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July 28, 2017
July 27, 2017
July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017
  • Steve G

    Love the son’s footprint on the top tube! I want that… but, err, my son’s footprint of course.

    Are those speedplay pave’s now available to the public? I seem to remember they weren’t last year.

    There’s some insane stem angles and drops this year!

    • Spider

      yes, Speedplay released them around 2 months ago. Weigh more than a standard Speedplay (despite apperences) and NOT for CX. But they look pretty cool!

      • dereksmalls

        And in fact the ones pictured here are the early team only prototypes and not the production versions. Production is first pic, prototype is second pic

      • Steve G

        So more weight and still can’t do the mud? Colour me confused.
        Is the spring in the cleats firmer? I already use the track speedplays on my bike and they just have deeper recesses for the clip to go in, making entry and exit slightly firmer.

        • Notso Swift

          Wight weenies have been pimping their speedplays this way for years, you can buy the parts from Dulight

  • David

    R5 Mud… Not S5

  • CC

    Handheld pumps?

    • Spider

      Bosch PAG inflators – no longer produced, from what I know

      • CC

        Just checked phased out 2012 ~ alternatives around $45 (plus battery) with accurate gauge / 5psi increments.
        Not sure if it’s brilliant or lazy ! :)

  • Peter

    Is that a crack on the Orica-GreenEdge Scott Addict at the top-tube/head tube/down tube junction?!?

    • winkybiker

      No, I think it’s the edge of a peice of clear tape that protects the frame finish if that (very crudely) blocked-up port is used.

      Edit. Wait. I had another look. You’re talking about the stuff under the top tube at about 10 o’clock from the port, aren’t you? Yep, I’d say THAT’s a crack.

      • Stu

        If you guys mean this (see red arrow) that just looks like an electronic cable wrapped with the brake cable to me.

        • João Ferraz

          Stu, they seem to be talking about the one that was incorrectly labeled as belonging to Orica, but is in fact an Addict from IAM. In that bike it looks like there’s a crack. Mabe the picture was taken at the end of the race?

      • Peter

        Yep, I think so too.

  • Step

    the Old Mavic Open Pro tubular’s were on Sep Van Marcke’s bike and were a Mavic Neutral service replacement. Sep specifically complained about them afterwards.

    • Joris

      Not Mavic neutral repliceert but Apparently from Someren beide the Roda he told the belgian press.

      • Chris Carpenter

        Is that allowed? I would have though it would be against the rules to accept help from a non team member?

        • Sean Doyle

          Actually it is. Many times riders have finished on a borrowed bike froma spectator in other races. The idea is that the equipment should not define the outcome of the race. Ironic really.

  • Bracksy

    Maybe if I had my wife’s footprint on my top tube, it will make me go faster…but also make sure I get home on time :(

    • Dave

      Lest you end up with the same footprint on your rear end!

      • Bracksy


  • LL
    • Emil Holt

      And he also started on tubeless clinchers instead of the usual tubulars.
      Some new 30mm Schwalbe “G-One Tubeless Easy”. Like others have pointed out, it seems like CT missed out on a lot of things this time around.

  • Rob

    Guys, are your reporting standards slipping a bit?

    Your report states: “BMC had its very red GF model bike as team standard kit, the only difference was the colour scheme and the addition of RBX on the top tube next to the letters GF.”

    Bike radar reports the “BMC’s Greg Van Avermaet took third …aboard a new made-in-Switzerland BMC machine, the GranFondo RBX. The
    bike is basically the GranFondo GF01, but with increased clearance at the fork, stays and brake calipers for the wider tires required for riding cobblestones.”

    Would have expected more technical scrutiny from this site.

    • David Everett

      I’ll take the blame here. When talking with the BMC mechanics earlier in the week about it the bike they were quite secretive about the new frame. To the point where they wouldn’t even me take photos of it. They said then that nothing much was new, I can only report what I’m told. I’m guessing they didn’t want to spend time chatting with the media so they could quickly finish their work and quickly get a nice cold beer. Understandable, it’s a mad few weeks for the mechanics on any team. Hope you liked the other tech news.

      • Shane Stokes

        Should do, Dave – some very good information and photos there.

      • Rob

        Dave, I didn’t mean to come across as being unreasonable.

        I understand that the mechanics may have said nothing had been modified on the BMC. In which case, it may have been better to write, “when quizzed, BMC’s mechanics claimed no changes were made to the standard frame”, or something similar. Otherwise, I’m led to believe (as a reader) “the only difference was the colour scheme and the addition of RBX on the top tube”. Written that way, CyclingTips is propagating misinformation, rather than assigning the claim to the mechanics (who deliberately misled you).

        Otherwise, I really enjoyed the piece and have enjoyed your other articles, too.

        I’ll shuffle off now.

        • David Everett

          Thanks for the feedback, always welcome. It’s a whirlwind of a week in Belgium and northern France, I’ll put it down to “Classic” fatigue. :)

        • jules

          i see your pedantry and raise you. the “you made a mistake, this is serious” posts are getting a bit old around here. point the error out, move on. leave the histrionics out.

    • Pete

      Bit harsh. I bet you could do a better job in the field.

  • Great insight. We really loved that gallery and the descriptions below!

  • Jan

    Open Pros aren´t tubular, its either Reflex or GP4

  • donncha

    Prehaps Brétagne-Seché should have requested some new wheels for Roubaix :-)


    • campirecord

      Haha those are the worst wheels ever, even on silk smooth roads.

  • The “interestng bar tape” near the stem on the Bretagne Seche bike is for a Polar watch. You can see the watch on in the photo of the full bike. Kind of a ghetto setup. I don’t know why they use Polar watches instead of Polar cycling computers. I was really interested to see the range from triple wrapped tape on Cofidis to bar carbon aerobar tops on a couple of the Movistar Canyons.

  • dave

    Isn’t it Fsa k force (or slk) stems rather than k edge stem? Don’t think FSA makes a k edge stem….

  • pervertt

    Somebody needs to design a Roubaix-proof water bottle holder.

    • Basti

      King Cage Titanium, there you go…. 28 g and way prettier than all of the composites stuff!

  • Kieran Degan

    I love the fact that despite the incredible advances in technology, sometimes you just can’t go past sand paper, gap filler electrical tape and crudely double wrapped bar tape. Not many cyclists I know would be caught dead with such blemishes on their shiny steed.

  • Ben

    What are those little black ‘dots’ poking through the bar tape just below the base of the hood on the inside of the bars? You can see it on the top pic of the BMC, Sagan’s Specialiased and the Orica Green Edge Scott??


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July 28, 2017
July 27, 2017
July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017