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  • Petersvero

    So Astana and katusha can conspire for advantage over Contador when he punctures, but an individual rider can’t give assistance to another individual from another team when they puncture. FFS.

    • PsiSquared

      Yes, there’s a difference between tactics and rules.

      • VPelevin

        As Psi said, they’re 2 totally different phenomena.

    • Daniel

      Nothing wrong with two teams working together to gap a mutual rival.

      The issue with last night was Contador pushing Kreuziger several times on camera (no punishment) and, worse yet, Aru blatantly getting the old arm sling several times from the team car after he had been dropped with the commie right behind him. One time he grabbed a gel, slung himself forward, then threw away the gel without even bothering with the pretense of putting the gel in his back pocket.

      Rules are rules, I suppose…

      • VPelevin

        Contador pushing Kreuziger? What kind of infraction are you talking about?

        • Daniel

          Rule 2.3.012: “… The pushing of one rider by another shall in all cases be forbidden, on pain
          of disqualification”.

          When Kreuziger was leading the chase back up to Astana, Contador was sitting on his wheel and reached out and pushed him about four or five times. I don’t know if the goal was to actually assist propel him up the climb or just to get him to move it along, but it was still a clear breach of the rules.

          Apparently Henk Vogels was given a penalty for pushing a sprinter up Alpe d’Huez in the Tour (sorry, I can’t remember who, it was about 1:15am when Vogels was going on about this in the coverage last night).

          • Magnus Backstedt.

          • VPelevin

            I’d say ‘pushing’ here must mean genuine physical propulsion in aid of the rider ahead. The idea Contador would be genuinely using up energy to push Kreuziger forward makes no sense, it would be costing rather than ‘saving’ energy. I’d suggest get over Porte’s Giro d’Isaster & move on.

      • sli1

        I only watched the highlights so just saw one instance of Contador “pushing” Kreuzinger. It would have to be a very strict interpretation of pushing to get knicked for that. It seemed more like a light touch that lasted about 2 seconds saying “c’mon, I’m here, give me more, we have to get back on”.
        Pushing becomes obvious on hills.

        • Raskoln

          The idea of anyone trying to make something out of that “pushing” is sad & pathetic.

          • Derek Maher

            That little shove by Alberto was more to keep Kreuzingers back wheel from clipping him while they were both on the rivet.

          • A


  • Samaway

    Condator, too strong for karma!

    • Bracksy

      Who’s Karma? Is he a good rider and what team does he ride for?


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