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  • Tom

    I’ve started running lights at all times. With rechargeable lights, the cost is negligible, and I figure at the very least it can do no harm, especially in Sydney where there is a lot of street parking and hidden driveways, and thus, potential for cars not to see you. Thus, I think the Bontrager light is a good idea (there are a few other comparable lights on the market, such as the Light and Motion Vis 180, Echelon Beacon etc. as well)

    • James Dunn

      Running lights all the time is what gives cyclists a bad name. Shame on you. :-P

    • Bob

      I do the same.

  • David Williams

    Can vouch for the POC sizing being well off. If you have big quads, you’ll want to go two sizes up for the bibs.

    • winkybiker

      Nice way to slip in a quick boast about your massive quads!

  • Jessy Vee

    Re: Etixx nutrition. Matt, I’ve heard that your taste buds experience sweet and salty differently during a work out (and that’s why sometimes gels/bars/shakes taste more sweet or salty than we are used to). What were the conditions you were testing under? I’d be interested to know if it was lunchroom, short commute, long ride, hot day, cold day, etc. Or maybe I need to find some and try them out myself. :) I’m in the market for a new recovery shake type thingo.

    Re: MAAP. Pics show Argyle jersey and you’re describing the Contour. Definitely love the longer short length. I’d be even more excited if they offered a women’s specific chamois with the same length. :)

    Re: POC Jersey. That design short of makes it look like you’ve tucked the jersey into the shorts and pulled them up too high. Not a fave. :(

    Re: Henty Tube. THIS LOOKS AMAZING! And the backpack straps will sit across a female’s chest/shoulders far better than my single strap crumpler messenger bag. I’d love to see these in a variety of colours. Perhaps even with extra safety features (hook for a light, reflective panelling, etc)

    • Re: Etixx. I was using the products during the last CT Friday Sickie Ride. Challenging 75km ride with 2,100m of climbing.

    • winkybiker

      Yes. Ditch the messenger bag! They’re for messengers only.

  • John

    Was so excited for the saddle bag/clam…. but it doesn’t fit my Ariones :'(

    Also POC helmet is the most comfortable helmet I have worn – more so even than the famous KASK Mojito!

    • winkybiker

      Doesn’t Fizik have their own clippy saddlebag system? (And why do many Fizik saddles have that pointy bit at the back? There is no chance that any part of your anatomy would touch it, unless you have a tail!)

      • John

        Yeah but I’ve yet to find a saddle-bag like the aeroclam.
        Well, they do say the Arione is for ‘snakes’ :P

  • Jody

    $260 for knicks from a start up? Maybe Assos is making it for them. Muppets.

    • Madblack

      I concur but it’s not the Knicks that got me going it’s the $250 jersey!!! WTF.

  • Nathan

    As a Quickstep fan, I have made sure to try the Etixx range multiple times and both in training and race conditions. My thoughts:
    The gels have a good consistency that makes them easy to swallow, and doesn’t sit in your mouth. I like the peach one. The caffeine one, which goes by the flavour, “red fruits” has to be the worst taste in cycling related foods to date. The Rasberry-Kiwi flavour recovery shake isn’t nice. As a recovery shake, it has both a carb component and a protein component, which comes from whey. In my experience with protein shakes, fruit flavours and whey do not mix. The shining light I have found is the bars. Both the chocolate and the lemon are not too sweet, and easily digestible. The lemon is my favourite.

  • a different ben

    It’s a bit annoying when seeing photos of bibs that you hardly ever get to see a photo showing how far up your belly they rise (except for Assoss where it seems to be de rigeur). I once bought some without knowing, and they sat well above the belly button, making them pretty awful for summer use. Guess that’s the karma for not buying them from the LBS.

  • a different ben

    With regards to the POC helmets, I thought the MIPS system was the latest and greatest. Any opportunities for a test of a MIPS helmet in the near future? Any brand.

    • nicklothian

      There’s a MIPS version of the POC AVIP helmet. I think it looks exactly the same, and should feel the same (though might be a bit heavier). Never tried it myself though.

  • Madblack

    Halleluja! Finally! A bicycle light with an IP rating. Thought I’d never witness the day. Why did this take so long???

  • Ralph

    $295 for a jersey? C’mon.. just round up to $300 and give me a ‘you are a muppet’ card as well.


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