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August 20, 2017
August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
  • Peter

    Maybe Sagan’s overall GC win at Tour of Cali will silence his boss, Mr. Tinkoff, for a while.

    • His ride yesterday up Mr Baldy was the ride of the season. And Alaphilippe…I think we all know now to watch him closely in the coming years.

      • PsiSquared

        If Alaphilippe keeps doing as well, he could very well be the redemption that French cycling has been looking for.

        • donncha

          Kiss of death…

        • Bex

          are you suggesting he might bring about the renaissance of French cycling with that effort. He really dug into his suitcase of courage on the slopes of mt baldy.

      • CB

        Agree completely. Watching him attempting to recover on the ground afterward showed just how deep he went. As they say, form leaves you, but talent never does, and Sagan has it to burn.

    • donncha

      Word is that Tinkov sees Sagan as Riis’s project and isn’t happy with his high salary. Rather than trying to get the best out of him, he’s opted to treat him as a whipping boy instead.

    • Maybe the win was because of Tinkoff and the heat he put on Sagan (especially publicly via his blog etc). Maybe Sagan thanks Oleg? Maybe.

  • Steel

    So where is Richie at? Just holding on, or perfectly poised to take the maglia rosa in the ITT. I watched Saturday night’s stage to the end and thought Porte looked comfortable enough to hold wheels on the climbs, but didn’t look like he could pull away.

    Got to say, this is getting pretty exciting. Not Cadel in 2011 TDF exciting, but very worthy of burning the midnight oil.

    Also, I’m enjoying the SBS coverage. The boys were banging on about sock length which is a nice change from the old suitcase of courage.

    • Porte has thrown a couple of attacks to test things, and didn’t distance anyone. But Aru seems to have thrown heaps of attacks, with the same outcome. With Aru also sprinting for finishes, and sending team mates out chasing stage wins, I’m waiting for an Astana bad bay in week three. Porte, in contrast, looks more measured in using energy. Contador is as enigmatic as ever.

      • Survey Says

        If Porte gets a minute or so clear of Contador and Aru after the TT, it’s hard to see how they’ll get that time back. Aru is riding like in typical over-excited Italian home favourite mode, although watching his team mates (Landa & Cataldo) continually marking his attacks has been quite odd.

        • Bex

          That’s what I’ve thought, surely they should be sitting on Port or Berties wheel and letting him close the gap.

    • Dave

      What happened to the other commentators? have they been retired? Phil is the best in the game.

      • HMC

        commentating Tour of California instead. My understanding that even at the Tour, Phil’s (and Paul’s) chief employer are the american networks, with SBS tagging on.

        Other international commentators (Carlton Kirby/Euro Sport), won’t make that feed available to SBS as they are in direct competition for viewers.

        • Dave

          For the Tour de France, the race organiser (ASO) is who employs Keeno, Phil and Paul to call the English language world feed, not any network/s from any country. The ASO links with the Tour of California would be why they are there.

          For races like the Giro d’Italia which are run by the Italian company RCS Sport, the preferred English commentators for their world feed are Dan Lloyd from GCN and Ant McCrossan who also does the big UCI events. Dan Lloyd is excellent, but McCrossan is essentially a lesser version of Keeno who is absolutely useless at identifying riders on the screen.

          I believe that British Eurosport is the only English language rights holder for major cycle races which opts to use their own commentators for major bike races instead of taking the English language world feed. They are under no obligation to let other rights holders (e.g. SBS) use their commentary feed because they are a rights holder (just like SBS) and not the host broadcaster.

          As for Phil Liggett, I think he should probably retire from calling the races live – but still record commentary for canned pieces like the late Richie Benaud did for the cricket during the last few years before he died and as Murray Walker still does for Formula 1 occasionally.

      • Michele

        You’re funny Dave.

        Sounds like you have been watching the Tour Cali. I’ve been loving Phil’s work.

        You know, it’s a real skill to be able to get 3 commentators [in Phil & Paul and Christian VdV] to be completely oblivious to the other 2 and continue to talk of each other.

      • AMK

        You’re joking aren’t you?

        If only Phil and Paul had retired.

        • pcs

          Agree. Phil and Paul were fine 10 years ago, but sad
          to say, nowadays they are well past their expiry date. Their insight into
          the racing is thin, their anecdotes old and tired, and the mistakes endless!
          I have fond memories of them calling the tour in the 90’s and early 00’s but now they are unbearable.

          • James

            Phil was making shocking mistakes commentating as far back as the 80’s. He might be the voice of cycling but I think his job is based on the comfort factor of a recognisable voice for the non-diehard fans whereas the diehards would like someone who has a little more knowledge of the current day peleton..

            • A

              A $ for every time Paul has said ‘Actually Phil…’!

              • Winky

                “It’s his pedal!”

            • a different ben

              When you start to think Phil and Paul are a bit past it, that is the moment when you should realise that you’re no longer a complete ignoramus wrt pro cycling. Look on it as a positive! Rejoice in the comfort of your knowledge! Let all the new fans and ignoramus’s have their childhood as well, and move on.

    • Holby City

      Realistically, how much time can Porte put into Contador in the ITT?

      • Andy B

        That’s a bit like “how long Is a piece of string” but over a course of 59k.4km you can expect some pretty big gaps to develop between the riders, I don’t think Contador Is as strong as he once was in the TT where Richie looks as good as ever
        Over a minute difference would seem entirely possible

  • Michele

    No offense to Richie, but he’s 100% wrong in his assessment of Alberto.

    Contador isn’t bluffing; he’s seriously injured – barely riding on 3 cylinders….

    Alberto isn’t climbing fast at all. Need evidence??? Look at Astana; they’ve got 3 riders in the top 5. That just shows how conservative this Giro has been thus far. That’s the only logical conclusion I can come up with for Vino’s team strong showing.

    I have no doubt Cookson will be delighted if Aru wins the Giro, and Nibbles cleans up at La Grande Boucle in July.

    • FT27

      The worst of the inflammation should wear off after a week of the crash. Let’s hope he denies Astana a win, or that Richie has a cracker of a ITT and holds on. Hard to get excited about Astana performing well, very hard.

      • MattS

        Yep I reckon the shoulder will be fine in a few days. I have an unstable shoulder which partially dislocates from time to time. It hurts like f*ck but it doesn’t stop me riding my bike. It can bear weight no problems and I haven’t found many times when riding that I need to raise my arm above my head. Granted I haven’t popped mine out in a crash so his case could be worse, but at the same time my treatment involves an ice pack while I imagine Bertie’s would be a little more comprehensive.

        • FT27

          Yeap I’ve popped my shoulder many times, I’ve lost count tbh. Certainly hurts for the first couple of days. I found that when it stayed out of socket for a while the recovery was a lot slower. A quick in and out was ok. (excuse the pun). TT position should also be ok for him, its really when one lifts the arm when it gets sore.

    • a different ben

      “That’s the only logical conclusion I can come up with for Vino’s team strong showing”

      I can come up with another…

      • FT27

        Pretty sure Michele was being sarcastic :)

        • a different ben


      • Dave

        Straight into Haddin’s gloves!

    • Arfy

      Did you see Aru talking to Contador during the final Stage 9 climb? I’m sure he was saying “Help me out here and I’ll get you some more of that stuff for your shoulder.”

  • velocite

    Initially in that ‘Collectif Parlee’ video I was thinking ‘how precious’, but it got me in – because that following, heavy breathing chap is me.

  • Andy

    So let me get this right….
    Rider gets diagnosed with autoimmune disease, Needs lots of medication to treat it over an extended period of time, Team says “we don’t believe in letting you race while you’re on those medications”, Rider says “please terminate my contract so I can go and race with another team”. What the?

    • Arfy

      She’ll go to a team that will apply for a TUE. At least in this case it seems justified, unlike all the overnight asthmatics in the men’s peleton.

      • Winky

        But which doesn’t really address the issue as to whether she should be racing at all. Perhaps she should focus on getting well.

        • Derek Maher

          The lady has a medical condition which needs long term treatment,Her PC team will not allow her to race but she can race with a TUE so whats the big deal.If people have a genuine medical problem should they all get banned.

  • SeanMcCuen

    Contador has balls.


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August 20, 2017
August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017