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  • Simon Burge

    That picture of Gracie looks like it’s from the Bay Crits in Geelong earlier this year?

    • Sure is! It’s from the stage where she rode away and won by most of a lap.

  • Steel

    Well done to Matt K on getting the bike lane back up. Does this mean WW’s visage will be gracing our screens again?

    • (Un)fortunately not Steel! Neither will Scotty. But I’m certain that it’ll be a really strong panel.

      • jules

        you should start another one, call it “Take the Lane” or something :)

        • We can launch it in Perth and call it “The Footpath”.

          • jules

            Or Sydney – “The Bike Lane will return after the break as The Car Lane” :)

    • velocite

      I’m pleased for Matt and will watch it, but I would have preferred it on CT. The telly doesn’t bring any benefit over this website.

  • Muggles

    The last 1.5km of Dunkirk looked a bit like a chose your own adventure… made for and exciting end to the race.

  • toneredd

    F*#*K Geo blocking. Ausi living in New Zealand. Pissed off SBS.

    • FT27

      My thoughts exactly! Will there be any way of seeing the show outside of Aus Matt?

      • Tim

        You might be able to get around the geo blocking: http://inrng.com/2015/03/tv-pirate-feeds-vpn/

      • Andy B

        The Hola add on for Chrome browsers is a great way to get around it, if it will be available on a website to watch that is

    • But looks at all the awesome riding you have in NZ! I think you take the overall win…

  • Kieran Degan

    Devastated for Svein. He is a machine. Hopefully he’ll be well for the Tour.

  • Damien

    Good to see Bike Lane back on a new platform. Interesting it is Geo blocked to NZ. Don’t we have a ‘free trade agreement’ with our mates across the ditch (always said in outrageous NZ accent!) Or does this mean that such agreements are not worth a pinch of sheep droppings. Some one ask the question as to how and why it is blocked if the FTA is ‘real’.

    • Dave

      Free trade means that SBS have the right to deal with it however they want.

      Oh, you thought that trade agreements existed for CONSUMERS to benefit from? Silly you.

  • icepro

    Could not see anywhere else to put this comment. Bring back The Bike Lane to this site. As much as it’s great to take it forward, I feel it’s lost what made it special, Wade, Scott and the banter, luv Robbie and Matt, but it needs imo the independent feel.
    Still love CT though.


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