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There are some cool women’s specific cycling kit emerging. Gone is the day when all women’s kits were ill-fitting, boring, and pink or purple. Today’s women’s specific kits are bright, colourful and, well, fashionable. We’re talking on trend stripes, dots, patterns, floral, shapes and colour. Here are 10 of my favourite women’s cycling kits from Instagram. Looking for our favourite men’s cycling kits? Wade Wallace posted his top picks here.

TenSpeed Hero

Womens TSH Resort Oranges Jersey
Cute pastel colours, and even cuter patterns.

What they say: “Unable to sell capes – at least until we find a way to fly, TENSPEED HERO works up a sweat crafting gear for you to sweat in. We picture steep cliffs, hot tarmac, and breezy coasts as we design with primary colours and other ones, too. Always considering a cyclist’s swiftness and deft determination, if our small friend-based company had a board of directors it would be called the wheel of directors. Together in vibrant regalia, we aim to keep you awake and dreaming.”

Machines for Freedom

GeoFloral Jersey
This is an amazing pattern, combining my pattern, geometrics and floral in one go.

What they say: “As my passion for cycling grows, the rides get longer, hills get steeper, and the clothes continue to pinch – rub – sag – squeeze – bunch in all the wrong places. I know they can be better. The cycling community has so many intangible qualities to offer women – fitness, community, accomplishment, adventure – we believe women need the right clothes to make those things possible. We’re here to bring women high-quality, high-performance, well thought-out apparel; and in the process, hopefully inspire a few more ladies to join us for a ride.

When I started to get serious about cycling, I became increasingly frustrated by how difficult it was to find great clothes. I’d pack for long riding weekends with my husband and while he was deciding which kits to bring from his vast cycling wardrobe, I was left scrambling to find enough to get me through several continuous days of riding. Then I finally reached my breaking point after 120+ miles and over 10k of climbing left me with several ‘issues’ that required me to take an extended break from my bike. And after talking to women in the cycling community it seemed these problems weren’t ‘just me’, so in October of 2013 I left my nine-year career in hotel and restaurant design to focus full-time on bringing MACHINES FOR FREEDOM to fruition.”


Women’s Brevel Jersey
Great colour combo and striking stripes.

What they say: “Rapha creates the finest cycling clothing and accessories in the world. Designed without compromise for the most discerning rider, Rapha products blend optimum performance, the finest fabrics and modern style.

A passion for road racing means Rapha is more than just a product company. It is an online emporium of performance roadwear, accessories, publications and events, all celebrating the glory and suffering of road riding.

Everything Rapha does is informed by its passion for the glory and suffering that lie at the heart of the sport. From rides to events, from exhibitions to products, Rapha brings riders together to share this passion. We know that every ride can be an adventure, its own epic story. The compelling features and striking photography on the Rapha website help reaffirm the relationship our customers have with the sport they love.”

Forward Cycling

Saved by the bell jersey
A little bit of retro kitch.

What they say: “Ride hard. Have fun. Do good.Nothing makes us happier than riding bikes with friends. Be it the freedom of the open road or the mystery hiding around the next turn on the trail, we are hooked on the possibilities that two wheels brings. We started this company out of the 2 wheeled (pun intended) desire to make jerseys that we wanted to wear and give back to the world we live in.

We hope that you feel proud to wear Forward goods out on your ride, not just because you look great wearing them, but because by buying our gear you are supporting sustainable manufacturing practices and charities working to make the world better.With every purchase, 10% goes towards a great cause and helps make the world a better place.”

A photo posted by Forward (@forwardcycling) on


The Specialized Ambassador kit is an awesome mix of pattern and colour. You can’t buy this one (gotta earn it!), but you can buy their other great kits here.

What they say: “Is your style all-out and race-ready? If so, you’ll find our SL collection to be just as obsessive as you. But what if you prefer to ride against the landscape, challenging yourself to long, epic days in the saddle? Well, that would be a perfect match for our RBX collection of cycling jerseys and bib shorts. You see, no matter how you ride, we have the clothing to compliment your needs. Whether it’s a fit that’s engineered for comfort or fabrics and cuts designed to make you go faster, our road bike clothing enhances your passions. Suit up. It’s time to ride.”

Black Sheep Cycling

Textel Jersey
Great pattern and colour!

What they say: “Black Sheep Cycling has arrived. We are athletes who love our sport, but hate what it’s become. No longer should there be a gap between what you wear on your bike and what you wear off it. We want you to ride bikes but look good doing it. We want you to suffer. We want you to hurt. We want you to give out hurt. But win or lose, we want you there, looking like you were made to be there.”

Fondo Cycling

Disco kit
Pattern and colours that pop.

What they say: “At Fondo, our philosophy is simple: to inspire you to perform on your bike by developing a range of women’s cycling apparel that is comfortable, high quality and stylish. Fondo was founded in 2013 after we noticed a serious shortage of great cycling apparel available for women. We’ve partnered with Italy’s leading manufacturer of technical cycling clothing and enlisted the support of a fabulous design team to develop an edgy new range.”

A photo posted by F O N D O (@fondocycling) on

Warsaw Cycling

Floral Jersey
More floral fun

What they say: “Cycling kits & apparel based in Paris, France. Warsaw was created by two bike lovers, a graphic designer & a bike messenger.”

A photo posted by @warsawcycling on

Polka Australia

Polka team kit
Dots, dots and spots.

What they say: “Polka Customs specialise in crafting premium athletic apparel. We use the latest fabrics and cutting edge manufacturing techniques to produce all our garments. Polka Customs draws inspiration from street fashion, urban design, bike functionality, FOOD and the use of technical fabrics and bespoke tailoring.

Along with our designer range of kits, we offer the Polka Custom Shop experience. We work with you to create your dream cycling kit for yourself, cycling team, business or social group. With our very low minimums, there’s no excuse not to turn your idea into a finely designed garment.

We ride bikes, race, appreciate good design and understand what a bike rider demands in a performance garment. Polka Customs is proudly Australian owned and operated.”

A photo posted by Polka Australia (@polka_aus) on


National Women’s Jersey
Simple striped style.

What they say: “We create stylishly functional sports apparel, using the latest technical textiles and construction techniques. We don’t believe in hype, marketing jargon or empty promises. Our multi-sport and lifestyle garments are cut from the best fabrics, created by passionate designers for people who appreciate beauty, simplicity and design in sport and in life.

We encourage experiences aimed to enrich and support the lives of busy people who want to reach physical goals, challenge the norm and find new friends in familiar places. To create the life worth living you have to work hard. Our mission is to support those on the path to the life they aspire to.

The rest is up to you.”

A photo posted by JAGGAD (@teamjaggad) on

Did your favourite make the list? Which ones have I missed? Share the kit love in the comments below.

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