoping to do the same comparison with bikes from other brands.

      • Mark

        I’ve been wanting this to happen for years…

  • Jaybo

    thanks for the reviews! i’m still getting around on a scott speedster from 2008, it’s been a great bike to me but really growing old in the tooth, was weighing up between the addict and the foil but sounds like the foil might be more for me (i’m heavy and definitely a sprinter rather than a climber) – was still nice to get someone’s take on the 2 different price points and why they’re actually different (ie the HMX vs HMF)

    • Schmidty

      Jaybo after much testing of different brands and reading reviews I ended up purchasing the new Foil late last year and I gotta say its a stiff, light, fast machine I was especially surprised with the exceptional handling and balance of the bike. ..so if you like the odd sprints I’d definitely recommend throwing the Foil in the mix of new bikes to check out. .

  • Bob

    It seems to be one of the rules of cycling that a brand with “T” in the name makes bikes that are a bit dull and uninspiring

    eg Giant, Trek, Felt, Wilier Triestena, Malvern Star, GT, Fondriest …

    One exception – Time (proving the rule?)

    Scott has a double T -> double boring?

    • Sam

      This might actually have some leg…

      How about those with “O” having extra posuer cred eg PinarellO, ColnagO, CervelO, CippO, CannOndale with LOOk being doubly credulous?

      Oops, ScOtt is in there too…maybe cancel out one of the T, back to run of the mill boring?

  • Tim

    Nice! I have a foil at the moment and it’s fantastic – until your a few hours in where gets a bit harsh. Might look at one of these next summer. A disc version would be pretty good particularly for wet conditions. Anything in regards to that area on the horizon?

    • Scott hasn’t done much with road disc brakes for 2015. Their only high end disc option is the Solace 15 Disc.

  • Sam

    A timely review as I’ve just been eyeing this bike and wrestling with the age old question of what marginal gain is worth, and worthwhile.
    In the end I think I will go halfway and get a Team frame set and build it up with Ui2. However it seems the Team frame are mech/electronic specific and I’m more partial towards the mech colorway. Are you able to give your opinion if this is feasible Mat?

    • A Scott dealer should be able to clarify if the two Team frames are mech/electronic specific. However, since the frame uses internal routing for the gear cables, I can’t see there being too much trouble getting Ui2 through a mech-specific frame. The only thing that might be missing is a hole in the seat tube for the front derailleur wire and the size of rear exit hole for the rear derailleur might be too small. There are work-arounds for both issues, but the result won’t be as tidy as an electronic-specific frame.

  • Ragtag

    Hi – Could you review the CAAD10 please. We hardly any good quality ‘budget’ bikes by reviewers these days. :)

    • Orrsome153

      I have a CAAD 10. I love the CAAD. I have had mine about 4 years. In that time I have added a couple of carbon bikes to my collection and yet the CAAD is my favourite bike. The newest version has some minor changes and looks great. I will buying another 10 when the oportunity arises. There is a lot to be said about aluminium bike today. The material is better and the engineering is getting more advanced all the time. The great thing is they are considerably cheaper. The popularity of cycling and carbon frames and for that matter aluminium bikes has allowed bike companies to over price bikes to the point of ridiculous. In today’s market CAAD 10 is a great option.

  • Interesting approach to the new Addict. I would have expected them to stay with the ultra-light, super stiff climbing frame they had designed before in order to compete with the likes of the Emonda. Now it seems like the Addict is more like the Domane Classic: endurance bike feel with race geometry.

  • Connor

    I have the Addict 20 – been riding it since December, 2014. Our whole team here in the U.S. is racing the Addict 20. Everyone (including myself) loves the bike. It’s sweet! Glad to know I’m not missing that much without the HMX


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