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  • Kieran Degan

    So good to see a work horse like Clarke get to wear the jersey. He is an underrated hard worker. Will be hard to keep it tonight, but Chaves is looking good. If he can stay with the leaders tonight the jersey will be his. Exciting prospect.

  • velocite

    Clarke was magnificent. After burying himself on the final climb, to catch up on the descent and then unleash that sprint, impressive.
    Also, it’s great to have Matt Keenan and Dave McKenzie doing the commentary on SBS.

    • Michele

      I agree. Especially re Keenan and McKenzie. Sure, they might not have the dulcet tones of P&P, but they’re superior in every other way.

      I also think SBS have the balance just right with viewer interaction with Matt and Dave via the tweets. Don’t normally say this: but well done SBS. And the streaming app is working a treat too.

      • Sean

        Lets hope they get the gig for the TDF coverage.

      • Dave

        A bit less cheerleading would be good though.

        • velocite

          Agreed, it does veer towards the embarrassing.

          • Dave

            At least it hasn’t been as bad as last year, Keeno went way over the line during Dodger’s two stage wins when he should have just stayed silent.

            • velocite

              What makes me want to stab the mute button is when MT talks about Australians ‘dominating’. And the continual references to the health of the sport in Australia.

              • Dave

                Indeed, he demonstrates every night that he knows absolutely nothing – especially that the sport in Australia will never be any more than one bad year away from a catastrophic collapse.

                The only time I was sort of glad to see him on the screen was when he was reading the news just before the Liege-Bastogne-Liege broadcast started. It wasn’t all good though, he was no better at his pronunciation of foreign names on there (where it should be a non-negotiable) than he is during cycling races – presumably the reason he bangs on about the Aussie riders.

                HV needs to go too – he knows his stuff, but he’s terrible on TV.

                If they can’t find a cycling specialist who could do a competent job of hosting the coverage, at least they could try finding a properly trained sports journalist who would be able to do enough homework to get their knowledge of the sport to the point that it’s workable enough to ask good questions to an expert analyst.

                • Cameron Harris


                • velocite

                  I find Henk Vogels good value, despite the lame lines he’s fed by MT. I found his comments last night on the demands and effects of riding a 3 week tour most interesting. It’s commonly said that younger riders can’t cope with the whole 21 days, as though what’s required is just ageing, but Henk suggested that actually riding 3 week tours causes valuable adaptations.

                  I can do without smooth and I don’t like the universal sports commentator. A good thing about both Matt and Henk is that they’re turned on by the sport – they communicate excitement without shrieking into the mike as though it’s all about them.

    • Pete

      As much as I like Keenan, there is more to commentary than just rolling off facts and statistics. They need to talk a bit more about race strategy and what the riders thoughts might be, something the Eurosport guys are really good at.

  • Joel

    agree totally re Clarke and OGE what a bunch of legends! The Bosses of the Giro’s opening week! The backstage passes tell the whole story. The camaraderie of the OGE team is obvious. Also, very happy for Clarke. The way he rides is awesome.

  • exFictitiouZ

    Correction: Clarkey said in a post-race interview right after he crossed the line that his arms throw wasn’t because he believed he took the stage. He knew from the beginning that Formolo was up the road. That arm throw was an expression of delight as he managed to keep the maglia rosa within the team.

    • Richard Bruton

      Is that why he then held his head after Visconti tapped him on the back and pointed forwards to Formolo? At least he had the pink jersey to ease his embarrassment and to use as an excuse. He had two awesome rides in the break and defended it well today.

      • exFictitiouZ

        My apology. You’re correct. Didn’t notice Visconti tapping his back and his disappointment afterward when watching it live.

    • Dave

      The interview was quickly ended as he had to rush out of the tent in search of a fire extinguisher for his shorts.


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