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  • Leroy

    A great adventure for the single man

    • None of the guys who came last time were single. At least at the time they signed up!

      • Leroy

        Excellent, I stand corrected!

  • dbranson
    • We’ll probably visit that as well. I’m told it’s not to be missed.

  • Andy B

    I can only dream, not this year for me! (Got too much leave booked in) definitely in the future

  • GT

    That looks to be a fabulous trip, and I can attest that riding in Belgium is great and a must do if you can.
    6 of us went over in 2014 and did the Ardennes, rode the sportives for Amstel, Fleche and LBL ( big day that one ) and then watched the races the next day. Drivers give way even when they have right of way, is such a different experience to riding in Melbourne.
    And none of us were single, all had families and kids and understanding wives!
    So if you can manage it – get on!

  • Deryck Walker

    Belgium is the greatest place to ride a bike in the world. Its like in Melbourne, swap the locals love of AFL for cycling, its really that much of a big deal. Everyone talks about the cobbles which are very very fun, but for me it was the endless country backroads with perfect blacktop. I did the 2012 trip and had the time of my life (comment in no way requested by CT!). I’d go again but dont want to push my luck on (mega) leave passes.

  • Scott

    I did the 2012 trip as well and totally agree with Deryck’s comments. It was such a great trip, well organised and a great bunch of blokes, I’d seriously consider doing it again, although I think leaving the wife at home with (now) 4 kids would be pushing my luck.

  • BN

    Wouldn’t it be the 101st anniversary of WW1 as it started in 1914 not 1915? Or did school fail me on this one.

  • girlslovebikes

    is this only for guys?

  • lefthandside

    I’m hoping to do the Flanders Cyclosportif and watch the ToF so maybe I’ll run into you guys – can’t wait!

  • Big Dog

    i was one of the lucky ones on the 2012 trip. There were a couple of familiar faces in the group, but I didn’t go with any close friends. We all had an absolute ball and came home as mates for life! If you are like me, and a little unsure about taking this trip its time to stop making excuses and sign up. Its the trip of a lifetime and one you will never forget.

  • Adam

    The two bike shops I think are worth visiting in the area are; Van Eyck Sport in Aalst which has the most comprehensive range of stuff I’ve ever seen. The other is Maertens in Evergem simply to say you’ve visited Freddy and Mario Maerten’s shop. Fietsen Flanders in Oudenaarde is OK but it never really excited me. Plums in the middle of Ghent is interesting for having an eclectic mix of old and new stuff. As for riding, you have to find time to ride the Muur van Geraardsbergen, something that must be experienced at least once in your life.

  • I apply here for a sponsorship by CyclingTips to cover my expenses for the entire trip. I will bring my bike and legs. Ta.

  • Eric

    “Saturday, 10th April: Paris Roubaix – the real thing” Shoudn’t this read “Sunday, 10th April:……”


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