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  • CLS

    Am glad the Colombian national ladies’ cycling team kit from last year’s Giro Toscana didn’t make the cut.

  • Matty
    • lowercasev

      Holden has got a pretty stylish kit this year, but deliberately left team kits off the list. I could have included my own Capo Custom team kit too – it is very classy!

    • lauren o’keefe

      It’s nice see to Babici making women’s kit now. They’ve had some really nice kit but I’ve never bought any because it’s always been male specific.

  • CLS

    perhaps its my inner nerd, but roadanddirts 8 bit hero kit rocks – love the retro video game theme!! https://instagram.com/p/xpjalKubMS/

  • Hamish Moffatt

    And the men’s is here https://cyclingtips.com.au/2013/08/cycling-kit-movement/ (link missing in your article above).

  • lauren o’keefe

    Velocio have got a pre-order going for a rather smart looking green breton jersey: http://velocio.cc/product/breton-jersey-green

    (The other interesting thing they’re doing is their superfly bib shorts: http://velocio.cc/product/superfly-bib-short)

    • lowercasev

      Hi Lauren, thanks for showing me these… They weren’t on my radar until now! They are really cool, thank-you!

      • lauren o’keefe

        I have a pair of their 3/4 knicks which are very nicely made but I unfortunately realised too late that I’d bought the wrong size so I’m stuck with a pair that are a little too small. But the lyrca is really smooth and pleasant on the skin and the pad is as good as the ones Rapha use (I’m most definitely a Rapha girl).

        I am intrigued by the superfly bib shorts. Imagine being able to go to the loo without having to get totally undressed! But I won’t be rushing to buy a pair as I’m eight months pregnant so there’s no bike riding going on currently! However, if a pair does get reviewed on CT, I’ll definitely take note.

        • lowercasev

          Thanks for the heads up on the knicks… Great to have other peoples testimony to go by! Good luck with the bub, you will be back on the bike soon enough I’m sure!

    • Kristen Moreau

      Agreed on Velocio- love ’em and would love to see a review of the superfly bib shorts in the future as I have been waiting for some more coverage on them so I know if they’re too good to be true or not :)
      I have a pair of the bright green Ten Speed Hero bibs and I am obsessed with them!

  • Matt

    Sydney-based Babici.cc have a new range for woman which certainly deserves a place on this list.

    • lowercasev

      Both very cool! Thanks!

  • lowercasev

    Here are some links for some of the mentioned kits, enjoy:

    Velocio – velocio.cc
    Bold colour and stripes

    Babici – babici.cc
    Nice use of colour

  • Anna_T

    So good to see more and more brands are offering great women’s kit! Great selection Verita.

  • Pablo Pérez

    We hope you Like our new kit ww.facebook.com/mundorunning.net

    • lowercasev

      Very nice!

  • Elisabeth

    Laser Cats Feline All-Stars Kit from Philadelphia, PA grassroots women’s team! http://40.media.tumblr.com/b39753119c35eafcfabb1044ee11f20d/tumblr_nl9g4gPnjF1u9sjp1o1_1280.jpg

    • Jessi Braverman

      Thanks for sharing. You won’t miss this one in the bunch!!

    • lowercasev

      WOW! Love it!!!

  • Augusta

    we really can’t get these awesome kits in brazil, too expensive. :/ besides, what would a fixed-gear commuter like me would do with such a kit? hahaha but the dream lives on!

    • lowercasev

      There are some pretty cool commuting clothes that would go great on a fixed gear! That’s another story!

  • Sheryl

    2XU have great technical gear- chamois and new colours


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