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  • Neil_Robinson

    it would have been nice to see a no glasses run in the win(d) tunnel for comparison.

    my understanding is nakey eyes are not so aero, but i had the same understanding of casual glasses… so who knows… no really, who is it that knows?!

  • Neil_Robinson

    Also, that was a solid kick from Sagan at ToC.

    Watching it live, I called for his win at the final corner, the bunch was closing on Oss… then I saw another angle, the line was closer, the gap looked huge. *Whack Whack* Out pops the younger Sagan brother, and blows past Daniel like the Peter of 2012/2013.

  • Dave

    The line about having five motors was good, but Contador shouldn’t have fed the troll.

    • Kieran Degan

      Cipo wouldn’t understand the need for bike changes. He’s never ridden up a mountain in his life.

      • Dave

        More likely he’s just suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder.

        From memory, the last time he got a mention here was for bailing on his appearance at the TDU.

      • irony

        Thought there was a race once where Cipo changed bikes mid-race (TT to road bike perhaps?). Italian kettle, meet pot.

      • Michele

        Since Cipo could only ever get the one ‘Pamela Anderson Stem’ made up, he would never have entertained the idea of changing bikes mid-stage.

  • Sago Pudding

    Good to see Sagan win one. Hope his form is coming back and more wins to come.
    No one likes a nasty boss whipping them at End of Financial Year.

  • C.M. Burns

    Just on the geolocation technology. It’d be fine for the commentators but come on, this is going a bit far.

    • Dave

      I for one wouldn’t mind being able to track ALL the riders in the race, perhaps on my tablet as I watch the TV. Using the capability of digital TV to provide multi-angle viewing would be good too, instead of relying on the director to pick it for you.

      You should try the Formula 1 app to see how good it can be to have sport covered using 21st century tech.

      • C.M Burns

        For the viewers and commentators it’s going to be great, no doubt. But we need to retain the human element for such factors as surprise attacks and ambushes that make for fantastic racing. But like race radios I can see the teams making a case for this from a safety aspect.

        • Dave

          Ban two-way radio and equip the transponders with buttons for ‘mechanical assistance required’ and ’emergency’ to retain the safety issue while eliminating the other part. If the riders want to get an update on what’s happening, they would still be able to go back to their team car and chat in person.

          Or have radios retained, but going to/from race organisation only so it would be restricted to safety messages, announcing of sprint/KOM results and requests for mechanical/medical assistance.

          But the teams aren’t really arguing about it for safety, they’re arguing about it from the competitive side because they have trained their rider to forget how to think for themselves and they are sick of getting humiliated by Pro Continental teams in non-WorldTour events.

  • Paulmapp

    Has anybody seen a better climbing effort by and Aussie in a Grand tour ever?

    • Dave

      Cadel Evans, 2011 Tour de France stage 19.

      The significance to the final result must be considered, nobody will ever remember this effort if Richie blows up in the second week as usual.

      • Sean

        Beat me to it. One thing is for sure, this is building up to be a cracker of a race.

      • Joel

        agree with Dave – he faced a choice there of losing the tour or winning it. It will be remembered as a fantastic moment in tour history. No other riders helped him on that climb.
        Re cadel again: not a grand tour ride but his ride in Mendrisio to win the worlds was pretty damn awesome and yet to be topped IMO.by an Aussie. .. i am rather looking forward to seeing OGE go up the road again. Good luck Richie Porte

      • Kieran Degan

        The best tour stage ever. Magic stuff.
        This Giro has been bloody exciting already. Such fireworks so early. I’m increasingly excited as the race progresses.

      • Gavin Adkins

        Bang on the money.

      • Paulmapp

        Yep, thought that one may get a response. Cadel was unbelievable that day. Hated Voeckler ever since. Had yellow and didnt do a single turn for 22km. Guess i was just commenting on capacity to follow A.C no aussie climber has been capable yet. Richie looked solid. Even got a little haircut in the sprint for his troubles.

        • Dave

          I don’t think I ever liked TV Time Tommy, but that did take the cake. I was very glad when he crashed out of last year’s TDU before it even began, riding into a stationary car while putting his attention into perving on the local talent.

          • Paulmapp

            What was with Sky today?
            Did Richie say “Don’t sweat it boys i cover it all today rest up for next week” at the team meeting or what?
            Can’t imagine why Sky couldn’t spare one helper to assist and supply cover.
            Shades of BMC and Cadel? Hope someone can climb.

            • Dave

              Perhaps the boss said ‘we’ll have the meeting in the bus’ and forgot to specify whether it was the normal one or Casa de Richie.

          • a different ben

            I love it too when people hurt themselves! So thrilling. The worse the injury the better. Broken collarbone wasn’t it? Lovely, right up there for pain. Ha ha!

          • Conconi – The Original Master

            You need to get out more if you get pleasure out of things like that.

        • Conconi – The Original Master

          You’ve hated TV ever since because he wouldn’t do a turn on that stage.

          So I can safely assume that you’ve hated Alberto Contador, Sammy Sanchez, Ivan Basso for likewise not doing a turn on the front in those 22 kms?

          A little lesson in history:

          Stage 15 2008 Tour de France
          Stage 17 2008 Tour de France

          In both instances, Cadel did a TV and didn’t do a turn whilst someone else went up the road. He was in yellow on Stage 15 at the time too.

          • Paulmapp

            Fair call.
            Wasn’t Rolland also in that group with Evans and TV never sent him forward for a turn either?
            Surely he was expendable.
            Guess thats why i felt Richies ride in a GT was pretty special.
            No help required, a big stage and AC and Aru asking some serious questions on the steep pitch.
            How many others could have followed. (Froome, Nibali?) and then he counter punched a little as well.
            Great first round in what will know doub’t end as a slug fest.

  • Michele

    Re AC bike change, Matt Keenan nearly fell for Bertie’s obsessive compulsive disorder.

    Since Bertie changed to a bike with both a bike dossard and transponder, Matt initially assumed Bertie was making his 2nd bike change, and he was going back to his original steed. Until he remembered all of Bertie’s spare bikes have them.

    For a brief moment I was half expecting to see a broken Specialized bike on the side of the road suffering from spontaneous self-destruction, and the conspiracists to once again come out in full force.

    • Dave

      I’d guess it probably was a second change back to the original one if it looked like a planned change, with whatever issue it had fixed.

      If his OCD goes as far as putting numbers on the spares, it probably also extends to getting back on his favourite bike as soon as possible.

  • Tim Ashton

    I would actually be interested to know why he changed bikes though….
    Maybe going onto compact gearing for the climb?

    • Dave

      I wouldn’t have thought so, the descent didn’t look fast enough to need the extra top-end speed. Remember that the difference between 50×11 and 53×11 is very minor – less than the difference between 53×12 and 53×11 actually.

      I’d put it down to tyre choice, geometry for the climb or even the handling characteristics – or his OCD.

  • DaGoose

    Random thought that’s totally unrelated to anything in today’s daily news digest. I was watching the Giro last night and noticed the ‘sponsored’ trash disposal areas and the riders purging all the gel/bar wrappers in their jersey pockets. Great idea and is it means the trash is concentrated along the route, but what if you’re further back in the bunch/breakaway and these things get caught in the gears, stuck in your brakes or you end up slipping on a wrapper? Guess we’ll never know until it (if) it happens.

    • Dave

      Got to love how everything can have a sponsor’s logo on it!

      The idea is that they are long enough (i.e. a few kilometres) that all the riders will at some point be able to ride on the side of the bunch and empty to the side of the road instead of dropping in the middle of the road. The risk of a wrapper fouling a gear should in theory then be even less than if riders are dropping them all along the stage.

      I would hope that companies like Etixx or SiS that make these products would consider their usage and use plastics that are frangible enough to just shred if they get caught in the chain.

    • a different ben

      The other night I was watching as Visconti? rode alongside his team car having a chat, took out his empty bidon, threw it to the ground, and picked another up from the DS. There’s a fair way to go yet to educate some or maybe many riders who are so used to doing what the hell they like.

  • Madblack

    Cancellara just lost all respect I had left for him… TAYLOR SWIFT?! WTF!

    • Dave

      At least it’s not Carly Rae Jepson.

    • Paolo

      The real hard man are not the ones who let it hang out all the time…

    • swifty

      Haters gon hate hate hate hate hate

  • Bracksy

    Well, what can I say? The Giro is practically over. Contador’s in pink and there are no contendors – Fabio Aru (not a chance), Richie Porte (too heavy), Nibali (is he even in this Giro?). Thank you and lets forward to the Tour now.

    • Want to revise your statement after last night’s stage? ;)

      • Bracksy

        I have no other choice now! ;)


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