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September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
  • Marcus

    I’m from Perth and I can hear the car drivers already, “get off the road, you’re supposed to be on the footpath”. Fill that with expletives and you get the idea. While I reckon this change in legislation is aimed more at the casual rider, I already cycle with my kids on the footpath as they are still very young and no one bats an eyelid. All this will do is alienate those of us that cycle on the road just that little bit more… I could be wrong?

    • Ricky D

      My thoughts exactly Marcus!

    • Arfy

      Well I’m a bit jealous of you now, Perth’s showing up Melbourne. It’s always been ridiculous that teenagers, who aren’t deemed suitably mature enough to drive, are required by law to ride their bikes on the road amongst the bastards we see everyday as roadies. Parents don’t let their teenagers ride to school or their friends’ houses by themselves, they’re chaperoned around in SUVs and the like, they never experience real independence and responsibility because of antiquated road laws. There’ll probably be some moronic backlash as you mention, but let’s not allow them to spoil good policy.

    • oakie

      Hit the nail on the head Marcus, Bike/Car relations are pretty bad here as it is. I had exaclty the same repsone. It seems to be a stop gap effort, rather than trying to change driving attitudes.
      Even the ABC (normally a fairly balanced news medium) interviewed 2 cretins at Lake Monger, a female jogger and a teenage bloke.
      Female Jogger said ‘Its a good thing as I’m not confident in overtaking cyclists’
      Young bloke said ‘Its a good thing as I dont really like cyclists being on the road’
      ..so 2 attitude/competancy issues with drivers have been dealt with by a change in the cycling law…how does that work??

    • A

      We may need to wait and see as there are other places in the world where both are allowed and it is not a huge issue. But perhaps (Western) Australia will be a special case…

  • BN

    Does the TDU licence expiring mean that it might be being removed entirely or just moved states?

    • Marcus

      I would love to see the pro tour riding up the back of Falls Creek!

      • Shameless cross-promotion alert …

        A mate and I worked on a fun little project in 2013 and 2014, mapping out a couple of Grand Tour routes in Australia. On stage 11 of our fictional Tour of Australia in 2013, we had the race go up the Back of Falls: http://theclimbingcyclist.com/tour-of-australia-stage-11/ (note the Google Map in the post is broken)

        You can find both editions of the “Tour of Australia” here, if you’re at all interested: http://theclimbingcyclist.com/archives/#ToA

      • claude cat

        I thought one of the attractions of the TDU, being the 1st WT race of the year, was that there wasn’t too much climbing?
        (as much as I’d love to see the pros climb Falls Creek or Mt Hotham)

        • jules

          yeah, I remember reading that too. I’ve climbed back of Falls in 35 degree heat – it ain’t very relaxing. I think a lot of riders are still building their base at that time of year and wouldn’t want that sort of torture.

      • Dave

        Write to the Victorian Government and ask them to put more money into the Herald-Sun Tour to upgrade its status.

        There’s certainly space for a second high-ranked race in Australia, whether it be an upgrade of an existing event or a new event.

    • I suspect the underlying issue is the proposed restructuring of the WorldTour. The TDU is at a perfect time of year for Aussie fans and Tourism SA (summer holidays = great crowds) but it’s not at a great time of year if you’re the UCI and you’re looking to consolidate the WorldTour. The TDU is more than a month before the next WorldTour race on the calendar (Paris-Nice in early March) and it makes some sense to move it closer to March. Understandably, the SA government wouldn’t be all that impressed with that idea.

      • Dave

        Those changes to the WorldTour structure need to be put back on the shelf. Expanding to a two division structure was a good idea when cycling had the commercial base to warrant it and there was competition for WorldTeam licenses, but the sponsorship simply isn’t there to support it any more and the WorldTeam ranks are under-subscribed.

        Once it’s confirmed whether or not the changes will actually happen, the TDU licence should be renewed within a matter of days afterwards. The TDU is classed as an event of strategic importance by the UCI, they’ll be keen to keep it.

        Elevating one or two of the Middle East races to the WorldTour and shifting the Giro di Lombardia forward (there should not be any more top-level races AFTER the World Championships) would lead to the gap between the TDU’s traditional slot and Paris-Nice being filled a bit. There desperately needs to be a WorldTour event in each of South America and Africa to try and shoehorn into the rapidly growing sports markets there, these could also slot in well as part of a longer southern hemisphere swing of the season.

        • But a big part of what the UCI’s considering, as I understand it, is shortening the season, and reducing the number of WT events.

          • Dave

            The TDU was listed as a top-level event in the first draft of those changes, due to the UCI reaffirming its status as an event of strategic importance.

            But the commercial support of the sport has dropped dramatically since these 2017 changes were first put forward under the leadership of Pat McQuaid, teams and races are going bust every couple of months now.

            I expect that it will be business as usual for at least a few more years until changes more suitable to the sport’s current situation can be worked up, if not permanently. Look at what has (or more accurately, has not) happened to the team radio ban and the 2015 world ranking system.

    • Dave

      There is absolutely no chance of the TDU shifting to another state, the event is owned by the SA government.

      The worst that can happen is that it may drop back to a 2.HC ranked race and/or shift to a different spot on the calendar.

      • Sean

        Well thats a shame, the great state of Victoria has a history of taking events from you guys and improving them. Surely you’re interested in seeing this race improved?

      • Sean

        Well thats a shame, the great state of Victoria has a history of taking events from you guys and improving them. Surely you’re interested in seeing this race improved?

        • Dave

          If we’re talking about the same way that the last ex-SA event was “improved” by Victoria, the TDU would be better off without that. Why don’t you keep on doing that stunning job of improving the internationally significant stage race you already have?

          A hypothetical request from the UCI to shift the TDU back a couple of weeks could put it in a position to gain certain improvements though. The SA Government could offer to cooperate, in return for the UCI adding a Women’s Road World Cup race to the TDU program each year and an option on future hosting rights for the UCI Road World Championships.

      • Dave

        That confirms what I thought – Victorian Major Events is no threat to the TDU.

        To get a bike race into the WorldTour requires consistent effort to keep improving it so it rises through the ranks. VME is good at subsidising existing events (e.g. the Australian Open, MotoGP) to keep them in Victoria and at starting new events (e.g. Cadel testimonial race) but not so good at running events in-house and keeping them on an upward trajectory.

  • CB

    Thank you CT for introducing to many of us the fantastic Inner Ring website.

  • Michele

    Found that French micro-dosing story very interesting.

    Was watching the news last night, and there was a piece on the Adelaide University doing a substantial research project into the effects of doping [from 1886-2012]. Channel 9 being Channel 9 misreported, and essentially said Armstrong didn’t need to use PEDs because his doping methods were largely ineffectual. [Adelaide Uni didn’t make such claim].

    Here’s a link to Uni’s Press release if anyone else is interested:


    Oh, and if you want to read the whole report, click here [WARNING: 743 page PDF].


    CT … feel free to delete my post if you feel it’s inappropriate.

    • Sean

      Dude, nobody to decides to read a thesis needs a warning about their length. Your post is very appropriate!

      • Michele

        I was referring more to fact that I was providing a link to a download. Wasn’t sure if CT had a ‘policy’ on that. Some sites do.

  • Re: Saga’s comparatively quiet form this year, I’ve been wondering if he’s overweight – and if so (could be wrong of course) that being an indicator of him not being focused in his off/pre-season preparation, not to mention fitness. ..

  • Derek Maher

    A good days news by Matt.
    Perth and pavement cycling should prove interesting and get some good headlines
    Pram takes out young peleton!
    Must be a slow TV week with yet another doping story trying to boost ratings.
    I wish Sagan some luck in the States he needs a result.
    Orica need some real punchers in their team and go easy on TT glory for the big stage races.
    Great series on Aussi womens boot camp.


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September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017