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  • Jessy Vee

    I can’t go past my batman socks. :)


    • Jessi Braverman

      Obviously not. Wow! Love them.

  • Riley

    those 4shaw socks. spectacular.

  • Sally

    Love The Athletic’s LaCubiste. Just perfect for a few dusty days riding White Rim in Utah. http://instagram.com/p/oy9c5XKK72/

    • Jessi Braverman

      Thanks for sharing these pictures, Sally!

  • Marthijs

    SockGuy, more designs and cuff heights than anyone out there. Something for every ride to match your kit and personality!

  • Helen BS

    Cool article, thanks for the recommendations!

    • lowercasev

      let us know if you get any cool ones!

  • echidna_sg


    it wasn’t *THAT* hard to find ;-)

    • Jessi Braverman

      No. No, it wasn’t. Not sure how we missed it! Article updated to reflect the link and “about” information on the website. Thanks for the assist!

      • lowercasev

        I couldn’t find them! #internetfail on my part! hehe

  • Sock Muppett

    Whats the average price of these socks?

  • JustRide

    Cyclists are full of shit at times.

  • Chuck

    A few thoughts about socks. I find that most socks that have logos or other designs knit in look good when you’re not wearing them but the pattern gets distorted when worn. Regarding Merino wool, some thought should be given to the plight of the sheep from which the wool is obtained. Do some research, it is apparently a cruel process.

    • JBS

      Nowhere near as cruel as letting the sheep die of flystrike.

      • Chuck

        I’m no sheep expert but I have never heard that harvesting merino wool is a preventative measure against flystrike.

        • JBS

          Without starting a flame war, then I suggest you take your own advice before throwing around accusations.

          Its called shearing (and crutching, and in the extreme cases mulesing). Excess wool, especially around the crutch, catches faeces and urine. They in turn attract flies. Flies lay eggs. Eggs hatch. Its not a pretty way to die for the animal.

          Now can we get back to the socks?

          • Chuck

            “throwing around accusations.” ??? I beg you pardon, what accusations? I merely say that the subject of Australian merino wool is not without controversy and that interested consumers should be aware of that and to do some research before shopping. Now we can get back to the socks.

            • JBS

              “…it is apparently a cruel process.”

              If that isn’t an accusation then I can’t help you. I won’t respond again.

  • When did cycling get so lame?

    Seriously? Johnny-come-lately’s telling us how to dress?

    Less selfies, more race results.

    • Coach Cam

      “Johnny-come-lately’s”, thats hilarious coming from an anonymous comments section commenter.

  • CLS

    Panache socks – these puppies rock! Have been complimented on the several times and I have only worn them twice!

    their whole range is here -> http://shop.panachecyclewear.com/product-category/socks/

    • Jessi Braverman

      They do rock! Thanks for sharing!

  • lowercasev

    Keep your sock selfies coming! Love them!

    • lowercasev

      in fact.. thats a new hash tag #sockselfie

  • Love my socks from Pedal Mafia http://instagram.com/p/oCE5cYPKx_/

  • Guest

    #sockselfie #maap

  • Anon N + 1

    You are bound by UCI rules and cannot wear compression socks in competition, but I believe the rules do not prevent you from wearing compression socks for training or recovery. I am not bound by UCI rules in any way. Why can’t I wear compression socks? Personally, I believe they improve my endurance. Some elite runners believe compression socks improve their recovery. If it works for an individual, why not? Performance is primary, right?

  • Manuela Marasco

    Do black socks really make my calves look bigger? #sockselfie

    • lowercasev

      Not sure Manni!

  • DS

    Cant go past these bad ass soxs as well – http://8lumens.bigcartel.com/product/fuck-yeah-socks-preorder

    Absolutely LOVE my soxs !!

    • lowercasev

      Now they’re cool!

  • Frank Ricard

    I buy mine from a cheap shop in the shopping centre where I buy food. 3 pairs for $9.95. Can’t go wrong, unless having an insanely expensive bike far beyond one’s ability is not enough, then buy socks like in the above article.

  • Lowell

    Gotta represent Europe and suggest the groovy bunch from Barcelona, Spain – http://www.pacificandco.com

  • Lowell

    Gotta represent Europe and suggest the groovy bunch from Barcelona, Spain – http://www.pacificandco.com
    (No, I don’t work for them. Simply like what they do and how they do it :)

    • lowercasev

      Now, they’re cool! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • noob_sauce

    I have several pairs of these. Pro length too.


  • noob_sauce

    I have several pairs of these. Pro length too.



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