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August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017
  • Matt

    If Ryder hadn’t been so poorly placed on Stage 4…. He’s been great to watch.

  • jules



    Anyway, I like Ryder’s style. Best wishes for him~

  • Survey says

    Watching Contador ride today was like someone sitting on a group going along beach rd, just that easy. He has all the answers for whatever half baked tactics Astana can conjure up, brilliant stuff.

  • Ian

    Watching Aru overnight & Astana through the Giro makes me wonder whether there’s a competition underway in Switzerland for the sports administration body with the least integrity. UCI is putting it to FIFA

    • Dave

      They looked pretty human when Contador was putting them to the sword on the previous couple of stages.

      I’m no fan of the current leadership of the UCI which is all talk and no action, but there’s no way that the UCI goes anywhere near holding a candle to FIFA – how many slave labourers died last time a new velodrome was constructed in advance of a major meet?

    • Michele

      Totally playing Devils advocate here:

      Why no suspicion re Ryder? Fastest rider on GC for the third week.

      A known (unrepentant ???) doper.

      • Proud Canadian

        Give it a rest please, if it was Porte having a great 2nd half of the Giro you would be gushing with praise. Ryder’s strength is his endurance during the later part of a GT.
        Do you know for certain that he is “unrepentant”, just asking.

        • Michele

          Do you understand what playing The Devil’s advocate means?

          The point I was making is Aru and Landa come under suspicion for doping, whilst a former doper who rode for US postal, and who has ridden the final week faster than Aru and Landa comes under no suspicion.

          Where do I say Ryder is on the juice again?

          Not a fan of Porte and or Team Sky.

          But for the record: Porte hasn’t been done for doping, so that comparison is futile.

          And I wouldn’t be “gushing”.

          And please note I put the word “unrepentant” in brackets with a stack of question marks.

          Do I know if Ryder in unrepentant? No I don’t. That’s what question marks are used for.

          • Proud Canadia

            Touche, I do respect your views and it was wrong to insinuate you would have high regards re:Porte. My appologies, just frustrated musings from a Ryder fan. I thought his attacking/aggresive style made for an exciting Giro and was hoping others would see that as well.

            • Michele

              No problems – and no offense :)

              And I’m with you. Ryder was a big part of the final week, and his aggressive riding should be acknowledged.

              No one could ever question his commitment and effort!


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August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017