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July 28, 2017
July 27, 2017
July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017
  • krashdavage

    Wow, loud florals and horizontal stripes are in this year, why don’t we all do it? Search and State does some nice stuff http://searchandstate.com/ and I’ve been a fan of Fyxo “since forever” http://shop.fyxo.co/ensembles/

    • Can’t believe I forgot FYXO. I’ll add it now.

      • krashdavage

        I hope you don’t read all the comments and take anything personally Wade. ;-)

    • Gavin Adkins

      Totally agree. I love my double denim Fyxo kit and I don’t care who knows it.

      • Abdu

        The Canadian Tuxedo look, denim jacket and jeans.
        Only Andy would dare to wear it on a bike though.

  • RWH

    Appreciate that this is the “blokes” side of the CT fence, however the Fondo kit sported recently around Melbourne by several very fast woman is pretty impressive

    • Mikael_L

      Pretty sure you’ll find it in the article they’ve posted on Ella with their fave women’s kits, you know, the one they link to in the 3rd paragraph…

      • RWH

        Yep, should have looked through there. Thanks for that

        • Anon Ymous

          That told you. Should have read every single word and clicked every link in the article before sharing your thoughts. This is the internet after all and around every corner lurks a clever cods. Phew – at least no typo’s. That really gets the ninnies irate.

  • Lil Bow Wow

    The best part about all this is that no one is out there advertising phone or petrol companies like the pros get paid to do.
    Has a very similar DIY vibe to it like early 90s BMX. Some of the prints are as ugly as pro team kit, though I appreciate the effort that goes into it.
    Well done everyone.

  • You should check out ‘bernard’s’ last series 1227 kit. Their first limited kit, the series 319 was very popular with the Australan crowd. http://www.bernardridesagain.com

  • Cliff Nichols

    Morvelo’s ‘analogue’ range of jerseys are pretty nice and a ‘bit different’ this year too…

  • lowercasev

    Don’t forget to check out my women’s kits piece: https://cyclingtips.com.au/2015/03/womens-cycling-kit-that-we-love/ I reckon they’re way better than the mens :-D

  • MikeP

    Gotta say… I hope this floral trend dies quickly and ruthlessly. Then, all of the floral kit is burned in a large fire (standing around it singing koombyeyah) optional. The ashes should then be distributed in a body of water somewhere particularly nasty (like the yarra) to ensure that all of the particles do not pull themselves back together in a terminator-esque manner.

    It all looks far too busy for my liking. Give me distinct colour blocks and sharp lines every day of the week.

    • Glen Chamberlain

      if that’s your your thing MikeP, check out http://www.elvtn.cc/

      • Vaggy

        these a guys are actually riding a bike rather than standing around posing.

    • SouthernHoax

      Then Rapha is for you MikeP.

  • reynoldsgf

    Some very nice gear coming from these lads: http://www.stelfcycling.com/ I have one and can vouch for style and comfort.

    • yung bitter

      Bitter old young guy here, I have now registered under my heavy rap game pseudonym YUNG BITTER. You can call me Yung bIts if you like.

      I do not think I have seen a more thoroughly uninspired collection of mad bites on other cycling brands.

      Managed to bite previous releases from Attaquer, Fiasco and the ever venerable DHB all in the one drop. They took up the challenge and nailed it, I can’t believe they weren’t featured as a kick ass brand for 2015.

  • bitter old young guy

    Is this post a parody of itself?

    Last years made sense. There were some kit brands out there breaking relatively new ground.

    This years, it’s like…

    “Hey guys! Let’s talk about kit in 2015! There are four ‘brands’ incorporating floral into their collections! Very unique! Then we have a handful of other ‘brands’ that are producing kit that looks like Rapha, but no doubt will be inferior quality! And because this is a post about unique kit, we have Attaquer!”

    Slash try harder or don’t bother, content for the sake of content is so lame.

    Not grouping all the floral kit together was a cute way to try and disguise the parody.

    • bitter old young guy

      Oh and rehashing the captions off each website was a right laugh too, each brand telling their unique story about how they hate what is on the market… Save the fact their kit looks exactly the same as everything else.

      So scrap my last comment. Keep making these posts. Their a pisser.

      • derp


        • yung bitter

          yung bits makes mistakes from time to time

  • Jamie


    • yung bitter

      Bitter old young guy here, I have now registered under my heavy rap game pseudonym YUNG BITTER. You can call me Yung bIts if you like.

      I do not think I have seen a more thoroughly uninspired collection of mad bites on other cycling brands.

      Managed to bite previous releases from Attaquer, Fiasco and the ever venerable DHB all in the one drop. They took up the challenge and nailed it, I can’t believe they weren’t featured as a kick ass brand for 2015.

    • yung bitter

      Yung butter here again, I wrote some curt comments but they applied to stelf rather than pedal mafia.

      That said.

      I can’t be bothered giving a running critique of the PM kit because

      a) I don’t think anyone cares
      b) My eyes bled after clicking your link

      If anybody does care, tell Wade. Then Wade, hire me, and I will be critical of stuff under my heavy rap game pseudonym. We could go for bike rides sometime. I feel being both young and bitter, I have the market cornered.

      • Greg

        Pretty sure Pedal Mafia is the only kit maker who is manufacturing in Aus- think they are Perth lads and from all reports they don’t take it so serious like some other brands… So much hate on here.. Good to see some Young guys having a go from all sides of the country!

        • Godfather

          not a manufacturer. they get their kits made by a custom clothing company and just re-label the product as pedal mafia. go to
          http://www.ventou.com.au/ to make your pedal mafia replica kits, probably a lot cheaper too. but why waste your money on terribly uninspired designs, make your own uninspired design.

          • Greg

            Im pretty sure all of the above companies do the same thing? And I see far more pedal mafia kits on the eastern seaboard than the above… I think godfather has a little hatrid for the pm name as he thinks he is the cycling don? Good to see Australians bagging out young companies trying to have a go… Kudos to all the above brands!

            • yung bitter

              Nah, that shit is wack.

    • Mills

      Hubbard version of attaquer right?

  • Shane Wilmot

    Rapha? Comon no Rapha? Is it because they have shaved off their moustache? Great hipster spotting Wade, now how about posting some real cycling Kit?

    • What constitutes as “real cycling kit” to you?

      • krashdavage

        Maybe he means real cycling apparel companies as opposed to well marketed/hyped DIY club designs

        • A

          Exactly my thoughts. I like affordable plain gear that also looks good, lasts well and fits well. I don’t need designer clothes to form my identity. Each to their own I guess.

          • Sam

            I think there was a review in DHB already…

        • CB

          I prefer the Morton Brothers kit, when on outback tour.

          • A

            I hope that was humour…

        • SW

          Nailed it Krash. Too right mate.

      • SW

        Brands Wade brands. None of these are brands. Love or hate rapha but they are a brand. Tenure, longevity, quality, stability, structure, credibility. None of these are cycling brands. They are hipster projects. When I think of brands I think europe, Santini, Nalini, Babici, Assos. I invest in their product because they don’t act like show ponies, they make great kit. So that’s my opinion on kit Wade, but hey I’m a cyclist not a hipster.

        • Hey SW, but this is exactly how I framed this article to begin with. If I just listed a bunch of established companies, would I be telling anyone anything they didn’t know? And how did Babici fit in with Santini, Nalini, Assos etc?

          • SW

            At least you did a good putting all these pretty designs in the same basket. But please share some tech and innovation with us. Some of us are real cyclists, not poseurs.

          • SW

            I rate the these brands because of their quality are you not a fan of babici?

            • Andy Kennelly

              if you read CT regularly, youll remember an article they posted about a third party clothing group called TEXmarket, (or something similar to that). A lot of these big ‘brand’ contract out the production of their product to TEX or similar companies. So how are they different to others in this list? MAAP and Attaquer are both produced in Italy, the quality of construction is brilliant, whether you like their designs or not.

              • SW

                Thanks Andy, don’t really care where they are made. A country of origin means nothing to me personally. I like gutsy tech like the Assos ball bag chamois etc. But Wade is right, cool doesn’t exactly mean good. I’ll await the next post on “What’s good in cycling apparel in 2015”

              • maca

                Wow so hipster Australian brands own factories in Italy? well informed Andy. I’d say they use Moa or one of the down and out italian factories haemorrhaging from the euro economy collapse which use eastern block workers and sub contract to croatia, serbia and turkey. get a grip people. This blog is turning into the Hubbard Herald!!!

                • Andy Kennelly

                  Please point me to where I said MAAP and Attaquer own their factories. My point was the exact opposite, not every brand has its own factory.

                • JH

                  Maca… I completely agree! So much hate on an article that was clearly talking about a few ‘cool’ brands that are gaining a little traction. For the record – i don’t love all the designers (as that’s what they are) , but as i mentioned to SW, most are using some very respectable manufactures in Italy.

                • micky

                  Maca, Im based in Italy and I can tell you that most of the clothing companies here do actually have their clothing done in Italy, even MOA (Im not a fan of their brand and never bought anything but just an example).

            • I think Babici has an outstanding eye for design. But unfortunately that’s where I’ll leave it. That said, in hindsight it’s not fair that I didn’t included them in the above list because I’ve never worn any of the kits listed so I can’t judge the quality or fit.

              • SW

                That’s fair enough. I like quality garments over design myself, so perhaps this thread is really suited for the kids.

                • JH

                  SW – So patronising and condescending… Do you really have any idea about manufacturing (as a business) or making apparel work as a ‘business’ in this country… SO easy to sit on your keyboard and hide behind uninformed comments.

                  I know for a fact that a lot of these guys have spent a lot of time and money – either trying to develop their own kits to be made in Australia or sourced the best manufacturers in Italy to make the best cycling gear they could. The fact is – It’s a huge investment to create your own gear, and while you may not like their ‘designs’ not everyone can afford Assos as a customer.

                  Many of these ‘brands’ are offering a very good product at an affordable price. Sure, you may not like the designs, but judging from their social pages – they have large followings, and very happy customers…

            • Matt DeMaere

              I think perhaps it is because Babici is at most a couple of years older than the average of the projects listed above, has come from a relatively similar starting place, and differences in style to the above is largely to do with its initial market position.

              • danG0

                market position my ass matt, for real? i want this so bad but at 250 i cant afford it. this is da biz got it from their website.

    • Gavin Adkins

      Rapha undoubtedly make nice kit, but after that exclusive application only “Cycle Club” membership bullshit, they no longer get money from this plonker.

      • SW

        Agree Gav. Think rapha have lost sight of the purity and innocence of cycling. Real cyclists don’t need to be reminded of how much we suffer. We also aren’t elitist tweed coat club members. Maybe it’s an Aussie thing, but our group are mongrels. Athletes to say the least. We ride for results not KOMs. We don’t buy kit because it’s trendy. We buy equipment for our bodies. Hey, maybe I’m old school but you don’t see any decent cyclist wearing any of this stuff featured here.

        • yung bitter

          You sound like more of a dick than all the descriptions that the dicks wrote about their crappy brands.

          • sW

            Hold on, just dusted off my Olypmic medals, nope just see a reflection of a winner.

    • Andy Kennelly

      The name of the article is “whats cool…” in melbourne Rapha is a standard choice, everyone knows its great for quality and comfort, but its not ‘cool’. You see someone in rapha and you think, ‘ah yeah, we all like rapha’ but no ones going to stop and notice. If the article was about the best kits, then sure rapha would be in the list.

      • Chris

        “You see someone in rapha and you think, ‘ah yeah, we all like rapha'”

        Yeh… That’s not what all of us think.

        • Andy Kennelly

          In a sense of good quality, and a sensible choice in riding apparel. Please forgive me chris for making an effort to be positive and thoughtful in my approach, rather than typing inane, empty comments. Im all for criticism, but just disagreeing without content? nope what a waste. Offer an argument for your position please

          • Chris

            You honestly don’t know some people see Rapha in a negative light due to their wanky marketing (they invented the crap that led to stuff like The Pedla – follow the link to see the rest of The Pedla’s photo, BTW. I wonder why it’s cropped in this piece?) and in some cases the high cost (not the quality)?

            See Daniel’s comment just below for what he thinks when he sees Rapha. It’s not like he’s alone, or unusual in his view.

            So there’s why I questioned your statement. Not looking for an internet battle; you asked.

            • Andy Kennelly

              ok first of all – Im not defending rapha or saying it should be on this list. I dont think it should. The designs have somewhat stagnated and are predictable. But despite the visual appeal or lack thereof, its high quality stuff. thats what i meant by ‘we all like rapha.’ I think that due to this, you shouldnt really judge a cyclist by what they wear. You cant scientifically show any proof that someones choice in apparel affects their physical ability to push the pedals. This is more addressed to other comments above, people saying stupid things like “if you wear this then you obviously cant ride.” That obviously ridiculous. I’m all for people wearing whatever they want to wear. Any decision on “whats cool” is going to be contentious.

              People are using the term hipster more or less to mean “people who care about the designs of cycling clothing they wear”, and it seems ridiculous that they come to an article totally aimed at that very market to whine about it.

              To judge both someones cycling ability and general character on what they wear is always going to be inaccurate.

              • Chris

                Fair enough. Just semantics now. I was only explaining my point because you were worked up that I didn’t explain my point.

                People are using “hipster” to describe hipsters. Look it up – it means something. Hipsters aren’t wearing Rapha. It’s too established and mainstream now. Something their dads would wear.

                Notice I didn’t say I had a problem with the clothes themselves or the price. The marketing tends to polarise people, though, and it’s really only marketing that distinguishes these different brands. Or doesn’t, a lot of the time.

            • Chris

              The Pedla have relegated the hipster booby/barber shot from their header carousel since last night. Interesting.

    • Hamish Moffatt
      • david__g

        These guys seem to get the ridiculous poseur/bro-ification of cycling. Nicely done.

    • Daniel

      Rapha is for businessmen who are having a midlife crisis. Matches the $10,000 bike between their legs and inability to ride a bike in anything other than a dead straight line. Also, Team Sky. Team Sky pull off Rapha pretty good.

      • Jonty

        Really Rapha bashing….do you include Allan Iacuone in this category!? Guessing you’re too young and way to cool dude to even know who he is.

        • krashdavage

          To be fair, as an ambassador Alby is probably gifted all his kit

        • Daniek

          Only through this site and through seeing him at the Road Nats recently.
          Obviously it’s a quality kit and pros pull it off, but it’s emblematic of douchebaggery at the amateur level. 90% of people who’ve got one have gotten into cycling have just gotten into it after watching the Tour and want to look like Team Sky. The visual design of the jerseys is bland and largely devoid of colours. Most people go with the black, which means they are either stupid or don’t ride in low light. If someone in Rapha hops onto your bunch, put the power down because you’ve just gotten someone on your wheel who has watched one tour and thinks it means they know how to ride in a bunch.

      • gaz
        • Daniel

          Hmmm, not sure where that’s come from, maybe there’s another Daniel out there posting about his love of Collingwood.
          Club kits all the way. If not, Sufferfest National Champion jersey (looks very similar to the red, white, and black one in this article).

      • Juan

        And what do you wear Daniel? And who looks up to your bunch? And how long have you been riding?

        A lot of softer middle-aged guys in Rapha for sure. Plenty of ‘been riding for two years think I know it all’ soft 30yr old hipsters riding around in Blacksheep / Attaquer and other brands listed above who were playing golf or oz-tag or something 5 years ago and now ride on the instagram pro-tour.

        Plenty of strong guys who have years (read ‘at least a decade’) of experience riding and racing in both camps. Sounds like you’re pretty happy to lump people in categories without knowing them?

        All good. Maybe I’ll see you on the road – maybe you’ll ‘put the power down’ on me and try and ride off. Maybe you should talk to others on the road before judging – you’ll find some have interesting back stories, plenty of experience, and you might learn a thing or two or even make a new friend.

        I see someone on the road in any kit, at any age and any weight, and I think ‘good – another person improving their life and our society by getting on a bike’… Try it sometime.

        • Daniel

          1. Typically wear club kit. Got one Sufferfest kit and a couple from my local store that I occasionally get out;
          2. I have no idea if people look up to my bunch. All I know is we don’t cause crashes, we ride safely and respectfully together as a group, and we treat training rides as training rides; and
          3. Properly riding nine years, before that was bombing around on a mountain bike after school.

          Maybe it’s a Sydney/Melbourne thing. These Beach Road references are lost on me. All I know is that the new guy/girl in the bunch in the brand new kit is the one whose going to cause a crash. I enjoy new people getting involved and they all have to start somewhere. The problem is when there is a massive gulf between their perceived abilities and their actual abilities. That gulf correlates pretty strongly with the cost of their kit, and Rapha is well up there on price.

          • Juan

            More people wearing club kit is a good thing – more of the riders you’re flagging should join a club and learn to ride by riding with more experienced riders, not by google / instagram which leads to confusion by some riders of their ability with their aspirations.

            I think pricing is one thing but $50 up and down on kit (none of the above kits are cheap, for example, Attaquer kit is as expensive as Rapha) isn’t really the issue. The guy who looks like he just hopped out of a crossfit session and is now pumping around on a Venge is the guy I look out for – personally I watch the man and not the kit before making the call whether I’m on a safe wheel / group.

            I think Beach Road / Hell Ride is a separate issue and a peculiarly Melbourne one. Bunch training rides should be just that and racing is for when there is a number pinned on – simple.

            • Daniel

              I think what you’ve said there is a more elegant and fairly put expression of the point I was driving at. Perhaps I’ve jumped at the Rapha crowd a bit hard but basically Rapha is always in my mind associated with newbies (again, absolutely nothing wrong with newbies as such) with an inflated view of their own capabilities.

              Sometimes they are actually quite fit, they just lack basic skills. In my club (yeah, it’s a tri club), there are a lot of people who’ve decided they want to do tris, go out and buy super expensive gear, jump straight on a training program, and do three massive trainer sets a week. Then they get out on the road, pistons firing, then they start riding their brakes down hills and through corners, sit on your wheel on TT bars, half-wheel, go hell for leather on the front when we’re meant to be re-grouping, no lights etc. Generally doing all the dumb stuff you should be getting out of your system when your too young to afford good kit and too weak to really be a bother to anyone.

              • Cynic

                Sorry, you lost me at tri club.

              • Hater

                This is “CyclingTips” Daniel, maybe you will find something you like on Triathlete Tips, maybe some nice ankle socks or calf condoms

              • Voltz

                Yep, lost all cred with: ‘I am in a tri club’

  • Will Williamson

    The best kit is one you design yourself. Especially when it looks this damn fine and helps our mates with their business. MonJon and PRA great supporters

  • Maca

    Hmmm, there’s nothing cool about any of this. Sorry CT.

  • RayG

    Nope, he’s a Hipsta. And, if you look at the rest of that photo on their website, you’ll see he’s also a misogynista.

    • Bob

      This article really attracted some totally wack commenters.

      • RayG

        FWIW, I don’t mind a lot of the kit here. But I don’t think I’m nearly as wack as the person who came up with the marketing for the Pedla.

        • Jim

          I think they are taking the piss ….. I REALLY hope they are taking the piss.
          If they aren’t there’s all sorts of wrong going on there.

          • Chris

            JVA is an example of taking the piss.

            If you can’t tell, they’re not taking the piss. I’m giving them a miss.

  • James Davis

    ah Melbun’!!!!
    stop riding Beach Road in your flash gear and head for the hills boys…
    or move to rADL… and do hills every day…
    PS that’s more floral than a hipsters beer has in its bouquet

    • Chris

      Where do you think the hipsters in florals are riding? #notbeachroad

  • A

    Sorry CT, but you have made me feel like throwing up with this one…

  • Matt

    Kevin at babici.cc doesn’t have a huge output but what he does produce is high standard and he’s certainly trying to push boundaries – see the amazing Sartori jersey for an example – http://babici.cc/en/jerseys/169-satori-jersey.html

    • Max W

      I got a Satori #128 im actually glad it’s not featured here I think they are out on their own , bigger than what people must think

  • Brad

    Another new kid on the block is Watt Bomb Apparel. Season 1 was very cool. Apparently they’re about to release season 2 for the cooler months soon. http://www.wattbomb.com

    • YUNG bitta

      Those designs are so uninspired it is not funny.

      ANd their ‘about us’ is so uninspired that it is funny!

      Oh shit I crack myself up YUNG BITTA OUT

      • Brad

        hahahaha :)

  • Arfy

    If that’s 2015 style I’ll give it a miss. Most of these are Bogan Hood Ornament material.

  • JP

    I love cycling, but I have to say that cycling and fashion just do not mix for me.
    I find cycling clothes to be so functional in form that I find it really challenging for them to be truly fashionable, no matter what you do them. “Pleasant to the eye” and “featuring humorous cultural references” are about as far as I’ll go with what’s here.

  • LeeRoy

    perhaps I’m just tight and out of touch but nudging $500 for jersey and knicks is farkin insane. I do appreciate that these kits are so uber cool that we are lucky to even be allowed to purchase them but c’mon….

    • YUNG bitta

      You’re out of touch

      • yo

        Not out of touch enough to realize that those are some ugly-ass pieces of kit.
        “The emperor wears no clothes”

    • Jim

      Blame Assos – why didn’t hey get a mention? .. wait I know :-)
      Think they were the first to start charging crazy prices although I do like their knicks.

      • A

        But their price was based on function as well as design. I don’t see the problem with spending the money if the gear last well, is comfortable, has good visibility and looks good…

        • Disgruntledgoat

          Be interesting to see a follow through in 5 years time as to how this stuff wears. I’ve got Etxeondo gear pushing a decade now and my Rapha shorts lasted 2 months.

          • A

            In fact I have also had great experiences with Exteondo gear!

        • LeeRoy

          Agree Assos gear is blardy expensive but lasts for years and still looks great.

        • Spider

          My Assos jerseys & jackets are so bomb-proof that I have had to sell them on eBay after 10 years cause I’m sick of wearing them – and they got a great price because they look so new. Assos do excellent cold conditions gear – and now some of their prices are downright reasonable (compared to some of the featured clothing).

    • Andy Kennelly

      I dont own every brand in this lineup so i cant swear for all of them, but Attaquer and MAAP are certainly equals to Assos and Rapha in quality. They havent been around long enough for me to judge whether theyll pass that 10 year test people are mentioning below, but the signs are positive thus far

      • LeeRoy

        Jersey’s perhaps but definitely not knicks. Stitching, chamois and elastic etc. all noticeably better with Assos.

        • Andy Kennelly

          Assos is awesome quality, agreed. but its the same price/if not more expensive than the ones listed here, so…

  • Ben

    You should also head over to http://www.delordcycling.com/ for some really nice kit’s

  • Patrick Choi

    Glad to see Ornot listed, they’re my favorite jerseys to ride in.

  • Scott

    So many rad kit designs in that bunch!

    • Andy Kennelly

      Your comment is not negative enough for this forum

  • Guest

    Great roundup, been keeping an eye on al the great stuff coming from Australia. I designed 31 jerseys in January, one each day. Voler will be manufacturing kits based on the five most popular. We already have a winner for #1 but if you’re savvy you can still get votes in for the next ones. We’ll be releasing one per month. Check out http://31jerseys.tumblr.com to se them all and vote. Niiiiiice.

  • tim lillis

    Great roundup, been keeping an eye on all the great stuff coming from Australia. I designed 31 jerseys in January, one each day. Voler will be manufacturing kits based on the five most popular. We already have a winner for #1 but if you’re savvy you can still get votes in for the next ones. We’ll be releasing one per month. Check out http://31jerseys.tumblr.com to se them all and vote. Niiiiiice.

  • Fluro top,trade bib,ankle soks

    Wow, there are some pretty terrible comments in here… Good to see so many people interested in brands and designs that you won’t see on every Hubbard on the road ????????

    Internet haters aside, great post, love it!

    • YUNG bitta

      You’re a terrible comment

  • Jacek
  • Captain Risky

    The fashion industry has consumed Cycling and turned it into another glorified catalogue, with all the superficiality and boring art to boot. Pass given to Fyxo however, because the man behind it all is alright with me.

    • A

      Andy’s designs are often a bit more classic, and the price more realistic. (IMO)

  • Dave

    Those of us who are human all have the odd shocking day from time to time, and it’s good to see with this article that Wade Wallace is no different to the rest of us instead of being some awesome superhero

    I wonder if the timing of this bad day is a deliberate swipe at Richie Porte? If Paris-Nice were actually the Tour de France instead of stopping after a week, today would have been stage 11 and therefore perfect timing for Richie to have a meltdown and get relegated to the nether regions of the General Classification.

    • I’m not certain, but I think your comment is “supportive”? ;-)

      • Wish I was on the bike…

        I’d read it as forgiving?

        • Don’t read the comments

          I’d read it as condescending.

  • evrydayboulevard

    Where’s the Hunterbros kits? Trendy as brah

  • Atganirider

    The best kit is your club kit – what, you’re not a member of a club, but simply chase meaningless Strava segments and ride Sportives?

    • Daniel


    • a different ben

      So just riding for the joy of it, with your mates, is also not acceptable?

      • atganirider

        Just riding with your mates, for the joy of it, is the definition of a club-run, a different ben!

  • Debs_Tigers

    You should have a look at this, “Urban Perfromance” by Selle San Marco. Nice design and still functional as cycling clothes have to be. And made in Italy of course.. http://www.sellesanmarco.it/it/linee-prodotto/urban-performance/abbigliamento/space-jersey

  • James L

    Thanks for all the great designs, sure to polarise but at least there is variety. It would be great to see more of this distinctive spirit in the Pro peloton, instead of the acres of black we have to put up with.

  • Sam

    Ornot states: “Ornot was born out of the idea that you shouldn’t have to spend a ton of money on cycling clothing and then be a rolling billboard of logos…” In my experience in purchasing cycling apparel, the team kits are always cheaper than the plain kits. I purchased 2 Vermarc Jerseys (2012 Lotto & Eskutel) for $40 ea, whereas a plain jersey would be approx $70 & upwards.

    • Mark

      I would of said Ornot states: “Ornot was born out of the idea that you shouldn’t have to spend a ton of money on cycling clothing and then be a rolling billboard of logos…” Instead they just charge a ton of money!!!

      Pricing of these kits is way too high IMHO. How many of these are genuinely making their own kit (ie doing the panel design / stitching etc) and not just outsourcing it to someone who does the sublimating?

      Also love how this is the most commented on article in a long time, and it was essentially a cut and paste from the web!

      • A

        If they ever combine an article about bike kit, LA, strava efforts up Mt Dandenong and the HellDog they will most probably break the internet.

  • Alan

    If you think the graphic design of your cycling top is important, you’re not a serious cyclist, you’re a poser. If you can’t show me a souvenir of some hard-arse ride you completed, show me a top with permanent sunscreen stains around the neck, sagging pockets and years old road grime embedded up the back and prove you’re not a Beach Road show pony.

  • Chris De Farcut


  • Disgruntledgoat

    I got a Twin Six “Flanders” jersey as a present this Christmas.You don’t half feel like a fud wearing it in Flanders… Firstly it looks like an explosion in a paint factory (half yellow, half Belgian national kit colours). Second, it would mark you out as the sort of person who thinks every Belgian cyclist is an iron-willed warrior of the cobbles, covered in dirt from a day in the fields (thanks Rapha).
    One for turbo only, I fancy.

  • Malcolm

    Didn’t Jaggad go bankrupt a few years ago owing millions?

    • Cynic

      Yes. But a new mob bought them and relaunched the co.
      Shouldn’t have bothered.

  • Ponderthis

    Personally I like the Mellow Johnny kit. Somewhat retro with nice colours and low-key graphics.

    • Cynic

      Nothing says retro like a doper.
      You do know Lance owns it, started with friends in 2008?
      Hope you still wear the Livestrong bracelet that came with the kit. Nice.

  • Never seen so many comments on an article here. +1

  • Wish I was on the bike…

    Interesting to see the number of comments here. And the tenor of the comments particularly when we have had such a great article earlier this week on the Fleche-oppy ride. Definitely this week’s highlight. Oh, but they were all wearing team kit???

  • Shazwan Kamel

    I don’t know why cycling jersey have to be priced at north of USD150. Can we have a comfortable material, nice cutting, and a minimal design jersey at USD75 or something? I think the market for this price range is pretty much untapped.

    Football jersey is normally priced at GBP45-55 / USD70-80 and they all have a nice engineering in their materials. I know about volume and economies of scale but to have a simple cycling jersey at twice the price of a normal football jersey is sometimes just mind numbing.

  • Disgruntledgoat

    One company I had a great experience with recently was Torm (www.torm.cc), nice, classic look jersies, quality material, they’ve updated the pockets recently based on feedback on various cycling forums, took the time to size me properly and only cost £55.

  • wade! you forgot Mundorunning :) NO WAtts Kit! We hope you ‘Like’ it

  • christopher n

    the full Pedla pic is fantastic!!

    • Sam

      Are you ‘aving a laff?

  • Allez Rouleur

    What dark forces convinced so many to put down their Fenders, stop stroking their beards for a minute, and design a jersey that some else will make for them?

    The good thing for me is that this particular species of roadies only lives on the internet and not locally. If I wanted beards and tattoos all about, I’d play baseball. Or join a rock band. Or hang out at the coffee shop. Or go to the local dive bar. No thanks.

  • Lounge

    Have been have been having a little chuckle at some of these comments. Seriously if you like these designs great!! support these guys and girls with their ambitions. If you like other brands then support them instead but don’t “bash” what they’re doing. For me the ability to ride in my own kit from a quality manufacturer with my brand on my design is what it is all about. If other riders are willing to part with their cash to buy something I’ve designed then to me I am simply ecstatic that they like what I’ve done.

    • A

      Mate I
      think the nauseating part for some (or at least me) was having too many hipster
      project together. Personally I like some of the designs but it was just a
      little too much of the hipster nonsense of trying define an identity but ending
      up looking identical to all the other hipsters.

      • Lounge

        Fair call A. Personally I’m not a fan of the hipster look especially when it becomes the ‘definition’ of cool for road cycling. Still each to their own but you’ll never see a hipster image projected from lounge: Keeping it clean with a little bit of ‘left field’ from me. Hope you’ll like it if you see some of my kit!

        • A

          Sorry my comment became so fragment. Not sure what happened there, and cut short I should add. I also added the old ‘each to their own’ line and mentioned that it is great to see people not riding around as bill boards for euro industry.

          Be sure to post a link to your gear here so we can check it out!

  • jules

    I like the Pedla stuff but I can’t justify those beards to myself

  • Calvin

    Also check out Endo Customs’ “Branded” line out of LA (http://www.endocustoms.com), and startup Ashmei (http://www.ashmei.com). The people and company behind Ashmei are the same ones who helped get Rapha get off the ground way back.

  • eatmorelard

    Wow, when did we all get so judgemental about every other cyclist based on their kit or bike preference? And there was me thinking gettting everyone riding was something to aspire to…

    • Superpilot

      This is cycling, it seems the best way to get ‘into the club’, is judge. Seems to be inversely related to your ability to ride though..

      • Andy Kennelly

        He says judgmentally and/or hypocritically

  • SockDoping

    We love the polarizing opinions being thrown around here. We dig the banter. Isn’t what this greater cycling club is all about after all?! Or have we got too caught up in the coffee and stravadata?! In our experience this polarization creates discussion and this is exactly what these ‘brands’or ‘non-brands’ were aiming to do. We love what the smaller guys are doing and we admire the ‘characters’ that piece together their cycling outfit based on their ‘I don’t care what you think’ attitude and style it their own way. We don’t believe its about to slow down either. If you feel it’s not for you then it probably isn’t… but that’s perfectly OK. off the bike fashion trends typically change every 6-12 months and it looks like cycling fashion is aligning with this cycle (pardon the pun).

    • A

      ‘polarization creates discussion and this is exactly what these ‘brands’or ‘non-brands’ were aiming to do. ‘

      Or perhaps some of them are just simply trying to fund their aimless hipster lifestyles for a few more months…

  • sam

    Rapha looks great. I refuse to buy any gear though based on the type of riders wearing it.

  • phantom lord

    another jersey blog: http://cyclebeast.tumblr.com/

  • Cento Canesio

    check out the Selle San Marco / Tigers BPC kit! ;)

  • Michael

    These hipsters follow trends like 13 year old school girls. They were riding fixies, they are now riding ride bikes and soon enough unicycles and ponytails will be a trend and they will move on. It can’t come soon enough. You will see them queuing at the tattoo removal clinic, because they won’t be in either.

    Since when has printing some colour on a generic white home brand kit been described as quality or innovative ?. Most of the featured kit is made the same way as sponsored racing kit, cheaply and disposable, designed and manufactured to last one season then bin it. Don’t be fooled by the sales pitches. I don’t like the Rapha thing either but they deserve credit for doing what they do properly, not faking it.

    • awesometown

      Love the butt hurt coming from the comment section on this site. Cyclists seem to love and hold near and dear the kind of awful designs that have dominated our apparel for the last 20 years. Seems like a lot of people still want to look like a big riding dentist from the year 3020. I don’t and I’m glad people are out there trying to make things better.

  • Keir

    Ill be honest I wouldn’t wear a lot of the kit here, it’s not my style but I like seeing different kit out there for both men and women. Even if I don’t buy their kit I still try to spread myself around and buy socks at least from most of the smaller operations. Yes I know they’ve been made overseas and so be it but there is also the element of supporting small business in Australia. I’ve got Knicks from Eleven Velo (made in Australia) and Fyxo, socks from 4Shaw, Attaquer, Fiasco and a couple of others. I like merino jerseys so that has meant America and New Zealand so far and Bont shoes.

    Whether you like each brand or not is irrelevant, what is important is that your choice is vastly superior to two or three years ago. As far as the Rapha bashing goes I can understand that to an extent. It’s the big boy of the top end of the industry and the guys in those videos must be getting depressed about riding in slow motion and black and white all the time but the quality is very good apparently and lasts well. Maybe an article on how well kit or shoes have lasted over a two year period might be worthwhile. The comments re the fashion I don’t worry about but the comments by people making assertions about the skill base of riders due to what kit they’re wearing are ridiculous. People seem to forget this is a hobby pure and simple. I’m picking there aren’t any professional cyclists making comments here on what people should or shouldn’t be wearing or their perceived ability to ride due to what they wear.

    • Paul Jakma

      I’ve been searching the comments for a mention of wool. Finally, bingo! I wouldn’t wear anything but merino jerseys. The pong from wet polyester jerseys (even after washing) is just incredibly, and way too much if you have to be around other people (family, work after the commute, café, etc.). Lovely and comfortable too.

      Sadly, there’s not many companies making merino jerseys. An article on what’s available would be great!

      Also, merino leg warmers and arm warmers are the greaters. My merino leg warmers keep me warmer than my thicker, less stretchy, fleecy, DHB roubaix big-tights!

      • RayG

        Maybe I have a poor sense of smell, maybe my friends are just too polite (or maybe I’m just less smelly :-)), but I’ve never found synthetic kit to be a problem.

        • Keir

          I haven’t found it to be a problem either to be honest Ray but I find Merino far nicer to wear. It breathes really well.

      • Keir

        Paul I have merino arm warmers and partial merino knicks from Eleven Velo. They are excellent and made here in Australia. They are all custom so excellent. They have an excellent website. I have jerseys from Vintage Velos in the US although I sense they might be slowing down production as there hasn’t been any new products for a while and I haven’t received return emails from them. I also have excellent merino jerseys from Soigneur in New Zealand. They are beautifully made. They all have websites. Hope that helps.

        • Paul Jakma

          I’ve seen the Eleven Velo site, looks v interesting and definitely on the list of vendors to try in the future, if they come recommended. Soigneur looks interesting too, though pricey.

          I have a Swobo jersey (v nice), but Swobo are hard to get here in the UK. Recently bought a Vulpine jersey, which is also very nice, though pockets are a bit small. That’s still a very small list of vendors to buy from sadly. Wish there were more!

          There are vendors selling “Sportwool”, e.g. Santini, De Marchi, ShuttVR, even Castelli (some years), but the polyester in Sportwool ends up stinking just as badly as 100% polyester, for me.

          • Paul Jakma

            Oh, I forgot VintageVelos/woolistic. Their retro replicate jerseys look absolutely gorgeous in the photos, especially with old-school embroidered or chain-stitched logos. They never seem to have anything in stock, or answer emails though, sadly!

            • Keir

              I’ve got three of the Vintage Velos jerseys and they’re great Paul. I tried to contact them recently to order another one but had no reply. Hope they’re still producing as they’re great jerseys.

  • Scott Johansen

    All you suckers paying top dollar for cheap custom kit fabricated as a wannabe cycling brand, the jokes on you. These guys are taking the piss, and whoever wears it is the muppet. Unbelievable!!!!

    • Michael

      Here here Scott, well said. It’s OK to pay for quality, just don’t overpay and make sure it is quality.

    • Andy Kennelly

      What makes you think they arent quality? I own 4 of the ones on this list, all supreme quality

      • A

        4! Then you spent more on kit last year than I spent on all my cycling purchases!

        Seriously, they are custom ordered. So as high a quality as they may well be I find it very hard to believe that they are the ultimate.

  • Jono Mac

    Piss take or not? You to can look like this. And what’s worse, CT thinks it’s cool!!!

    • WH

      It’s called marketing, and the fact you’re bringing up a photo that was first published around 18 months ago speaks volumes. It raised eyebrows, it sold kits and you’re still talking about it.

      • WH+

        It also helped define a new genre called homoerotic hipsterism. The kit in question is on permanent display at MoMA.

  • awesometown

    So everyone here who’s upset by this kit… are you just mad you paid 350 dollars for your assos jersey that looks like a reject from the tron legacy design department? Having good looking kit isn’t for everyone, dressing well isn’t for everyone. If you don’t appreciate good design that’s on you. It makes those of us who do look that much better.

  • Riley

    99% of you making comments on these kits are hubbards anyway. Why no Bupa, Wade?

    • Bupa Boy

      For sure, if you spend under $400 on kit you are a dumb hubbard.

      You can’t buy Bupa. You earn it.

  • Wiggoluminati

    Yeah beards and tattoos and a keen eye for style don’t make you a real cyclist at all hey.

    • Wiggo+

      haha but Wiggin’s is not some middle class hipster trying to find meaning in his life. He is the real deal and would think you were a tosser for spending $500 on kit.

      You won’t be bumping into him at the tattoo removal shop in 3yrs time.

  • david__g

    The Pedla marketing is awful and I can’t get over the horribly sexist, dumb-ass barber shop photograph they have on their instagram. As for Rapha, I finally saw some in an actual shop this weekend and I can’t imagine who would spend $150 on a pair of gloves that seemed no different to my $35 Giros. Did I already say awful?

  • Conrad

    This is not cycling kit, it’s poser kit. There is nothing cycling about it. Pantani, Hinault, Merckx, Coppi is cycling and none of these hard men would be caught dead in this garbage. Shame on you Cycling Tips to sell out to such soft shit.

  • Yulia Walker

    blackhawkbikes.com have some great designs. Great training/racing and everyday use jerseys at affordable prices.

  • Yulia Walker

    blackhawkbikes.com have some pretty good designs. Great jerseys for training/racing, and everyday use, affordable prices.

  • chris



    Velo Verde is an enviromentaly minded company with cycling and adventure sports in mind!

    Organic, Eco, Upcycled, Sustainability is in everything we do!

  • Roadracer

    Nice article. Great list with several of brands that I would not have discovered elsewhere. I really like all the designs they are bringing something new and much needed to our sport. Also check out http://www.figataciclismo.com


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