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  • Dave

    Good article on the ride with Paris-Roubaix neutral service.

  • CB

    Is it a little surprising Uran hasn’t earnt the right to go for the GC at theTour?

    • Andy B

      Cavendish may have something to do with this?

    • Dave

      The Giro seems to suit him well, he’s not good enough as a one-dimensional pedalling machine to win the Tour but the Giro offers more opportunities for his racing skills to compensate for that.

      I would guess that their Tour team will be geared more for Cavendish to win flat stages, Tony Martin to win the two time trial stages, and Kwiatkowski to win a couple of stages and get a top ten GC finish. Same as normal for them really.

  • jules

    apparently USADA also want to question Armstrong again after uncovering evidence that he copied some of his assignments back at school

    • Dave

      Shit, they might want to talk to me too. Coffee was a big part of me getting through year 12.

      I do think he and his girlfriend should have been hit harder for the car crash perjury incident, perhaps a custodial sentence of a month or two to focus the mind a bit.

      • jules

        probably. he shouldn’t get special treatment. but I find myself sympathising with his defence against fraud charges. for his sponsors – US Postal and insurer who paid out on his Tour wins – for them to turn around and say now “we’re shocked. shocked I tell you, that he was doping” I find hard to swallow. Armstrong was part of an industry in which doping was integral. they are all now screaming ‘we didn’t take drugs, we’re the victims’. i don’t buy it.

        • sps12321

          I feel similar related to the US postal aspect. Especially since they gained from the relationship far more than they are potentially loosing now. Never understood why US postal needed the advertising though, not like there is really any need to get the word out about sending mail.
          In relation to the insurance though, they did try to fight it at the time and he lied and they caved so seems fair to come after him for it again

          • Dave

            I agree that the prize insurer SCA are very much in the right to be trying to recover their losses – especially after their original settlement was just a business decision (the lawsuit cost was over the amount being disputed by that time) and not an admission that LA was right.

            I would feel the same about USPS if they were a private business – my guess is that they are doing it out of principle (yes, I know it’s laughably inconsistent) as a US federal government agency. That none of the other ‘normal businesses’ which were team/Lance sponsors at the time (e.g. Nike, which dropped LA despite having previously stood by Tonya Harding) are trying to recover their funds would suggest they all know that they got what they paid for.

            USPS needs to advertise for the same reason that Australia Post does – they are in competition with the likes of FedEx, UPS, DHL, Toll and so on for the profitable side of the business that subsidises the losses incurred on postage of letters.

          • jules

            the insurer (SCA) would have done a lot of due diligence before agreeing to cover Lance’s bonuses for winning the Tour multiple times. this was in the midst of rampant EPO use in the pro peloton. they obviously concluded that he would still struggle to win so consistently against other dopers. they are now arguing that they were duped, that they took Lance at his word and were betrayed.. i have little sympathy for SCA. they are as big a liars as Lance.

            • Dave

              Who knows? It was a different time, they didn’t have the 20/20 vision of hindsight.

              I have a suspicion that most of the crowd, including many commenters on sites like this, who say things like “we all knew he was doping the whole time, you’d have to be an idiot not to know” were in the same position back then. The only reason they come down so hard on him is that they are still grieving the fact that they (a) didn’t know, (b) got on board and wore a yellow wristband, and (c) kept believing until they got burned in 2012-13 with USADA and Doprah.

              Best to keep an open mind of doping until it’s confirmed either way. As much as we would like to believe that Australian sport has higher standards than other nations (it does not) that has to go for Australian riders just as much as any others – including even Cadel who had no problem sharing a stage with LA during the comeback.


              Having said that, regardless of the rights/wrongs of their legal battles with LA, SCA is still an insurance company and therefore evil.

        • Dave

          On the question of whether USPS knew, it’s easy to judge them now but back then it was a different time. It wasn’t just LA that conned them, it was all the management of the cycling team.

          The prize insurer SCA did have an idea and tried to avoid paying out, they are right to be chasing both that money and the even higher amount of legal costs.

  • Simon

    That IF Gravel Royale is lovely. Update it with Shimano’s new road hydros, fit a Viscacha and off I go!

  • Robert Merkel

    Re bike scam – bastards, but bastards with good taste.

    That said, from a financial perspective it seems an odd target for a scam. These are going to be much harder to sell on without getting caught than your average Giant or Specialized, and even if you keep them to ride for yourself there’s a fair chance you’ll be spotted unless you repaint them to hide their provenance.

    • sps12321

      well If thieves can sell off fully decked out proteam bikes (in large numbers) stolen from teams might not be too tough to sell off a couple of these in comparison. Target-wise, as smaller companies may not have staff/relationships with editors so might be easier targets than others who they deal with each other often

      • Dave

        I wouldn’t be surprised if many of those team bike “thefts” were actually insurance jobs. They usually happen at early season races (but never major races) which are coincidentally the part of the season when lots of riders are still using the previous model year bikes.


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