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  • samiamatuer

    hopefully he can give us a show akin to the 2011 giro; say what you will about his positive test and all the shade around it, he raced amazing in its wake. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6PRyhpIILU

    • Bertie Beetle

      The record books say Scarponi (what a joke) but Contador is the real winner of this Giro.

    • Alan Tomasic

      Has Contador ever won a race clean? He learnt from Bruyneel (enough said about that) and got caught once he left, as have many other ex team mates of Armstrong. If he’s also so great at climbing, why is it that he’s never won a one day classic like Flèche Wallone or Lombardia?

      • samiamatuer

        GC and classics are different games, why haven’t phil gil or valverde ever won the tour if that is the height of climbing prowess? Unfortunately the sport is tainted but to speculate about who is dirty and who isnt is a fools game; just watch the races and enjoy the show and hope that the authorities catch those who are cheating.

        • Derek Maher

          Got to agree with you samiamatuer,All this doping talk and innuendoes is getting out of hand.Every time a race starts these days commentators have to jump on the doping bandwagon.The way the media talk you would think the cyclists were all shooting up heroin.

  • Derek Maher

    Its great to see Contador motivated for the GC I am looking forward to the mountain battles .
    Of course Oleg Tinkov wants to see results he has poured a fortune into his hobby and dream.
    I also hope young Aru is recovered enough to join in the struggle to the finish line.


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