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August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017
August 15, 2017
  • Abdu

    Pretty weak criticism of Richie’s RV, especially from a Russian who burns money to light his cigars. If that’s all they’ve got, Tinkoff is in trouble.
    Besides, Richie’s RV has Jan Ullrich as the driver apparently. That’s more than a marginal gain kids.

    • sli1

      I don’t think its really criticism. Keep in mind that its not like the other team managers sought out a microphone to give their thoughts. A journalist has put a mic in front of them and asked their opinion – to which they have answered.

  • Abdu

    I saw pics of Richie’s RV the other day on Twitter, it looked pretty good.
    Ok so it was a parody account…

    • Steel

      … and if Richie doesn’t do so well in the Giro, he can take in the lovely sights of tuscany when it’s finished. I can just see him out the front cooking a tin of baked beans over the camp cooker with a local chianti.

      • Dave

        It also means that after he blows up in the second week, he can nick off straight away – a bit like Ayrton Senna who once went straight home to his apartment after crashing out of the Monaco GP because it was closer than the pit lane!

  • JasonM

    The France 2 documentary was a pretty crap experiment. There were no control subjects and no placebo to compare what gains micro dosing actually produce. You tell a bunch of cyclists there are on the juice and go train for 30 days of course they are going to come back fitter. They will be out there training the house down.

    Would love to see a randomized double blind placebo control study to see what the real gains are for micro dosing. If it doesn’t show up in the biological passport then isn’t there at best a tiny effect? I mean that is what the passport is about, measuring effect of PEDs rather than the detection?

    • a different ben

      Agreed. Unfortunately, this is the sort of experiment that’s seen as solid science by many, like acoustic disturbance “studies” near wind turbines, when it really doesn’t stand up to scrutiny at all.

    • Anto, NZ

      Never underestimate the power of placebo. Here is a good example. 10k runners given one week of saline injections believing it to be a form of EPO. After 1 week there was a 1.2% improvement in their times:

  • Michele

    Whatever …

    Motor homes at Grand Tours is just so 1999.

    • Sean

      I’m positive he is aware fizzy drinks are bad for peoples health.

  • Arfy

    Great efforts in ToC and Giro by a couple of young guys, particularly with the calibre of riders chasing.

  • Papuass

    Tom Skujins proper name would be Toms Skuji?š. That is how we, Latvians, roll. Read about his win in his blog after a few days: https://tomashuuns.wordpress.com/

  • Larry Theobald

    Porte and Sky are insulting the Giro and those who host the athletes in their hotels. Fans ought to gather round in the wee hours and bang on the sides of the monstrosity. “Get back in the hotel with the rest of the riders, you f___ing prima donna!” should be their chant. “Marginal gains” has jumped the shark.

    • Derek Maher

      I think its just a publicity stunt by SKY marketing Larry,I agree its not really following the spirit of the Giro or any other tour where Teams support the local hotels and tourist industry who put a lot into supporting our stage races.
      On the racing front stage 4 of the Giro provided great viewing and all praise to the riders.Today the 5th stage is another climbing adventure which I am looking forward to.


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August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017
August 15, 2017