• jules

    as a regular Boulie punter, I’d like to say thanks to everyone who turned out for the Boulie ride. especially organisers, George Mihalaides (sp?) and others.

    nice piece on Rebellin. double standards there, for sure. however, I think Rebellin settled that issue last night when he seemed to snap his chicken wing.

    • donncha

      Yep, unfortunately, but I think he also settled the doping issue before that too.
      He won Stage 3 and people saw a 43yr old winning a mountain-top finish and figured he must be doping, and, given his history, it’s a reasonable, if somewhat cynical, assumption. But then on Stage 6 later he gets dropped badly on the next mountain-top finish – therefore highly unlikely to be doping.
      Ultimately though, if the likes of Valverde are still welcome at races, Rebellin should be too.

      • Dave

        Add in to that the factor that it was only the Tour of Turkey, a race avoided by the big grand tour GC contenders, and not some significant race like the Giro d’Italia (a very special FU to Danilo DiLuca if he’s reading) where he would have been facing tougher opposition.

    • velocite

      sp = Mihailides. Three time Everester and estimable fellow.

  • a different ben

    I think perhaps Zakarin’s most impressive performance was how he managed to spend two years of suspension in just one year (2009). HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    “a career that included two years on the sidelines in 2009 after testing positive…”

    Oh god, it’s Monday.

    • Dave

      Damn, I was hoping to get the first word on that one!

  • Maxiphone

    A lot of new names in the winners circle this weekend. I thought Froome was odds on to cruise to his 3rd Romandy title but alas no. it looks like none of the Tour favourites are going that well this year, they’ve all shown flashes but thats all they’ve been.

    • Steel

      Do you think the Froome dog’s TT has dropped off since his TDF a couple of years back?

      Haven’t really seen him dominate since then. Perhaps the threat of Nairo’s climbing has made him take his focus of the TT, Perhaps that makes sense with this year’s parcours being mostly a series of ramps with limited TTs too.

      Either way – I’ve never heard of either of this years winners which means one of two things – either there’s some exciting up and comers in the sport or some suspicious behavior going on.

      • Dave

        If you’re a good rider, the only way to go to the Tour of Turkey and not get accused of suspicious behaviour (i.e. being successful at the Tour of Turkey) is to engage in actual suspicious behaviour (fixing the race).

        I’m not sure which of the two applied when Matty the fatty Goss did well there a couple of years back.

      • Maxiphone

        It may be a case of regression to the mean for Froome or that the others have caught up and improved with age (thinking Quintana here). The form has been patchy so far but he’s also been ill so it’ll make interesting viewing at the Dauphine.

      • Bex

        Maybe a case of dodgy tactics like we saw at the Dauphine last year where the real faves marked each other out of it allowing the up and comers to sneak away for a stage win or more.

  • Dave

    Pink chain links and crocheted gloves is certainly an interesting look, the designer of that one must have been one of the “WorldTeam kits are all boring” reactionaries rather than intentionally going for good taste.

    • donncha

      When you look at that kit, just have the word “hipster” or “ironic” or perhaps both in mind.

    • chop

      I agree with you Dave – “kit that you would design for the group you ride with, your club, or your weekend crew”: respectivefully to the designer, I’m not sure on the number of riders who’d eagerly don this bit of kit. Each to their own I guess – maybe I’m too vanilla.

      • Dave

        Ah, but what if you’re a hipster and you’re way too cool to ride in groups?

  • RWH

    I joined the Boulie ride yesterday, and thanks also to the organiser. When riding, and watching everyone fixing flats (must have been 30 – 40), I was wondering what this person/s grief is – is it that there are too many bikes on the road, is it that riders are making too much noise at the Walmer St “start” or on the side streets, or is the person simply out their to cause mischief? Hopefully it gets sorted out soon as we all (including the person dropping the tacks) have better things to worry about in life and Kew Blvd is a magic place to ride so close to the CBD

    • jules

      putting my amateur psychologist hat on – the disturbing persistence and complete disregard, or more likely getting off on the widespread damage caused, suggests that the perpetrator’s motivation is more complex than a specific problem like noise cyclists.

      • RWH

        Yep unfortunately you are likely correct jules, especially after an 11pm sweep of the road and people getting flats when we started at 7am – pretty dedicated to hit that window of time. Hopefully it will stop soon and we will be left to ponder why?

        • jules

          someone once quoted the Batman on the Joker – some people just want to watch the world burn.

          cyclists – who are seen as flaunting their vulnerability – pose an attractive target to some people. I’m often in lycra – say at a cafe. no one ever comes up to me and swings a punch, deliberately just missing me, or even dares open their mouth about ‘bloody cyclists’. they wait until you’re on the road and they can speed off..

          • Gordon

            Jules, let me know where your next coffee run will be and I can wander up and swing that punch…..I will be in runners so I can get away while you slip on cleats…
            And on a serious note “it takes all types to make the world go round”. It may well be someone with some serious mental health issues that really need help. If so I hope help is provided.
            If it is a bunch of pissed youth in an SS Commodore may the “fleas of a thousand camels infest their….”

            • jules

              mate the amount of coffee I drink, I will catch on foot even with cleats on! ;)

              • Gordon

                But I won my last fight by 100 metres, or, watch out I’m a dirty fighter, I sh@t myself.
                Have a good day, and good coffee

    • a different ben

      Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s more than one person now.

      By the way, it would have been a good time to camp out and do a bit of Magnum PI work on the night before and early morning of the boulie ride. Who though? Well, if the Council are spending thousands on clean-up, maybe they could have spent a bit on a stakeout? Easy to say now I suppose.

      One thing — it’s pretty clear now that someone is watching developments on social media, keeping tabs on it. Perhaps they’re getting off on the outrage?

  • Gavin Adkins

    It’s Monday morning, so I might be suffering some brain fog, but why can’t race organizers say “we don’t want that doper riding our race”? There’s a double standard, sure, but it’s (meant to be) a professional sport put on for profit, right?

    • Dave

      If they have accepted the entry of the team (which acts as the concluding of a contract), they cannot veto an individual rider or un-invite the team without putting enough cash in the team’s face to buy them out. There are also obligations which apply to some event organisers in respect to the compulsory invitation of the top three Continental and Pro Continental teams in the relevant standings.

      You can’t expect a sport to work if its governing body refuses to lead and abandons the governance of the sport to race promoters. Race promoters don’t understand ethics, everything is a business decision.
      Invite that team who has a former doper on their squad? It’s not about right/wrong, it’s about whether inviting them would make money or lose money for the event.
      Spend that extra $$$$$ on improvements to the safety of the course? It’s not about rider safety, it’s about spending the minimum amount possible to make sure the UCI doesn’t take the race license away.

      • The (unconfirmed) suggestion is that CCC’s wildcard invite to the Giro was conditional on Rebellin and Schumacher not being present.

        • Gavin Adkins

          Obviously the sport needs to be well regulated, but I can see little downside to that sort of deal.

          • Dave

            Appearance fees for selecting particular riders are above board and happen all the time.

            Obviously such a method would not be guaranteed to work for the WorldTeams because they turn up at every WorldTour event and they could just tell the promoter to get lost.

            The teams are all businesses though, and so everything is on the table for the right price – Sky would be very hard to buy off in this way (but starting rumours about a certain rider causing disunity in the team might work), but Garmin is so poor that you could probably get the squad you want and make Vaughters do an undie run on the Stelvio Pass if you gave him a sniff of a fifty dollar note.

        • Dave

          Flipping the rider appearance fee around the other way is an interesting idea, but I doubt we’ll ever know for sure as such an arrangement would hopefully have a NDA included. It sounds a little too classy for RCS Sport (the Giro promoter) to me, given the general calibre of their leadership over the years – has the Acquarone sacking scandal been solved yet?

          If it is the case, it would show that RCS Sport has been working hard in the last couple of years since the Santa/DiLuca fiasco and has come up with the first carrot-based incentive to encourage teams not to hire ex-dopers.

  • Josh

    They are trying to sell that women’s AIS development squad vision to tv stations to broadcast hope it makes it would be great to watch

    • Dave

      I don’t think we’ll see any of this year’s content that hasn’t already been shown in that YouTube clip.

      It won’t be this year’s content that will be sold but the rights to do a proper broadcast-grade production next year.

    • CC

      Man…This makes total sense… the Olympics should be a reality TV show / channel. Period. Blow the UCI – let the audience vote on who the drug takers are, it will be massive !!!! -;) being sarcastic, but deep down – it’s probably not far off…

  • Anon N + 1

    In the interests of fairness to your international audience, you should give more prominence to the “New Zealand/Australia resident” limitation in the kit design contest. How about stating “It’s a chance for a resident of New Zealand or Australia to win some kit . . . .” early in the story instead of burying it as the last of the Terms and Conditions that one finds after clicking through two links?

    • Dave

      Most people would assume that when they see the .au on the end of the site address.

      It’s ridiculous that anyone would be naive enough to think that a competition ever applies outside of a website’s home market unless it explicitly states “open to residents of any country.”

    • Chris

      I’m fairly sure it was made clear when the competition was launched. I’m in Singapore and recall realising very quickly I’m not eligible.

    • A

      Life is tough eh.

  • Bex

    What’s the story with CCC Sprandi Polkowice in Turkey? How is it 4 of them DNF on the final stage, was there a crash that I missed? Surely the rest of the team would have finished had Rebellin dropped his bundle and pulled out.

    • Dave

      Rebellin crashed out.

      If the other three DNFs weren’t from the whole team crashing like IAM did at Flèche Wallone, they were probably teammates waiting to pace Rebellin back if he got back on the bike. Even if they weren’t at risk of missing the time limit for the stage, there’s no point putting in a massive chase to get back onto the bunch and having no energy left to contest anything meaningful.

      During last year’s Tour de France, three of Froome’s lackeys had a frantic chase on their hands just to finish stage four inside the time limit after waiting for him on the side of the road while he tried to convince his DS to let him retire.

  • Derek Maher

    Thanks for the reviews,Some great racing in the past couple of weeks.I felt sorry for Rebellin having a crash in the last stage.I believe a stray dog caused his fall when another rider swerved to avoid it and hit Davide.The Tour De Yorkshire sure proved a tough course on day 1 for many.Regarding the Giro and all this dopeing talk I think this anti doping industry is getting out of hand in sport.Maybe Pro cycling should have kept well away from the Olympics and kept that body well out of its business.

  • Deryck Walker

    Can I just say, those Mersey Valley highlights are absolutely fantastic and for me the best part of this post, very entertaining and a great watch. To be honest, these highlights are far more interesting than much of the UCI highlights we see. Well edited, good commentary by McGrory, a good length (not too long not too short), and the racing itself was great. Well done and lets hope for more of it.


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