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  • CB

    A great shame if this leads to an abandonment. If he crashes again then the Tour is potentially at risk, and if he continues his climbing style will be impacted. The race needs him to stay on.

    • Andy B

      Totally agree, Its very frustrating to see GC contenders taken out in bunch sprints like this especially where a spectator looks to have caused it
      With the injury I can’t see him being able to climb at his usual pace and style

      • Holby City

        Perhaps with cortisone injections he will be able to bear the pain but is there a risk of loss of control in the descents?
        Can pros get a TUE for injuries like this?

  • John McKenna

    Wanker spectators always got to get their shots and don’t realize how tactical bike racing is.


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October 24, 2017
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