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  • Simon

    The TV coverage this morning of the Amgen tour on SBS is not up to the standard of previous years where the picture quality was so good it was the best I’d ever seen anywhere. What’s happened?

    • Josh

      I believe it isn’t SBS’s fault probably the host broadcaster which is where they would get the images from?

      • Simon

        No you’re right not blaming SBS, they just take the feed but the picture quality has dropped substantially. I couldn’t believe the incredible images received in past years it was as if you were watching the race pass by in your living room they were so good. Anyway minor quibble but aren’t we spoilt for choice now with the Giro on too? Gone are the days of 1/2 hour edited highlights for only one race a year! We take so much for granted.

      • Dave

        It MAY be the fault of SBS if they are only opting to take a standard definition source instead of paying extra for the bandwidth needed to show a proper high definition source. SBS have been guilty of this with numerous European races in the past, so it would not surprise me.

        That’s a bad enough practice when it’s Ten taking the SD source from Sky Sports F1 for a Grand Prix and resizing it up to 1920×1080 to show on One, but to do that using a US source would be even worse as the pixel ratio and frame rate are different to the Japanese/European/Australian standards for SD broadcasting and so requires resizing for both SBS1 and SBS-HD.

  • dcaspira

    CT – Did I hear the Bike Lane is making a comeback on SBS?

  • E3 Racing

    Is it just me or does it seem Trixi Worrack has been around forever, how long has it been? Oh, and well done to her on her ToC win!

  • Andy B

    Nice win by Viviani, The overhead shot of him following wheels was impressive

    • Richie Porte

      Yes, but he aint got an RV motorhome now does he?

  • PD
  • velocite

    The Giro results have sneaked in under the ToC item..

  • velocite

    Very pleasing to see that Hausler finished the stage. But please stop it, Heinrich!

  • lefthandside

    If anyone is interested – the trek guys weren’t kidding when they said a spectator thought it would be a good idea to join in, causing a big crash – just found this http://www.cicloweb.it/news/2015/05/11/esclusivo-le-immagini-del-folle-che-ha-tagliato-la-strada-al-gruppo-facendo-cadere-d


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