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  • Derek Maher

    Another great day of Giro racing with the 3 top GC guys in the mix.Mikel Lander had a storming race for his team.Riche Porte seems to be either foxing or is lacking a little edge although its early days and his Team are not riding and controlling the race a tactic they have often used in the past.Just maybe Sky are in decline ?.
    All hail Contador for having the courage to attack and for Aru in putting it up to him.
    Great stage win by Jan Polanc.

    • Samaway

      I agree with you on Sky’s lack of control, though the race is still young so we’ll see. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re just saving it for the big mountain stages. To my mind, Porte rode well. He was the second to attack on the final climb, in between Contador and Aru, and it didn’t appear he had any trouble hanging in there for the final few kilometers. Maybe he’s looking for some confidence this early in the race?

  • a different ben

    Interesting to see that after 5 stages, the maglia nera contenders are already almost 90 minutes behind the leaders.

  • Gandalf the Pink

    I think Porte will just continue to cover the moves for now and stay patient ahead of the big mountains and the ITT.


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