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  • jules

    wouter wippert isn’t hanging around is he?

    • Kieran Degan

      He impressed me in the TOC. Was consistently second best to Cav, huge effort.

  • Neil_Robinson

    God I love a good sprint video. POV or overhead videos are both great in giving a sense of the movement each rider makes. The fight for the perfect position, little adjustments to one side of the wheel in front or the other to sight the exit line, the momentary drop of the wheel before starting the final kick, then just everything going into the pedals.

    Is it just me or did the TdF used to (think McEwan days) have more overhead tracking camera shots of sprints?

    • Kieran Degan

      That power through the pedals when he goes for it is phenomenal. I’d love to see the power graph for that.

  • Gaz

    Brownie is a classy bike rider.

  • Matt

    Andrew Hood’s article hits the nail squarely on the head…

    • velocite

      Egwetter gree. Although I’m not so sympathetic towards the race jury’s decision. Given that rules are frequently bent, in my opinion bending them was the right thing to do in this case. They may have been criticized for it but so what, if they had good reason? The PR level crossing jury didn’t even quote a good reason – their excuse was I think that they couldn’t identify all the riders. But what’s their reason for not penalizing the riders they could identify?

      These team collusion rules look like they need re-drafting. I’m not even sure what the intent is. Armstrong’s alleged offer/payment of $50k to another team not to attack back in 1993, so he could collect the $1m bonus for winning a series of 3 races, is that sort of thing a target?

  • Arfy

    Loved Andrew Hood’s comment that “nothing can escape the collective moral microscope of Twitter.”

    What I find most disturbing about the UCI jury’s decision is that they didn’t investigate the planned collusion between the local Italian riders from different teams on the same stage. They were quoted boasting about it by VeloNews:


    • Sean

      Thats completely different.

      • Arfy

        It’s a different rule, but it’s a black & white rule that they CHOSE to ignore. “Cheating, attempted cheating, collusion between riders of different teams” has a prescribed punishment of 200CHF and 10 minute penalty for the first offence, and elimination for a second offence. This is a harsher punishment than Porte’s, which means that the UCI views this as a much more serious offence. But they choose to ignore because it’s Italians racing in Italy’s biggest race? What a joke.

        • Dave

          Racism has nothing to do with it, Porte decided it was a good idea to cheat. Cycling has no room for colluding with competitors from other teams, it should be policed more seriously.

          • Arfy

            You really think Porte thought he was cheating? If he’d realised it was cheating, I’m sure he would’ve refused the wheel rather than risk getting caught cheating.

            BTW, I don’t think it’s racism, I think it’s that the organisers don’t want to offend the Italians and risk losing interest in the Giro in its home country. There would be a huge outcry in Italy if they did, and it’s not the first time the Giro has been seen to favour Italians. But let’s face it, if they did apply the 10 minute penalty, that could change the outcome for other riders going for points or time bonuses.

            • Eyetie

              settle down gringo.

  • James

    Very good piece by Andy Hood. It’s just a pity the fine couldn’t have been larger without the time penalty. Losing time through the puncture alone was penalty enough.

  • velocite

    That ‘Snob’ looks interesting. I say this having just re-fettled my 1981 Apollo IV. I had forgotten what it felt like. Hard to describe, but compared with my carbon bike it feels alive. It weighs 10kg, however. The Snob link doesn’t quote a weight for the frame.

    • Bob Barrett

      Hi Velocite, I work for Skol.co the new distributor for ritte in Australia. We’ve just built one for a customer that came in at 7.4kg.
      There’s some snaps and details on the @ritteaustralia instagram.
      If you want any information feel free to contact myself bob@skol.co or enquiries@skol.co

      • velocite

        Thanks Bob. Snob disk looks attractive. I don’t need a new bicycle right now, but….

        • Bob Barrett

          N+1 ;)

  • Grego

    I have to say, I think the Giro jury gave a proper and measured response. Instead of enforcing the real rule they could have–throwing Simon Clarke out for giving Porte a push–they instead did the only other thing they could have by enforcing a lesser rule instead. If Clarke hadn’t given Porte the push, and perhaps if he hadn’t been caught on camera giving it, then the wheel might have been overlooked. But that push was flagrant.

    • Sean

      I agree, to push a competitor toward the finish line is the worst kind of collusion.

  • Derek Maher

    Great to see Kristoff back in action and sprinting well.
    Well done to Tatiana Guderzo in winning the sprint across the line.
    Not sure about suggestion that DS instructions to the riders should be on air.First off can see language problems given the different team nationalities.Plus may need to censor some of the words used ?.
    Nice to see a steel framed bike reviewed.
    Thanks Matt.


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