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September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
  • Gordon

    While it is disappointing from a sport perspective to have an injured Bertie I will not be able to stop squirming when thinking about Colli and how double jointed he is…..think pleasant thoughts. think pleasant thoughts….nah not working still squirming

    • Yeah, if you’re particularly squeamish, you might want to avoid the Giro highlights video above.

      • choppy

        Or “lowlights”

      • Neil_Robinson

        oh man, there aren’t enough “no” gifs on the internet for the angle of that arm.

        • a different ben

          Cannot unsee…

          • Faz

            The way it looks on the video is that he’s broke his arm virtually on imp at with the spectator’s camera first as the arm looks quite limp as he continues to fall to the ground. Terrible injury.

  • Mark

    Pretty sad for Contador. Was (and hopefully still is) shaping up to be a great battle for GC.

    • Nitro

      Terrible news for Contador, the sponsors (I dread to think what Oleg’s reaction was), the spectators and the riders who want to race against the best.

      The Melbourne tram safety advertisements along the lines of “A tram weighs as much as a a few rhinos on a skateboard – Get out of the way” needs to be adapted and shown to spectators. “You wouldn’t get close to a herd of stampeding animals – don’t get close to a charging peloton”…

  • Michele

    Since Bertie was aiming for the double, would I be right in assuming that he will take a softly-softly approach with this injury?

    You’d think if he woke up and felt stiff and sore, he’d probably abandon and get himself 100% right for the TdF. He’ll probably only continue if he’s 100% sure he can still win the Giro.

    A shame.

    Unless of course he has the recovery powers of Detective Martin Riggs. Then it will be business as usual.

    • velocite

      Contador’s shoulder should give Porte and Aru an opportunity on the finish hill tonight. Should they soft pedal a bit? Yes..

      • Nath

        If he is hurt I hope they attack him. That may sound unsportsmanlike, but crashes and injuries are as much a part of cycling as mechanicals, poor prep and tactics. Sure, wait a little if the leader crashes halfway into the stage and is fine to keep racing, but if he decides to start the next stage at less than 100% than he is fair game. Sad perhaps….but fair.

      • jules

        nah, if you elect to take the field, you declare yourself fully fit to all competitors..

        • Dave

          And that you accept the course as well.

          Sign on is more than just about a chance for riders to be interviewed.

      • Chris

        No they shouldn’t. Would the sprinters sprint at 80% if one was injured?

        • velocite

          Different. The sprint only affects the current stage. The GC contenders have many stages to choose from as to when they gain their advantage, so they can afford to pass up on one, especially one which may not have been decisive in the absence of an injured contender.

          On a possibly unrelated note, I have always been a fan of Trevor Chappell’s underarm bowling.

          • jules

            the underarm bowl was a disgrace. it was unsportsmanlike. the rule of thumb is – give 100%, strive to win, fairly.

            the difference with attacking Bertie tomorrow is that it fits that criteria. I sympathise with what you’re saying, but it’s a slippery slope. where do you draw the line? what if Leopold Konig falls of his bike? he could be a contender. the race could end up as a procession of waiting for anything and everything.

            • velocite

              ‘Fairly’ is of course an interpretation. But I do believe that most people share your view of that underarm ball. Me, I think it was creative. But then, I thought the Americans’ legal attempts to outlaw Austalia II’s winged keel added to the interest of that yacht race. But back to bike racing. There’s not right and wrong here, is there? Should Jan Ullrich have sat up when Lance collected a spectator’s handbag? What should Alberto have done when Andy dropped his chain? There are no shoulds, in fact, but there are generous gestures. My view..

              • jules

                there sure are generous gestures. offered sparingly, you may appear sporting. offered too readily and you risk being taken for a sucker. I don’t watch elite sport for the sporting gestures though, as much as to see no-quarter-given competition.

                everyone is feeling sorry for Bertie right now. who says he won’t attack tonight? Bertie has cast iron balls. he’s not sitting around feeling sorry for himself, I don’t reckon.

    • Arfy

      If he pulls out, should Tinkoff-Saxo focus on Kreuziger or should they target stage wins?

      • Michele

        Forget Roman …

        I would still consider their Giro and TdF of last year as ‘successful’, all things considered. There they just became aggressive and went for stage wins.

        Reckon if they did the same here and netted a couple of wins, they’d be happy.

      • claude cat

        Tinkoff’s tactics of chasing down the break when Kreuziger had 10 minutes on the peloton look a little silly now!

    • FT27

      Having dislocated my shoulder countless times I would think he would definitely be able to continue riding tomorrow. He will be in pain but not unbearable pain. If he had a bad dislocation (where a doc needs to twist it back into place) and the shoulder was out of socket for a while it would have been a different story. Just my opinion, who knows what will happen. Certainly hope he’s good to go!

  • Derek Maher

    Tried watching the Tour of California on eurosport.The commentator was saying the race organizers had planned the stage routes to be shorter and flatter for the most part to make it exciting for the spectators.Wide straight roads Yawn.It does not make for good TV viewing.Give me European racing anytime for excitement and drama.
    On another note I hope Alberto has a great doctor working on his shoulder and the Giro keeps up the great show.


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September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017