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  • Harry

    If the amount of accidents in sprint finishes that have been caused by idiotic fans in recent times doesn’t lead to finishing straight safety standards…. Finishing straight barriers, 1m minimum gap then spectators. Still close enough to watch in amazement yet far enough to take out this factor.

    • Larry Theobald

      So then all the riders need to worry about is idiots riding their fixie bikes into the peloton, clowns in costume running in the road on climbs, and morons getting in the way while mugging for the TV cameras. Where does it end? I don’t want to see road racing end up on motor racing circuits because “fans” are too dangerous. Perhaps the real fans need to start dishing out some instant justice to let these idiots know their antics won’t be tolerated?

      • Harry

        We have separated bike lanes in traffic and they are an improvement. I’m not sure what the answer here is but it’s certainly not to do nothing.

  • Derek Maher

    I sure hope the person who caused the incident is covered by insurance given the serious injury Daniele suffered and his season wrecked.

  • CC

    I’m not sure about this one… Half of me thinks, hey this sucks.. then the other half is thinking… we’ll spectators are probably trying to get a good picture so riding the fence is a little risky….. dunno.

    • LeonoraJCapps

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      • Annie.

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