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  • choppy

    Hey oleg, I know lots of guys that bought very expensive race wheels because they thought that the wheels would win them races. Turns out they still havent won. Partly because they are chumps but also because they dont have support riders. Anyhow, can you figure out how to get the price reduced retrospectively from zipp, mavic and lightweight? They clearly paid too much as they haven’t won yet.

  • Nitro

    Ok, so I get that its refillable, but I find that a CO2 cartridge works well at about 10% of the size… What am I missing?

    • Steve G

      Probably a handy idea just for people that don’t want to buy a track pump.
      I can see, in the video examples they provide, how it can be useful… but the ‘tool-less’ claim is a bit rich, considering you’re going to have to change a tube at some point.

  • Nitro

    Interesting insights into Ritchie’s RV… Everyone says they won’t copy, but if he wins, you can bet perceptions will change… Marginal gains wherever you can get them…

    • jules

      there’s also the small issue of being able to afford an RV! :)

      • Robert Merkel

        OGE can probably get them at mate’s rates :)

        • jules

          I wonder if you get the same gains by using a caravan? ;)

          • Michele

            Well rumour has it Jules, that Tommy Voeckler has taken a leaf out of Richie’s book and arranged his own RV.

            Now, you’d think riding their title sponsor might assist in getting a rental for the 3 weeks. Well, Europcar’s budget must be tight, or they’re all booked out.

            Here’s Tommy’s choice of wheels for the TdF:

            • choppy

              that looks awfully like the van Arnaud Demare took a dump in (http://www.the42.ie/tour-de-france-toilet-stop-1580960-Jul2014/). maybe for this reason richie should make his the race service vehicle too.

            • David

              You should see the old Mapei choice of Wheels… I’d be quite Hippaly sleeping in that one – whilst the media has to continually adjust their eyes just to look at the thing. By the way, this bus had better music…

            • Sean

              I call fake!

            • Dave

              TV could also consider adding this vehicle to his fleet, to carry all his mates around France with him:


            • MMAster

              That looks first rate… a spite better than what Vaughters has offered Hesjedal…

          • Dave

            Are any caravans tall enough to get OGE the critical advantage they need to finish off stages, or is a coach needed for that?

      • Arfy

        That’s why Oleg wants to reduce Sagan’s contract, so he can get his favourite boy an RV.

  • Michele

    Well, let me preface this by saying I am not a lawyer …..

    However, I am very interested in this comment from the Aru story:

    According to the statement issued by Carera and Napoleone, they are seeking to protect the good name and integrity of the rider plus his team.

    I would suggest that perhaps Aru’s lawyer and agent just focus on protecting the name and integrity of the rider, and not the team. Might have more chance of winning the case.

    I also look forward to Aru suing all his team mates who have been busted in the past 12 months. Guilt by association has also thrown doubt over Aru’s integrity.

    • jules

      Lance had a lot of success using the approach Aru is now copying. he won because defendants caved and settled. observers like Paul Walsh and Kimmage claimed those actions would have gone away quickly if there was a threat of putting Lance on the witness stand, under oath. maybe something for Hendo to think about..

      • Michele

        I reckon Hendo should go and see a financial / investment adviser about this.

        The adviser might suggest to settle out of court for the highest amount of money Hendo can afford to pay.

        If [some might insert the word ‘When’ here] Aru gets busted, Hendo can then counter-sue and get his money back PLUS interest. The returns on that could be higher than any stock-market portfolio or self managed super fund.

      • Dave

        * David Walsh,

    • JoshLyons

      How idiotic. Everybody is doping and have been doping since before you were born. We have indisputable evidence from the last 3 decades and first hand testimony of doping within the peloton since 1976. Grow up for gods sake.

      • A

        Yes but his not Aussie so in such situation no benefit of doubt and he is of course proper proper evil.

        • Michele

          Is that you Vino?

          • A

            Name: Fabio
            Occupation: Cyclist

            Yep I understand now.

            • Michele

              Sorry, and don’t be offended but .. I don’t think you understand …

              The only factor needed in your ‘formula’ above is Astana. And that doesn’t mean a person is guilty. It just means they ride for a team that has a very dodgy past. This has nothing to do with Fabio being Italian. Nor does it have anything to do with Fabio not being Australian.

              If Sky had as many riders busted for doping in the last 12 months as Astana has, was directed by someone of the ilk of Vino, and then had 3 riders – including Richie Porte – in the top 5 at the first rest day of the Giro, then there would be some who would be a little sceptical.

              • A

                I am sorry that I did not understand that the realm of cycling exists in some fantasy land where you can defame others without any sort of real world legal consequences…

                • Michele

                  I agree with you A …. 100%

                  If someone is defamed, then they certainly have the right to pursue the issue in the courts. That is one the key objectives of the legal system.

                • Derek Maher

                  Hi Fabio,I agree with your sentiments.To often people in the sporting world throw dirt on another sports persons reputatation and cause them damage and mental upset without a qualm.In my opinion people guilty of this behavior should be suspended from the sport.In cycling the UCI should demand concrete proof for any allegation the accuser throws out and failure to provide it means being thrown out of the sport.

                  • A

                    Umm do you not get that this a standard matter falling within standard laws? UCI rules are a form of industry self regulation.

                    What Hendo said could harm Aru’s reputation, future salary and career prospects. It is B&W and quite simple really… if you can’t get such a simple principle well…

                    Sometimes I wonder what world some of you live in. What would you do if you woke up tomorrow to find an article in the paper saying that a competitor at another company was accusing you of fraud?

                    • Derek Maher

                      Hi A/Fabio,Of course I get that defamation falls under standard law.My mention of the UCI is to try to get that organization to not only punish doping if proven by medical testing but to treat throw away doping allegations in the same spirit.These doping allegations are getting out of hand,Any rider who has a couple of good days can expect the rumour mill to start up and of course the press love it and have a field day.

                    • A

                      Sorry my post was somewhat written towards the other views. I guess such remarks from Hendo etc are so damaging to the sport that the UCI should consider getting involved. And yeah the rumor spreading is just as bad!

        • Gordon

          Not Aussie or playing Aussie Rules….yes James Hird, Essendon, Reid, Thompson, et al

        • JoshLyons


      • Conconi – The Original Master

        Not sure who you are directing your comments towards there Josh .. to Michele or Fabio?

        Think you’ll also find that we have first hand testimony of doping with the peloton that is dated well before 1976.

        • JoshLyons

          You’re absolutely right, Conconi. I have read that even Coppi mentioned taking some substance that he called “La Bomba”. It goes way, way back and not just in cycling.

  • My3Cents

    Oh Oleg! You offered Sagan a generous contract to lure him to your team and you boasted about it. Now you realise you paid too much and you are having a cry about it. Suck it up princess because your ego dug your own grave here.

  • Arfy

    I’m convinced Porte’s going to win now. He has a very big Suitcase of Courage sitting next to his bed.


  • Anthony Rochester

    Well I think having part of the Giro d’Italia in North America is a weird and ridiculous idea.

    • Derek Maher

      I agree,It puts huge extra costs on Teams and just gives officials a free travelling trip.


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